Who Hates Whom?

Leftist Lib Dem NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s is now arguing that Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to exist in the state of New York. Governor Cuomo then reassures us that it is only “extremist Conservatives” who need to go (where?) and these extremists include pro life Conservatives, those who support having assault rifles and those who are anti gay. (Radio Derb comments: “Conservatives argue Liberals are wrong, liberals argue that Conservatives are EVIL”).

Other New York (heavily Jewish) lib Leftists are jumping on this band wagon, demanding that evil Conservatives, NAZI RACISTS shouldn’t have 1st Amendment rights of free speech – check out the hateful rants of Fordham Law School (Catholic in Name Only) Professor Thane Rosenbaum, The Daily Beast, January 30, 2014 (link). Oh, and I was shocked to learn that this professor Rosenbaum celebrates freedom of speech for the worst hard core pornography and unconditional US aid for Israel.


We’re being demonized folks, the next step is to be de-humanized, set up to be killed off or exterminated as pronounced by the likes of Tim Wise and Opray Winfrey. Did the readers notice the theme of the book/movie “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer” – RACIST White Southerners weren’t even human, they were..

Vampires and all good liberals should cheer on the Vampire slayers!

Anti haters can be very hateful.

And we sadly notice that a disproportionate percentage of these anti White, anti Conservative inquisitors are Jewish, have some Jewish background. It was pretty much the same with the worst Communist murderers in Central and Eastern Europe (Winston Churchill notices this)

– not all Communists were Jewish, not all Jews were Communists, but yeah … If the shoe fits.

We have some individual Jewish Americans who do not hate White Americans, who are not working to take away our 1st Amendment rights of free Speech. One such man is The Jewish professor in the Humanities Paul Gottfried.

A Jewish Conservative Wonders: Is Free Speech Really A Jewish Tradition?
By Paul Gottfried



  1. Someone should tell Cuomo that Adam Lanza was a queer paedophile who desired access to man/boy love acts.

    Kudos to the NRA for resisting the war on the second amendment.

    You can’t have the queer agenda dictating gun policy.

  2. There is also a link on the Drudge Report to a comment by half Jewish, ardent Israel supporter Bill Maher implying there should be a gun shooting at the country music awards. Further, there is an article on Slate online that blames racist white Southerners for the botched handling of the Atlanta snowstorm by the black mayor.

    If you’re a Christian Zionist, this is the type of scum you are supporting. Every time you join their imperial army of evil to fight “terror”, you are helping people like Maher and outfits like slate and HBO (whose people fight for Israel and not the US – see Rahm Emmanuel and a comment from the Patriots owner’s wife on Occidental Observer). They wish for your death, supported by major Jewish-run networks like HBO and yet you still worship that American swastika over your own flag and join their military and fight and die in wars for them?

    Christian Zionism is NOT biblical; all the quotes from scum like John Hagee supporting it originate in the Old Testament (the Jewish Torah). The New Testament and thousands of years of Christian teaching say otherwise. If you are a Christian Zionist, you are calling God a liar. There is even a video of Hagee on Youtube where he denies that Jesus was the Messiah in order to curry Jewish favor. Disgusting sell-out….he lives in a nice home though, along with the rest.

    The answer to their hatred? Secession. Stop joining their military and free yourselves from oppression.

  3. Since I do not see anything close to an appropriate response from my own side, then I expect things will continue to deteriorate: see here.

    I sent an email to LoS, back at the end of September, seeking face-to-face contacts in the Tuscaloosa area. I have been in email contact, but now at the beginning of February, I have yet to meet a single person. Where the fuck is any resistance supposed to come from? Bitter clingers writing snarky comments on internet blogs are not going to change anything, ever. In fact, it all seems to aggregate to the pathetic whining that says we are just a group of pussies who don’t have the honor, the courage, or the commitment to take any real action.

  4. “In fact, it all seems to aggregate to the pathetic whining that says we are just a group of pussies who don’t have the honor, the courage, or the commitment to take any real action.”

    Large scale opposition can only happen when a real desire for separation is expressed by the Southern people, not more “USA, USA, USA!”. Otherwise, it will be more voting GOP and getting mass amnesty, supporting Israel and believing we are a nation of immigrants until it is too late.

    “don’t have the honor, the courage, or the commitment to take any real action”

    You may have to face the possibility that Southerners are just not worthy. If scum like Maher can basically make death threats and ethnic assaults on you without consequence, then there may not be hope. If he drew a cartoon of Muhammad in Brussels, there would be an issue. Not here, apparently. One of those groups is winning, one is not.

  5. “We’re being demonized folks, the next step is to be de-humanized, set up to be killed off or exterminated”

    I’ve been pointing this out since the late ’90s. Whites simply don’t give a sh*t.

    If some of us acted alone against the enemy, our fellow Whites would denounce us and turn us in.

    It’s just not worth it.

  6. @ Stop joining their military and free yourselves from oppression….

    Who joined their military? I don’t know anyone who did, lol

  7. Most of the counties in Andrew Cuomo’s own state have passed a resolution against the UNSAFE Act. The only ones that have not outside of New York City and suburbs are the county that has the state capital at Albany, and the county that has Ivy League Cornell University in Ithaca.

    Is Andrew Cuomo telling most of New York State to get out of New York States?

    By his own standards, he’s throwing his own father out of New York State.

    Oil Driller Bill De Blasio joined in on the same chorus, (mainly as a controlled burn to distract from the way the city screwed up snow plowing), except there aren’t any conservatives of that sort in New York City. Maybe except for Nicholas Stix.

    Re Bill Maher: Someone should tell him that violence often breaks out at rap and hip hop concerts, for some strange reason. Ask him why gun buyback programs are advertised on black radio stations but never country music radio stations, even though the firearms “ownership” (put aside the legal-illegal dichotomy for a moment) is about the same. Though I would rather be a whore sitting in the pews of a church ripping out a big ole fart at the time than advertise a gun buyback program on a country music radio station — It would go over better.

  8. “I might actually be moving to Tuscaloosa soon.”

    47% black, government is the largest employer, and the average temperature in the summer is well into the very humid 90’s, plus the main form of enetertainment seems to be rooting for the various nigger teams of ‘Bama.

    Sounds bloody awful.

  9. DixieGirl says:
    February 2, 2014 at 7:08 pm (Edit)
    ….Other New York (heavily Jewish) lib Leftists

    Is Cuomo a jew?

    Jack replies:

    No Cuomo is most definitely not a Jew. Andrew Cuomo is the son of terrible Liberal NY GovernorMario Cuomo, who was mayor when I lived in New York City during the terrible late 1980s. The new Leftist, commie mayor De Blasio is also not a Jew, he changed his name to an Italian name because Italians are more respected in NEw York and tend to vote for thei own ethnic group. But, the terrible Fordham law professor Rosenbaum is most definitely a Jew – working to strip racially aware Whites of our 1st amendments rights, working for anything goes pornography in USA, also strongly pro Israel as a Jewish ethno state. In otherwods, straight out of central casting as a Leftist, Athiest Jew who hates Whites, looking for anything that is bad for us.

  10. When Maher see’s the Cowboy sing he has vision of Wladymir and Svetlana galloping into the ghetto with sabers and astrakhan caps…

    The same scene played out in Borat at the Rodeo.

  11. “I might actually be moving to Tuscaloosa soon.”

    Well let me know when you do. Maybe we can light a spark. The way it is it’s kinda sad.

  12. Another entry in the project to super-humanize Abraham Lincoln is a howling-bad pot-boiler of a recent (direct to DVD?) film, Abraham Lincoln vs. the ZOMBIES.

  13. Thinking of moving to Tuscaloosa?

    I’ve never visited Alabama, but I know a young southern white couple, with young children, who moved to this 98% non-Hispanic white county from southern Alabama a few years ago, who say they like that ‘it’s never hot here’ (by THEIR standards) and that they ‘love the four seasons’. I don’t recommend that people should abandon their homes and kinfolk in search of ‘paradise’ elsewhere, but I believe the climate here at the North is more ‘suited to our nature’ — being more like the Northwest European homelands of our ancestors — than the humid subtropics.

  14. Wow, I hadn’t realized De Blasio changed his name to go ‘guinea.’ That just shows you how hated northwestern europeans are in NYC. Some ridiculous arab dude in a stall in Union Square asked whether I ‘come from Europe.’ That’s how out of place people who look like me are there. An irish professor in NYJew’s Gluck Ireland House thought she knew me…again, northwestern europeans are a marked race in these parts. Those are the silly stories…I’ll spare people the dark ones…

    Bill Maher once asserted that he thought american, meaning WHITE, soldiers should die for the jews. He came out and stated that exactly to some White military man guest on his show. Most combat soldiers are northwestern europeans, BTW. The fighting scots irish. How tragic to think of them murdered by the neo-con…YKW.

    The half jew Dan Abrams is now going around trying to justify the Italians’ and zio-media’s lynching of Amanda Knox. There is no reasoning with these people, period.

  15. Don’t get mad at Cuomo. Leave NY like he wishes.

    This is God’s way of getting the righteous people out of New York before He destroys that Left-wing Chosenite cesspool.

  16. Cuomo is a WOP.

    End of story. The Lowest of the low, from the southern tip of the boot, that once was the Roman Empire. They’ve been the stepinfetchits for the Khazars for centuries. At least the Nordics in Lombardy gave us beauties like opera singer Katia Riciarelli.

  17. Anti-Whites have been demonizing and dehumanizing us for decades. They are attempting to exterminate us though massive 3rd world immigration and forced integration, which leads to forced “assimilation”, aka miscegenation, aka genocide.

    The only thing that’s changed over the past few years is more and more of our race waking up to their evil agenda. Hence, the anti-White desperate statements and plans. IMO they will push for hate speech laws but IMO they are too late. The genie is out of the bottle and that’s good news for us.

  18. Fr. John actually has a point, in that I recently learned from an italian that the mafia in the US was run by jews; the italians were the mid and low level people in it. Many jews in it changed their names to camouflage themselves as italians.

    That Brooklyn judge Barbaro, who recently claimed to have had his epiphany regarding the Kagan (jewish) guy he’d ‘wrongfully’ convicted years ago for murdering a black man? I had stated on one of the sites that he was either a jew or paid off by them. It’s looking like the former.

    It was another set up hoax, just like the recent report of a black perp allegedly attacking via Knockout Game punches that he hit jewish women, one because he ‘didn’t like the way they looked.’ Remember that even orthodox jewish women only wear wigs, not the bizarre costumes or obvious yarmulkes that the men do; they’re not recognizable as religious jews but can’t pass for germanic celts either, and almost always look obviously jewish. So NYC is trying to convince germanic celts that jewish women are being focused on for attacks by blacks just like the germanic celts. NOT. Sorry, been there, all around…you ask any germanic celt female who is fair haired about what it’s like to walk the streets of the midatlantic cities…Philly, DC, NYC…etc…and they’re all going to report constant aggressions from blacks, and often jews too. Blonde hair is an indigenous european trait, as are certain facial features and even body type.

    This is fake people. They’ve been watching us. I’ve been writing about this on Amren for the last year and others started discussing it last summer, and public commentary has been made in the NYC metropolitan area on the phenomenon.

    I’m also hearing from one source that the italian sections of NYC were the most favoring of de Blasio, and I’m waiting to hear more from a NYC source who is part of the european nationalist network there but who is very experienced with NYC italians.

    Some germanic celts (which includes the anglos as they were just one germanic tribe) have been wondering if the italians would cut and run and eventually go latin, as it were.

    Back to the hoaxes, fake black on jewish rapes and hate crime murders coming soon to a theater near you…whoever thought Sandy Hoax was funny, grab the popcorn!

  19. ETA: people should hear how jews talk about Whites and christians behind their backs. Having been raised around them, I can speak some bits of yiddish and had been considered some sort of honorary jew at times by them during a period when I had to co-exist with them.

    In NYC alone, I heard jews sometimes, even not knowing this about me, making comments as I’ve written about those ‘white people…you know, tall, blonde, etc…’ One little spoiled jewess had the nerve to accuse ‘rich WASPS’ of running NYC in like 2007. What an obscene joke. I worked in a jewish-owned business with a majority of them and some would accuse christian europeans of being ‘materialistic’ and white women of being ‘weak.’ This is simply a primer. I could write a book with way way worse stuff. For one, jews I grew up around would attack my fair skin in adolescence, calling it ‘pale’ and I guess ugly. All while lusting after the guys from my ethnic group, who didn’t care about them…

    Anyway, I’m just making the point that not only do jews consider white to truly mean european and particularly germanic celt, but that the minute you turn your back on them they start with their judeo-hatred of the evil ‘gentiles’/europeans. Most of you don’t understand this as you’ve never been in these situations. But they are far more anti-white per capita than even blacks are; it’s their very identity.

  20. ‘One little spoiled jewess had the nerve to accuse ‘rich WASPS’ of running NYC’

    That of course reminds me of Mainstreaming WNs blaming ‘Yankee’ whites for running the entire country, except when they’re saying it’s ‘BLACK run’ (I know it’s ‘just a meme’) — ANYTHING but focus on ‘those who cannot be criticised’.

    I’ve heard a lot about the Talmudic and southern Italian ‘synergy’ in small towns in THIS area, too.

  21. Really, Mosin? Where is ‘THIS area?’ I get conflicting reports about the relations between jews and italians, but perhaps the alliance version is more commonplace than I had previously realized. Certainly NYC italians’ love affair with de Blasio supports your impression.

    I’m so tired of waiting for the southerners to wake up. Our time is very limited. War is nigh in Europe: http://xaameriki.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/5-unanswered-questions-about-car-filled-with-explosives-and-machine-guns-found-hours-before-nearby-golden-dawn-demonstration/ Golden Dawn is poised to take power in May, but who really thinks Samaras and the zionists would ever allow that to happen? Just look around, folks…Ukraine, France, all over Europe.

    America has another collapse imminent and we northwestern europeans need to understand it is do together or die. Enough of this yankee v. dixie crap. Did anyone see the article on Mindweapon about the southern jews spying on southern whites with the northern jews…while pretending to be with you? Does anyone realize the two jews I think it was who voted to convict Leo Frank knew the northern jews were going to get him out?

    We are a marked race, period. We have only ourselves to change that. Not the italians or anyone else are going to do anything but stand back and lobby for themselves at our expense. Remember that the italians harbor deep-rooted anger at the anglos. Some are okay sure but we need to come together as a group to save ourselves.

    My struggle as a northeasterner to digest race realism has been difficult; we weren’t raised to care about black people but we were socialized to believe in some abstract concept of racial egalitarianism. And while I don’t know about maybe 30% or more of people like Taylor’s premise, it’s hard to deny that at least 50% of is true. We tend to judge based on cultural values,etc. It presents a loss to our sense of what the world is about, and what human beings are.

    The southern people must confront the reality of judaism, finally and utterly. When they do, we have a chance to save ourselves from the fate of the Boers. But not until.

  22. And remember the cries of redheaded Kelly Thomas, calling out for mercy and for his father’s protection. He was savagely murdered by a disgusting spic and a hideous italian, who were as usual defended by a jew. This scene with minor variations has been playing out all over this country for decades now, usually with the black standing in for the italian.

    Brad, you’re going to be the father of a northwestern fair child soon. How much more do you need to see before you wake up and lead your southern people out of certain enslavement and death? What more? Our european brethren make no deals with the jews – the resistance movements of the british, the irish, the nords, although because of our misdirected might the germans remain castrated. You have your kin in the US screaming out to you, who have listened to your side of that ultimately fake line, and the time has come for southerners to hear ours. Time demands it, and survival requires it. A new line needs to be erected. Us v. Them. You ain’t one of us, we’ll send you straight to the Hell you’re building for us.

    Redheads are going extinct, it is true and not a myth. Within around 70 years red hair will be all but a bizarre occurrence and no longer part of the human phenotype. I can say from experience that southern italians hate red hair, probably because they traditonally felt insecure about their mediterranean-ness and projected that sense of unworthy different-ness onto the celtic redheads. They couldn’t blend with the WASPS and took it out on us. But we as a race, the northwestern europeans, must unite and stand up together as we have all become the scapegoat.

  23. NYYankees, not all southerners have failed to ‘get it’. Thomas Watson, for example, was fully aware of and fought against the Talmudists (including the ‘good, southern’ Talmudists, and the ‘Latin’ cult.

    Good comment on ‘ginger preservation’. Regarding the local Italo-Talmudic connexion that you asked about: It revolved (ostensibly) around the local textile industry that was initiated by Talmudists, who imported hundreds of poor southern Italians (they called them ‘our niggers’) to work in the mills for lower-than-standard wages — and when the business became less profitable in the mid-twentieth century, sold the mills to the Italians, who finally ‘ran them into the ground’ in the face of foreign competition.

  24. Chris313, on the face of it had an utterly irrational hatred for Anglos. Utterly inexplicable stuff.

  25. Note: Jack does properly use ‘whom’ instead of ‘who’. Even who is who should be who is whom in formal English.

  26. In the face of universal perception management via the Jew media – the White demographic must get good at ‘knowing otherwise’ from a factual evidence base. On this base, we know exactly what is race profile of the usual suspects in the majority of (media censored) rapes in Jew Yawk. White discourse must frankly acknowledge the extent of Black on White violence and its censorship in all media.

    Pop Question for Aware Readers: And while we are on the subject of ethnopolitics – media conglomerates are non-representatively owned, operated etc by members of what ethnicity? Cue “Tradition! Tradition!” and schmaltzy violins.

  27. To get the Italian connection – you have to go back to the mid 19th century (Jew financed) Masonic revolution that swept through the Italian kingdom of little kingdoms and principalities and plunged those people into a bloodbath.

    This patchwork of beautiful Italian cultures, dialects and traditions sufferred a republican revolution and Jew bank was thrown on top of it. The Italian ‘underworld’ was also set up about that time by revolutionaries to run their illegal traffik and handle the criminal activity. Led by Italian Jews, of course. And exported here through the Italian connections.

    The Italian people are a European people. Like all Europeans they build beautiful villages and cultures.

    All the xenos who swarmed in at the time of the republic have now put down roots and are calling themselves ‘Italian’ because that is the name of the republic. Ethnically, however, they are not of Italian stock.

  28. “Even who is who should be who is whom in formal English.”

    You really ought to hire someone who understands that the verb “to be” is intransitive in that one room schoolhouse your church runs. Hint: the word “is” is a form of the verb “to be.”

  29. Ain’t you in Australia? Are there issues you could discuss that relate to concrete political stuff in Australia? You might start saying something interesting at that point.

  30. a couple of unfinished replies to the censor neo-Nazis article, unfinished because I knew they’d be censored:

    Hell, the real question is should Jews be allowed free speech, and the freedom to organize. Jewish speech and organizations have killed thousand of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of people overseas. They’re the chief ideologues of white-hating racism in the U.S. that has seen tens of thousands of innocent whites butchered because of the color of their skins, and millions raped and tens of millions assaulted. Shove a microphone under the nose of a black street thug and he’ll regurgitate a simplified version of the drivel about racism that Jewish professors and media pundits spew 365 days a year. No, there’s no doubt, between neo-Nazis and Jews it is the Jews who are far, far, more murderous and far, far, more deserving of being the first on the censorship list.

    Where Jews go freedom flees. This is just another example of an unassimilated and unassimilable Jewish traitor who expects you to give up the freedoms your ancestors struggled for centuries to bring into existence just so his people can make a little more money off of you. That’s what it all comes down to, parasitism; they destroy everything decent just to grub a few more shekels. This is a defense of privilege, not a move against persecution. What he wants is to make it illegal to criticize Jews under any circumstances, but particularly illegal to criticize their privilege – their control of the media though racist descrimination, their wholesale raping of democracy through bribes, AIPAC corruption that has led to wars and the deaths of hundreds of thousands, etc. etc. etc. And, as always, anti-racism is a code word for anti-white: he only supports this because Jewish corruption has already made you a second-class citizen in the nation built by your fathers, he knows that racist Jews like himself will be exempt from this persecution. Then they wonder why they’re hated and expelled.

    If we’re going to start jailing people for racism might I suggest that we start with those whose racist speech and racist silence actually cause racist mass murder and other war crimes. Between Jews and neo-Nazis there’s no doubt about who has the higher body count, by a huge margin.

  31. Rudel, that’s an endless debate. Just write around it with an impersonal pronoun if you dislike purism.

  32. Lynda, in your first post of the recent two what do you mean by ‘xenos?’ I agree with Lew, your input is very fascinating. You really think even the italian mafia was mostly jewish…?

    As for de Blasio and the NYC italians, my sources on the street are telling me Lhota won the italian vote among most of the middle trending upper middle class italians. Some think that certain elements in their neighborhoods who aren’t italians caused the numbers to look bloated. This comes from someone pretty familiar with these areas and this demographic. I can’t confirm one way or another.

  33. Italians, including Southern Italians are on balance, the most dependable pro White, racist Indo European people on planet earth. God bless them! It my worst days, I used to walk through Italian areas of the South Bronx in a David Duke for President sweat shirt, I was very well received.


    The Cuomo family is one of a tiny, handful of anti White Italian families in North America. The enemies of our people are always on the look out for traitors from traditional pro White groups like Italians, White Southerners – hence their efforts to sell the likes of Bill aclunton and Al Gore, Lamar Alexander. Lindsey Graham, Mike the Huckster Huckabee as authentic, folksy Southerners – hell, they tried this with a jimmy Carter.

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