Black History Month 2014: The White Man’s Burden

William Easterly's The White Man's Burden
William Easterly’s The White Man’s Burden

Third World

I stumbled across this book in the course of trying to find out the total amount of money that the West has spent on foreign aid to Haiti.

Since the 1950s, it turns out that the West has spent over $2.3 trillion dollars in foreign aid, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, on the Third World. In 2013 dollars, this is the equivalent of about 13 Marshall Plans.

This was before the 2010 Haitian earthquake after which more foreign aid poured into Haiti in four years than in the previous forty years combined. In 2014, Sub-Saharan Africa (minus South Africa) has a combined economy smaller than Belgium’s economy:

“Gordon Brown was silent about the other tragedy of the world’s poor. This is the tragedy in which the West spent $2.3 trillion on foreign aid over the last five decades and still had not managed to get twelve-cent medicines to children to prevent half of all malaria deaths. The West had spent $2.3 trillion and still had not managed to get four-dollar bed nets to poor families. The West spent $2.3 trillion and still had not managed to get three dollars to each new mother to prevent five million child deaths. The West spent $2.3 trillion, and Amaretch is still carrying firewood and not going to school. It’s a tragedy that so much well-meaning compassion did not bring these results for needy people.” (William Easterly, The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good, pp.3-4)

This is interesting:

“Today, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and among the tenth poorest countries worldwide. Its population of 8 million produces $463 million in exports of goods and services. Exports per person were thirty-one times higher in 1789 than in 2002.”

The “legacy of slavery” in Haiti doesn’t include the work ethic or birth rate.

Here’s an image which shows sub-Saharan Africa’s dependence on foreign aid:

Foreign Aid To Africa

Note: No country in sub-Saharan Africa is more dependent on foreign aid than Liberia which declared its independence in 1847.

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  1. White Man’s BURDEN?

    I consider Niggers to be the White Man’s CURSE.
    My God, I had no idea that all that money was going down a shit hole- literally.

  2. It’s important to keep our alleged victory in the Cold War front and center here. Aid was primarily in the form of arms to any one mouthing anti-communism. Simultaneously it was deemed wise to allow the best and brightest of Africa to come live the western life lest they go over to the communists (I am thinking of Barry Sotero’s alleged father). Only if we reverse our racial decline could we retrospectively consider those choices necessary evils. As it stands Empire is synonymous with race suicide (see also Persia, Greece, Rome, India, England, France…)

    Have you been able to quantifg bow much haiti depends on remissions?

  3. I notice than North Africa requires very little foreign aid, unlike Sub-Saharan Africa. I suspect that North Africa’s infusion of European DNA from Greek, Roman, Goths and others from ancient times has a lot to do with this.

  4. @ “All that money down a rat hole….”

    IT’S NOT down a rat hole at all. Many become very wealthy collecting 10 trillion dollars and STEPPING ON IT and keeping it for themselves while USING the Sally Struthers style tv commercials to tug heartstrings to make people willing to have their money collected.

    It’s gross when white people decide to get their money that way. Only lower level people in foundations, The Missionary Types, probably actually “care” about the people, (or at least want to be PERCEIVED as “caring,” lol, or are stupid enough to believe all that money is not just going into the collector’s hands.

  5. Whatever Steven, many still don’t want to live in North Africa, even if it’s better than south africa, for whatever reason.

  6. DixieGirl, who said anything about living in North Africa? I just simply mentioned a possible reason why they were not sucking up foreign aid like Sub-Saharan Africa. I wouldn’t want to live there myself because of the Anti-Christianism of the Islamic cultures of those regions.

  7. North Africa has a reasonably westernized outlook. could be genetic. Big Greek, Phone ian, Jewish and even Germanic settlement. Not to mention Rome.

    Still, bit of a mess.

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