1. Hard to believe that they didn’t include Billionaire businessman, and out spoken anti-immigration & pro-second Amendment advocate Donald Trump. Don’t believe me, follow Trump’s personal twitter feed. Trump may not be perfect, but, he’s miles in front of the rest of the pack including the Heritage gang. David Vitter is also a stand up guy. Are the Mississippi Republicans afraid of his anti-banking & anti-fed attitudes?

  2. Ron Paul, who will be 80 years old in 2016, is on this straw ballot.

    These straw ballots mean nothing. The article is right; they’re just fund raising props.

  3. According to T.S. Eliot – “The rats are in the piles and the Jews are under the piles.”

    Now White, European Gentiles, consider. If you were to replace the adj “slimey” in the term “slimey Barbour family” with Jewish Barbour family, then you would be running a reality based programme.

    Gov Barbour of Miss in Feb 2011 was personally escourted to Israel by the Republican Jewish Coalition. He made all the obligatories. From the sound of his itenerary there wasn’t enough Jew ass in Herzilya for Gov Barbour to smooch. And he was the keynote at the Herzliya Conference on Feb 9. What’s not to like?

    Read the whole matzoh at

    Of course he is spearheading the White race replacement programme run by the Jews in the Deep South. Of course he is networking this shameful policy with every other slimeball.

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