1. He’s lying.

    The plan all along has been to wait until the primary deadline passes before pushing amnesty through the House. Boehner, Rubio, McConnell and others are just trying to calm down “the base” in the meantime.

  2. We still won a small battle.

    The fact that it was apparently 80-20% against the immigration treason speaks well for our side.

    The key is to identify whois with us, who is against us (Jews and Jew puppets, Chamber of Commerce, of course non White Hispanics, Black pols, Catholic Church leadership) and who basically goes which ever way the wind blows.

    Our side can still blow hard. We have to find better ways of punishing traitors, short of revolutionary fantasies of executing them.

    I didn’t give up last week and feel good about my effective activism. I hope OD readers feel the same.

  3. Boehner’s passing “reform” during the lame duck session with mostly Democrat votes, then scuttling off to a cushy Chamber of Commerce lobbying gig. Book it.

  4. Tsk, tsk. You southrons are kinda thick aren’t you? First secession fantasies and now believing in democracy?
    You know, I should apologize. In a previous life I was forced to fight for Lyin’ Lincoln because I had the misfortune of being born North of the Mason-Dixon Line. The horrendous losses in the South have obviously had a permanent effect on the Southron Psyche to the point you still believe you can get the monkey off your back without killing the sunbitch!
    Didn’t the Phony Election of 2012 tell you anything? Some asshole listed the Election results a whole week before the polls and it turned out the EXACT SAME WAY ON ELECTION DAY!
    The bitches aren’t even trying to hide it anymore! They’re not even bothering to count the votes before they come up with a result! You would think they would at least count the votes to make their LIES plausible, but NO!
    Haven’t you seen the Overtly Anti-White ads that Hymietown is playing on your Idiot Box of Lies that they laughingly refer to as Television? The bitch with the negro chillen that is pregnant with another black POS? How about the Anti-American Die-versity America the (used-to-be) Beautiful that had everybody but White People singing it?
    Seriously, these clowns from the Caucausus are really getting bold in their in-your-face Anti-White, White Genocide crap! These GOP Whores are bought and paid for! They should change the Speaker’s name to Ben Dover at this point.
    You know, the only Communist that ever said anything that was true was Mao, when he said,”The Law Comes From The Barrel of a Gun!” Keep that in mind, because believe me when a tick or a leech bites you, you have to BURN THAT SUNBITCH OFF!

  5. Excellent, remember the wins over GWB’s Amnesty push & the Romney need to fake his deport illegals….Boehner saw the writing on the wall…I think Comprehensive Reform is dead, dead, dead but we must stay on the weak sisters in DC!

  6. What is called here “immigration treason” and “White population replacement” is summoned in spectre [as in Barbara Lerner Spectre] for public discourse by Masonic watchword: “unprecedented demographic change.”

    Here is Stephen Steinlight, former policy director of the National Jewish Committee and now a leading steinlight in the Center for Immigration Studies lecturing the the ‘anti-immigration movement’ from the podium:

    “…classic anti-immigrant, xenophobic and racist nativist forces…the white ‘Christian’ supremacists. Such people must not be permitted to play a prominent role in the debate over the way America responds to unprecedented demographic change.”

    Naturally. And is the new ‘unprecedented, demographic change’ good for the Jews? Naturally.

    Read Irish Savant’s spreadsheet on this subject. Because of course, the same race replacement Agenda is being run by the Jews on Ireland (through their proxies of course).

    Scroll down to the Feb 3, 2014 post.

  7. Mr. Savant said he maintains a spreadsheet to keep track of righteous and non-righteous Jews (such as Steinlight). The first comment caught my eye.

    February 2014 17:12

    Your ‘righteous jews’ sheet must, by necessity, be empty.

    Aint no such thing, for, as Jesus said, they are of their father the devil…

  8. For the love of Pete. Get out & do some PT or learn to garden grow your own vegetables or harvest game or learn Krav. ANYTHING that will help keep your white ass alive when the shoe drops.
    Stop wasting time on worthless shit like politicians.

  9. If amnesty does pass, that’s very bad news for the south. The region is already filled to the brim with negros; amnesty could permanently change the demographic of ole Dixie..

  10. “….And is the new ‘unprecedented, demographic change’ good for the Jews?…”

    Well, they can siphon off money for their own country. But like in the u.s., the country was actually made latino by the Hart-Celler Act (and other policies that caused it), so if the country becomes catholic (not jewish) they certainly benefited, also. (from ten percent catholic, it’s gone to 50% some say now, in just 60 years— that’s pretty beneficial lol) Just saying.

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