From Anti-White Marxist to Anti-White Libertarian and Back Again


Countenance made an interesting comment on our Winter Olympic post. He noted the hateful rants of some “libertarian” blogger hating on the beautiful Winter Olympics in Russia. It seems he can’t stomach the sight of healthy White athletes competing for their nations; he’s calling for a ban on nationalist games and throws in some Ayn Rand phrases that he’s opposing “collectivism” and promoting individual freedom.

A certain breed of libertarian does this a lot: express extreme hate for anything healthy, successful and White and then throw in some libertarian phrases and justifications to keep them somehow on the conservative, good guys side, our side.

What kind of breed of libertarians HATE the Winter Olympics? What kind of libertarians hate all things healthy and White?

A: It’s the Jews stupid!

One classic example of a White hating Jewish libertarian is Tamar Jacoby, the former writer and editor of the Wall Street Journal. She’s made a crusade of the cause of flooding the United States with tens of millions of Third World immigrants. Somehow, this is supposed to be “conservative”, “patriotic,” and good for America, as the USA is a “Nation of Immigrants,” and America’s mission is to be a shining light beacon of hope to the huddled masses of the world. These noble words are carved on to the Statue of Liberty! (Well actually these murderous immigration desires were added to our Statue of Liberty by some Jewess named Emma Lazarus.)

For those of our readers trying to use reason to break through to these open borders immigration libertarian loons, my advice is: unless you are the second coming of Jesus Christ, don’t even bother.

These Jewish libertarians hate us. Libertarianism, economic conservatism, anything goes capitalism – these are just disguises, and these White hating Jews have many other disguises. Before Tamar Jacoby was an open borders immigration libertarian, she was a Marxist professor at the New School for Social Research.

One day she had an epiphany and embraced the gospel of free markets, liberty, equality and open borders immigration to the USA, but not for Israel. Tamar Jacoby strongly supports Israel as a Jewish ethnostate.

So what do we think about the likes of Tamar Jacoby?


  1. Thanks JR. I should have given this story more than short shrift treatment on my own blog, but luckily, you did what I might have wanted to do in a full blog post length format, but only better than I would have.

    Here is the nut’s original FB post:

    Here is how this nut got his fame:

    Just like Tamar Jacoby is all over the political map, so is Adam KOOKesh. A quintessential leader in search of a cause, albeit none of our causes.

    My most frequent commenter at my blog, Puggg, said it best:

    About that Adam Kokesh idiot rant: Nobody would actually watch what he wants, and nobody would finance and build the venues and structures, and nobody would sponsor the media because nobody would watch, hell there might not even be media. We don’t watch Olympics necessarily to cheer the individual winners to a person, we watch so we can gloat that our tribe is better than your tribe, our tribe beat your tribe.

    He’s right: A “global sporting event that celebrates human beings as individuals” would have no ratings.

    One more thing: Why is a supposed “right winger” like KOOKesh using Bolshevik style rhetoric? Because he’s a liberTARDian. Libertarianism and Bolshevism are two different sides of the same race-denying coin. In spite of the largely kabuki theater “differences” between them on mostly irrelevant issues.

  2. I’m going to puke if I hear the ‘We are a nation of immigrants’ trope one more time. We are no such thing. There was land, various groups fought over it, including Indians with each other, and as that fight transpired one group for the most part simultaneously began to build a nation that was not there previously. At the end of this period, there was an interim phase in which a couple of other groups came into the land and continued to build what was completed at the end of a final phase in the 1940’s. Who were these various groups? Europeans. What did they come to do? Build a european nation. Was there one here when they came? No. Will there be one for their grandchildren? Not if we continue to allow our enemies to set the terms.

    The 1940’s introduced the advent of government benefits and welfare. But european people built the nation’s government that afforded this to its european citizens. There was not a fully developed nation or system prior to that point. European people had to struggle to conquer the land and then to build a workable system – a fully realized nation.

    Shortly thereafter the pseudo europeans, aka jews, decided to devise the 1965 Immigration Act and rob the european people of their inheritance by flooding the US with parasitic immigrants, as opposed to the european nation-builders whose sacrifice immigrants suck off of.

    We are not nor have ever been a nation of immigrants.

  3. Well said.

    This Libtard feels very much… Of that certain tribe.

    With those members of the tibethat hate on White nations doing well in international sports, I suggest a second tier of sports where Israel can compete in Winter Olympics with Islamic countries like Algeria or Saud Arabia. The Israelis ought to be at least competitive with Saudia Arabia in women’s sports as Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow their women to compete in sports.. Maybe Muslim men in drag.

    god’s Chosen People vs The Sons of Allah in women’s hockey… Probably not a big TVratings, but hey, who am I to say.

  4. Jack Ryan says:

    ‘So what do we think about the likes of Tamar Jacoby?’

    Typical rat faced, duplicitous, White hating jew.

  5. No doubt she is hoping that a lunatic Muslim bombs the ski jump or the ice rink.

    Hell, she probably sent money to make sure some crazy Chechen kills someone.

  6. “…Libertarianism, economic conservatism, anything goes capitalism…”
    You forgot the new shiny bobble “Dark Enlightenment” or reactionaries. The hebes take a perfectly rational idea. All people are not the same and have different capabilities and tell us, of course, all we need is a King. Yes all your problems will be solved by his or her highness. I of course, out of the goodness of my heart, have reminded them that the Jews by introducing mass immigration, affirmative action and school integration caused the grief we have today. Furthermore I reminded them that a Republic with judicial use of literacy test and/or poll tax/property qualification should take care of these problems. They were not amused. They don’t own all the web like the old media. I believe it pisses them off.

  7. red Jews, libtard Jews, neo-con Jews. All with the same Tribal purpose: extirpate the Whites, then rule the world. Not only will they fail, but this time the Jews themselves are going to attain terminal velocity.

  8. The genuine Libertarian movement – with its call to return to the roots of this nation and Western civilization, which is that individual freedom needs to be vigorously guarded and defended against from encroachment for totaliarian lust seekers, is gaining traction, and this has caused the Jew overlords of the modern Progressive movement to panic.

    So, they do what they do best – they infiltrate, they put on the “cloak” of Libertarianism and deceitfully attempt to move the window of understanding of what Libertarianism is and what it values and represents to what they want the public perception to be, so they can destroy it from within.

    It’s the classic Jew strategy they have used since the beginning of time. I now understand why Jews have been exiled throughout history from nation after nation – England, Spain, ….. we need to learn something from the history and education of our forebears who were not brainwashed nor “politically correct”. They were realists and put the needs of their people first.

  9. Tamar Jacoby is still a Marxist. She is not a “Libertarian”. She is just employing classic Marx strategy and deliberate deception to confuse, misdirect and destroy.

    I denounce her as such.

  10. I don’t try and reason with the open borders loons. I just nod and agree that the ideal of open borders is great, because it is a belief in the right of individuals to live where they want, without the “social construct” of borders.

    Once you get them to agree with you (which they do enthusiastically), you start to lay out the breadcrumbs of their argument by parroting back their talking points to them in “active listening” fashion, and lead to a place where they have to be on board with white only enclaves if that is what the inhabitants want, and have built for themselves, the destruction of the welfare state to provide entitlements to these host-seeking parasites, and so on…..

    Once the light clicks on as to where the convo is going, you can see the panic in their eyes… they don’t want to finish the trail of bread crumbs or fill in the unspoken blanks. Never talk about race or ethnicities; just the “rights” of all persons as individuals….. they want to stop the conversation or try to change the topic.

    My twenty-something recent college grad kids use this technique alot and they love the look of panic in the eyes of the dishonest Prog when the wheels finally click in to place.

    Don’t argue with them – hoist them on their own petards.

  11. the Jews by introducing mass immigration, affirmative action and school integration caused the grief we have today

    The issue goes deeper than mass immigration and forced integration into every White country and only into White countries. The word “racist” became popular in the ’60s here, during the partly Jewish led Black Power / Civil Rights movement, but it was invented in the ’20s.

    Women’s suffrage dates back to the the turn of the last century. Did the Jews push it through?

    Divorce became legal everywhere 20 years before interracial marriage. Did the Jews do that?

    In the 1860s the northern part of the United States decided that, instead of being a federation, the US was a one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Where were the Jews?

    Did the Jews tell Abraham Lincoln to rewrite the Preamble to the Constitution from being “for ourselves and our Posterity” to being “a new nation, dedicated to the idea that all men are created equal”?

    Did the Jews tell George Washington, angry about not being promoted, to fight a war against his king?

    Did the Jews tell General Cornwall to play pussyfoot with the insurgents while crypto-Jew Whigs in Parliament suggested that they should be appeased?

    Did the Jews tell the Committee for Public Safety to kill everyone in Nantes?

    The rot in Western civilization goes deeper than 40 or 160 years. It goes back to the Enlightenment beleif that humans are defined by reason, and because reason is reason, only rank bigotry would lead one to prefer the white man to the black transsexual.

    The Dark Enlightenment holds that, instead of being spheres of pure reason, humans are actually a clade of mutant chimps, and human ethology needs to be understood as a mutation of chimp ethology, with its massive emphasis on social status.

    It was status-whoring Whites who through playing the game of sanctimoniously denouncing their peers for brownie points led us down this path.

  12. The Jews have a very old and vicious play book. Hittites, Egyptians, Cannanites, Persians, Assyrians, Philistines, Greeks all tangled up the Squid.

    A Game if you will, my Cathedral pushing friend.

    I wonder why Moldbug didn’t simply call it The Temple or the Synagogue?

    No need to answer.

  13. Peppermint,

    Bravo sir! What you said about the “Enlightenment” couldn’t have been stated anymore beautifully.

  14. @peppermint-I agree with and I’m in no way naive about all you said. There’s something you miss though. Jews seem to an amplifier for evil. The old saying that it only takes 15 percent of a hard core to take over a country is relevant but in the case of the Jews only a very small percent wrecks the country. Maybe I’m foolish but trying to change the entire Northern portion of of the US seems harder than focusing on the minority of Jews. Yes I know what Hunter has said about focusing on the Jews. I wonder if due to more people getting their information from the internet we may reach a tipping point. A avalanche that reaches speed immediately even though it takes a long time to get started.

    Also all you wrote had nothing to do with the point I made that Jews were constantly taking good ideas and channeling what should be done with those ideas in a manner harmful to Whites.

  15. Jews seem to an amplifier for evil.

    I agree. The fact that they only started causing trouble because we let them doesn’t absolve them of their role in these events, any more than the alienation and anger brought about by affirmative action and grievance mongering absolves Blacks of their knockout game.

  16. I didn’t know what to say when looking at what was happening in America and for that matter most of the third world, so I just said that Liberalism is a mental disorder without thinking much about it, you just have to be crazy to believe what you do, no I’ve found I’m right, Tamar Jacoby and her ilk suffer from PA, Pathalogical Altruism and there is nothing that can be done to cure them, they are like the person who loves animals, collects a hundred dogs and cats and cannot see that they are dying from the very “love” that was supposed to save them and the SPCA has to come in and put the animals down, Jacoby and her group are just like that, lovely people, but totally mental

  17. A possible reason for Liberals behavior is a small or damaged amygdala says anonymous conservative. Very interesting. He may be right. The amygdala being responsible for evaluating dangerous circumstances. He also covers r/K Theory. Which is breeding strategies. r being lots of children, little care and K being more family investment. He’s a link that down at the bottom shows verbal methods of throwing off Liberals arguments by using a method of “overloading the amygdala”. Doing so causes confusion in Liberals minds. At the top of the page is a specific situation when this method was used against Mike Wallace from 60 minutes. If he’s right a specific method for destruction of Liberal arguments and causing them to fear their behavior would be of great value. I know others here have heard of this before but might be good for some who haven’t seen it.

  18. I don’t see the jews as amplifiers of evil; I see them as more of the evil itself than whatever they ‘amplify.’

    I really don’t think blacks were anywhere near as vicious, feral, or parasitic before the jews decided to come in and ‘amplify’ them to a point that these traits reached a beyond critical mass. No, having lived long enough to watch the devolution I have to say that the jews don’t amplify; they create.

    The jews saw industrialization and its attendant rise in the democratization of education (which began with whites being allowed basic literacy, which was denied them throughout the Middle Ages by this Church everyone loves so much) as the end of their easy pass into wealth. The jews knew they could not remain ‘Chosen’ and privileged over the heretofore uneducated and shackled european peasants when those masses were allowed to compete – on a level playing field – with the jews. So the drive towards Zionism in some european jewry may have even arisen out of this need to find somewhere shielded from western bourgeois from which jewish orchestration could take place. This involved the planned and intentional handicapping of europeans in the transition from an agrarian to a fully industrialized – and democratized – society. The jews stepped in and ‘amplified’ the blacks’ (and hispanics’) predations and parasitism, but at the end of the day, this whole scale war upon whites was a jewish-designed and implemented war. Blacks were really more their henchmen, foot soldiers, and lackeys.

    Southerners see the war as one between whites, which for them seems to mean caucasians, and blacks; northerners conceive of the struggle as one between semitic supremacy and european or white liberation. In our schema blacks are both instigating agents and tools, with the emphasis ultimately resting on the latter. This is one reason why hard core race realism doesn’t play well up here. We’ll eventually go hard core against the jews while integrating a supplemental race realist perspective on blacks. We judge by ideology and morality as well as by tribe. Defaulting to raw DNA not only fails to make sense to us; it turns us off big time.

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