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National Review

Over at National Review, Victor Davis Hanson laments Vladimir Putin’s homophobia and outrageous incarceration of “Pussy Riot,” which he negatively contrasts to Miley Cyrus becoming fabulously wealthy by insulting America’s religious values:

“All that said, there is a value for us in Putin. I don’t mean the strange Pat Buchanan–style admiration for Putin’s creepy reactionary social agenda and his tirades about Western social decadence. Rather, I refer to Putin’s confidence in his unabashedly thuggish means, the brutal fashion in which a modern state so unapologetically embraces the premodern mind to go after its critics, be they journalists or academics, or stifles free debate without worry over Western censure. Putin is a mirror showing more than just what we should not be.

We in the West get into fiery debates over civil union versus gay marriage as the appropriate legal means of recognizing homosexual unions, with all the accompanying charges of insensitivity — without much notice of how the vast majority of gays are treated elsewhere in the world. In contrast, Putin, mostly to global silence, does nothing as his thugs with impunity terrorize gay activists (who mostly demonstrate for basic freedom of speech, not marriage). Miley Cyrus insults our sensibilities and becomes fabulously rich; the Pussy Rioters go to jail. …”

Note: For another example of US ‘mainstream’ conservatism, see Glenn Beck’s decision to “Stand With GLAAD” Against “Russian Hetero-Fascism.” 

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  1. I read one of Putin’s tirades about Western social decadence. I though he was dead-on. I’d vote for him. (He’s just as American as the nigger we have.)

  2. Of course NR cheers on or turns a blind eye as anti-White thugs, street level or suit and tie talking heads, terrorize with impunity pro-White activists and normal White folks simply for being White.

  3. “VDH” is the embodiment of the notion that “the enemy looks like us but has no loyalty to us”. He is essentially a white wannabe Irving Kristol.

    Your article on J. Diamond and Haiti was excellent, is there a reason that comments are off?

    I would propose the following re blacks and Haiti. Poor, idle and happy is a lifestyle choice, and is perhaps laudable except for the following fourth component. Lawless. As Hesketh pointed out and we can see on innumerable youtube videos, without white intervention; Haiti is a non-stop LA riot. Combined with the unsustainable nature of the population, we can only describe the poor, idle and happy lifestyle as the primrose path to dystopia.

  4. ‘Putin is a mirror showing more than just what we should not be.’

    What we should not be is a pathetic US ‘conservative’ like Victor Davis Hanson who accepts all the values of the Left.

  5. What a pussy Hanson is! He’s soooo concerned about Pussy Riot and Vlad’s throwing them in jail. Oh foo, what happened to Pussy Riot in Russia today, would have happened to them in this country not too long ago. What a bunch of wusses ‘lame stream consrevatives are these days!

  6. I cannot believe how it is posible for such cultural marxist bastards as Victor Davis Hanson to be considered “rightist” by anyone with an IQ over 80.

  7. Well said Stephen,

    Hey Stephen, I sent in dues to national CoCC, I hacpve a private po box in Chicago, plus a few solid, trusted activists? Would you be interested in doing some protests in Chicago?

    The Communist party is having their convention this June at the University of Illinois Chicago, there are many Polish American Nationalists who want to protest. U interested?

  8. Never forget, never forgive.

    Stone the entire lot of them, when we come to power.

    Long Live Putin, Long Live Russia. May her light spread to every nation in Christendom. Amen. Alleluia.

  9. Jew media covering Sochi has been totally snarky to the Russian hosts.

    On the slope-style course there is this large ‘nesting doll’ called a matroshka (sp?) – I don’t know whether its a decoration on the course or a Russian folk thing or a hazard, but the yada yada here from the pundits on network Jew insist on calling this a babushka – ‘the babushka’.

    They know this annoys the Russians. The Russian hosts have issued numerous corrections and explanations – but network Jew would seem to have directed their pundits to kvetch about ‘the babushka’ just to annoy the Russian hosts and insult their folk traditions.

    This is Jew media for you. They hate the whole White, Russian, Christian ethos which is clearly manifest to the world via the Winter Olympics. There is nothing they can do about it. So they snark the Russian hosts in the yada, yada and issue directives to Putin himself to “just forget geopolitics and get over here and fix the half-pipe’. This is how they carry on. In reports, they go out and put on the fag for the one fag bar they managed to locate in Sochi. This got huge PC coverage here. It was bigger than the moguls.

    I would like to see Putin give the W Jew media circus at Sochi something to squall about. Just round them up and throw them in the slammer for the duration of the games. Then, we could just watch the performances without their comments or just watch it in Russian.

  10. Check out the comments thread over on NRO. Their readers aren’t buying it and are tossing out the “controlled opposition” accusation.

  11. Hanson must know that Lazar Kaganovich deliberately demolished the Catherdral of Christ the Saviour to loot the gold off the Copola. He also knows that this was done to destroy and dehumanize Russian Christians.

    He must know that Pussy Riot is a direct biological and ideological descendant of the Kagans who butchered the Russkis?

    He is filth.

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