Winter Olympics Day III – Dutch Speed Skaters Kicking A$$

Dutch male speed skaters just swept the bronze, silver gold medal in the 500 meters. I could tell when the nations were marching in during the opening ceremonies, I could tell right away that these Nordic Dutch guys were ready to dominate.

So, we see that the various White nations of the world are taking these Winter Olympics very seriously. Here are some photos for our female readers.



  1. I don’t know about you but I’m mesmerized by Bob Costas’s
    Pink Eye.

    I thought he might have suffered a stroke it’s so distorted his eye socket.

  2. So what. It’s well known that ‘groids can’t swim or skate. I guess the Haitian – or was it Jamaican? – bobsled team didn’t make the cut this time. More important is the fact that the Games’ White host – Putin – is thrashing our porch monkey Prez yet again.

  3. It is nice to see the tinier countries, like Canada and the Netherlands, prevail. I note that the press hasn’t force fed us a steady diet of black boot licking like wall-to-wall coverage on the “Jamaican Bobsled Team” or the black American anchor on the team, which is nice.

    In the future, there needs to be more stringent qualifying at the World Cup level before the Olympics even kick off, so that it truly is a celebration of the “best of the best” to avoid being subjected to the theatre of the African swimmer, who is still completing his swim after everyone else has long left the building. In the summer sport of fencing, only the top 32 fencers who qualify at the World Cups leading up to the Olympics get a slot in the bracket for medals. This type of hyper-selection would help in some of the other sports.

    It is good to see that the Jews haven’t been able to force feed us a diet of black athletes in the winter sports, like they are busy doing for the summer games. Jews have decided that the lack of blacks in crew (rowing), sailing, fencing, etc is “unfair”. In fencing in particular, they spend a great amount of resources taking free fencing classes to ghetto schools and paying the travel and fees for these feral savages to compete against civilized whites. Fencing is a European sport, which is not only ritualized combat, but also a ritualized form of chivalry and code of conduct for the “gentleman”, all symbolic of our heritage and our past. The sport itself at the higher levels soon transcends the technical understanding and true excellence in achieved by strategy – a skill blacks are incapable of performing at the top levels. To watch a black fencer is to watch a piece of muscled meat bully and try to physically dominate the strip with hyper-aggression because they can not win using the intellectual strategy route. A three-weapon, three type Olympic referree just posted about the jeering, taunting and threats of black spectators of the sport at developmental competition. Jews have targeted sports that are an expression of OUR culture and OUR value for diminishment by importing blacks into it. Blacks don’t know the first thing about these types of civilized, thinking-man sports, and are only in them for “virtue” points for their Jew patrons, who love sticking it to the White Europeans any chance they get.

    And yes, the Costas Pinko Eye is hilarious.

  4. Liberty, Canada isn’t a tiny country. Geographically speaking it’s actually the second largest country in the world, next to Russia.

  5. Landsknecht
    I am Canadian immigrant to the US.

    It is a tiny country demographically, spread out over a large area. The majority of Canadians lives within 50 miles of the US border on the south.

    I was referring to the pool of talent from which to draw for the elite sports.
    Compare Canada to the pool of athletes from the US or Russia.
    I rest my case.

  6. Liberty,
    Points taken, no snark intended. You may safely rest your case.
    And yes. It certainly IS nice to see White Canadians (and other Whites) doing well!

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