Winter Olympics Day IV Belarus Wins Biatholon

Another great day in Putin’s Russian Winter Olympics -this looks to be the best Olympics ever, even better than 1936 in NS Germany Berlin.

My favorite event is the women’s Biatholon – women cross country skiing, mixed with rifle target shooting.

Sure beats watching tattooed Black thug football players.

This year’s winner was solid, Miss Belarus – so we can understand why Germany wanted to invade this country/ area if only to find some fun, cross country skiing , rifle shooting female dates.



  1. Many of the Eastern European women are quite attractive to me.

    But I really don’t want to learn a Cyrillic language.

  2. Biathlon is the oldest ski-sport, as ski-jägers used to have competitions well before the Napoleonic era.

    They were trained to do sabotage behind enemy lines, so they needed to be able to shoot well, and then outrun the enemy afterwards, so biathlon was born.

    So while it is true that most winter sports was developed by wealthy white people for recreation, it is not true for biathlon.

  3. From this website:

    Ski competitions

    In 1766, the ski companies arranged their first ski competitions. They were forerunners of todays competitions. There were four different disciplines, and any citizen could enter the competition. The rules were:

    1st Class: 2 prizes of 20 Rigsdaler for those who in a mediocre downhill and full run can fire their gun and best hit a target at 40 to 50 pace distance.

    2nd Class: 4 prizes of 10 Rigsdaler for those who in a hill grown with threes best can throw themselves between the trees without being hindered by the fall or breaking the skies.

    3rd Class: 6 prizes of 4 Rigsdaler for those who, without falling or riding on the ski stick, best can run down the largest hill without falling.

    4th Class: 8 prizes of 2 Rigsdaler for those who on flat ground fastest can run 1/4 mile (at that time 2750 m) with full uniform and the gun over the shoulder, that under good conditions should be done in less than 15 minutes.
    Nobody should be refused, but everyone without difference to be allowed and accepted to compete with the ski companies about the mentioned prizes, therefore time place and circumstances are to be announced over the country at the right time.

  4. Since I was wrong about Nordic and Alpine skiing being developed by rich white people, and only biathlon by the military, the same could be true of dutch speed skating.

    The community that had speed skaters, could devastate neighbors without them, when all the canals froze. Gangs of skaters could rob innocents, and be sure of escape, as nothing moved faster than a skater before the automobile.

  5. Is there a case to be made that biathlon is in fact the oldest Olympic sport in some way?

    It’s been internationally competitive since 1766? That’s a shock actually. It’s the most fascinating event in the winter games. It would be interesting to see a running/marching sport with shooting, in the summer Olympics.

  6. Do OD readers like these/my stories about our people having great success in the Winter Olympics and also noting that they are also handsome (Dutch men’s skaters) and beautiful (Slavic women in the Biatholon)?

    I’m getting some criticism that it’s immoral to mention/show photograps of attractive White Winter Olympics athletes. The last article featured a married mother of 2, she’s an LDS Mormon that just won the silver medal in Skeleton sledding. She and her family do not drink alcohol or even coffee and don’t watch movies with less than a PG rating, so I don’t think it’s even remotely fair to say that I am promoting sexually immoral, immodest women, stories, photos. These White Winter athletes are fully clothed, it is after all Winter, cold, much tough to dress and act like the now slutty Hanna Montana.

  7. Thanks Lew.

    But, I think these are my final posts on OD. I have been honored to write/post here. But…

    I’m pissing people off.

    And let’s be honest, who really likes some guy like me from Chicago?

    Everything bad said, written about my city, especially Chicago women is true.

    I’m stuck here – left behind in Chicago.

    Thanks to all readers of OD who have tolerated my attempts to write in support of our people. Thank you all. But, it looks like I’m soon to be banned.

    Oh well.

    god bless.

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