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Is this the greatest Olympics ever?

OK Mother Russia restored hockey team lost at home…

But they lost to….

the Finns!

How cool is that?

Check out this attempted anti Putin protest from lesbian, Marxist punk rock band “Pussy Riot”. Patriotic nationalists Cossacks break up the protest music video, and note they use the right amount of force. Cossacks use whips, bloody some as$ homo video cameramen. Nobody was killed or seriously injured, but our side, nationalist Cossack Christian patriot side is in firm control.

Here’s the video:

I am so proud to be 25% Russian!

God bless Russia!

Czar Vladimir Putin is firmly in control.

Anybody think some unelected Black female judge will dictate homosexual marriage equality in Russia, like what was done in Virginia USA?

Don’t think so.

I send my best to our Russian Kinsmen in Mother Russia. Stay strong brothers and sisters…

(How about sending some Russian love my way?)


  1. Does any good news ever emerge from the Ukraine?

    Perhaps the Europeans ought go drive in their Panzers again.

  2. The ‘New Right’ writers, bloggers and commenters seem divided down the middle on opinions about Vladimir Putin and the unrest in Ukraine. On this thread alone I count Jack Ryan, Palmetto Patriot, StukaPilot, crusader, Lynda, JohnH, MOB and Afterthought in the pro-Putin camp, and Thrasymachus, Graevling, Mosin Nagant, Hunter Wallace, me, Lew and plekhanov as anti-Putinists.

    To me, these couple of paragraphs from Roman Skaskiw’s article at VDare pretty well sum up the reason for the confusion in our circles:

    “I think many conservatives remain inspired by the Russian President’s embracing Christian identity and declarations of family values. From the comfort of the West, they assume Russia to be a place with Western-style property rights and rule of law—plus a leader championing neglected conservative causes.

    But Russia as a symbol in the West is very different from Russia up close and personal. What these commentators, like Pat Buchanan who authored Is Putin One Of Us?, fail to realize is that, in Russia and its satellites, people have a leader who offers conservative rhetoric in exchange for property rights and rule of law.

    No, Pat. He’s not one of us.”

    As for the Ukrainian situation, I think we have to assert that that country belongs to us; i.e. Europe, the West, the white man, and not to some Islamified Eurasian Union of Putin’s dreams. And that it is worth fighting for, and that those demonstrators in Euromaidan Square — particularly the Svoboda/Right Sector faction — are fighting our fight.

    To put Ukraine (and Russia) into a larger, pro-white geopolitical perspective, permit me to follow up with a recycled old comment.

  3. What we need is a new, post-Cold War definition of “The West” that includes all of Europe and the European diaspora. “The West” is a highly useful shorthand term, a codeword even, meaning White Christian civilization worldwide, and “Westerners” are White Christians wherever they might live. “The West” should definitely *not* be forgotten.

    The core of the West is Europe, 40 nations excluding 5 microstates and Turkey (of course), and the rest of the West includes all other nations with White European majorities: Russia, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay. However, the latter two, even though by most accounts both have large White majorities, are probably better classified as Latin American rather than Western nations, with Latin America being a European/African/Amerindian hybrid civilization, as opposed to the purely European character of the West. So the West includes 45 nations.

    Though the West is undoubtedly a Christian civilization, “Christian” in this sense doesn’t just mean practising or believing Christians, but as an exclusionary term which doesn’t include Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or any other non-European religions. Even though Christianity is central to the West’s identity today, the West as a unique civilization predates Constantine’s imposition of Christianity on the Roman Empire by more than 800 years, dating back to the Greco-Persian wars of the early 5th Century BC.

    The ultimate Greek victory in those wars preserved the political independence of Greece, and first established the civilizational division between the West (Europe) and the East (Asia). An ideological divide between West and East (the rudimentary democracy of Greece vs the despotism of Persia) has also more-or-less persisted to the present day as well.

    But it’s the racial, religious and linguistic unity and distinctiveness of Europe and the West that has primarily differentiated it from the rest. Europeans are Caucasians, generally with light-coloured skin, eyes and hair, aka White people, as opposed to their darker neighbours. Europeans are Christians, as opposed to their mainly Muslim neighbours. And Europeans are mostly speakers of Indo-European languages, as opposed to their mainly Turkic and Semitic neighbours.

    The survival of Western civilization going forward is dependent on two main imperatives: Preservation and unity. To preserve the West, first and foremost, Third World immigration must be ended completely and permanently. Non-Whites and non-Christians living in the West should be encouraged to leave, or at the very least made to understand their subordinate status in our White Christian civilization. The racial and religious nature of our society must be preserved at all cost.

    The unity of the West must be achieved as well, lest our constituent parts be swallowed by rival civilizations: Europe by the Muslim Middle East and North Africa, Russia by Muslim Central Asia, North America by Mestizo/Mullato Latin America, and Australasia by Muslim/Buddhist Southeast Asia.

    By my count there are 4 major, and primarily Western, transnational organizations that can be used to further the project of Western unity: the OECD, NATO, the EU and the G8. The OECD is the West’s economic arm, with 28 of its 34 nations being Western. Russia, the last major White nation not yet a member, is negotiating to join the OECD, and eventually all 45 Western nations should join.

    NATO is the West’s military arm, with 27 out of its 28 members being Western (the exception being Turkey). NATO should continue to expand eastward and eventually include Russia. The inclusion of Russia will shift NATO’s centre of gravity from the North Atlantic to the European continent, and weaken American dominance of the alliance, both good things IMO. A future expanded NATO, synonymous with the Greater West, will use the militaristic flank states (the US and Russia) to defend the European core and project European power around the world in the interests of White people everywhere.

    The EU is the only one of these 4 organizations that is exclusively Western, all 27 of its members have overwhelming White Christian majorities. The EU should continue to expand eastward to the borders of Russia and Turkey, but no further, eventually including all 40 European nations. Needless to say, the Turkish application for membership should be rejected out of hand. A powerful and united EU is needed to succeed American leadership of the West, and the euro should replace the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. Leadership within the EU should naturally fall to Germany and its Northern European neighbours.

    The G8 is the West’s equivalent of a board of directors, including the 7 major White Christian nations plus Japan (honourary Whites). No further expansion is needed. The G8 is notable for the nations it *doesn’t* include, namely China and India, nor any country from Latin America, Africa or the Muslim world.

    Three of these four organizations include non-Western nations, but they can still advance White interests implicitly while using the non-White nations as “beards” to disguise their true intentions. In short, I envision a German-dominated Europe within a Europe-dominated West within a Western-dominated world. But all this will be for nought if Third World immigration to the West isn’t stopped once and for all. Job number one is preserving the unique racial, religious and cultural character of the West.

  4. Bringing Ukraine [into the EU] as a labour source might counteract the black wave of migration…but why do I doubt it?

    It would accelerate the darkening of Ukraine, flood the nation with the West’s cultural filth and bring their natural resources under the control of Jewish, European and American kleptocrats.

  5. Ukraine is never going to be a destination. However migrant Ukrainians would mean less Pakis and less Africans…

  6. I’m not so much concerned about the darkening of Ukraine as you put it. The darkening of France and the UK is a direct result of not having Poles and Belorussians and Ukrainians migrate to the west, as they have always done so through history. On balance it would be good to have both Ukraine and Russia allied to the European peninsular instead of in opposition.

    The US USSR rivalry completely fucked up the white population worldwide. The USSR and US for example ensured the demise of the Afrikaner and the rise of the US nigger. It ensured that France became Arabized instead of Polonized. Stuff like that.

  7. Graevling, thanks for your analysis of ‘Christianity’ in Russia and the West. My interest however is in independent ethnic Christianities that are NOT controlled or influenced by the elites, states and Vatican. Old Believers and perhaps some Baptists (a catch-all term in Russia) come to mind as possible sources of revival. A revival of ethnic Paganism would only accelerate the barbarisation of Russia and the West, in my understanding — and Lynda’s desired replacement of ‘the Eastern heresy’ with Romanism (return to the Tower of Babel) would be the WORST possible outcome for Russia. The United States has been ‘consecrated’ too, and becomes more ‘Latin’ every day. Finally, I accept there probably are no large conservative nationalist movements in post-Soviet countries that are not controlled by the elites, etc., since even here in AmeriKa, conservative movements and groups are infiltrated and influenced, funded, and even headed by some of the same enemies.

  8. jeppo said on February 22, 2014 at 1:38 pm: “… and plekhanov as anti-Putinists”.

    To make it clear: I am not an anti-Putinist, strictly speaking. Putin is better than many alternatives. Excuse me, not better that Yeltzin, BTW… Yeltzin was a great man who freed Russia from the Communist regime’s yoke. Yeltzin brought and stood behind the freedom of press and speech. Putin’s regime is a machine for sharing the Russia’s resources among the selected few, mostly between about 2000 “important families”. I doubt that most of those important families are ethnic Russian. The justice system is worse than useless and is mostly directed against a “simple Russian man”.

    Still, paradoxically, I am well-disposed to Putin, not seeing a better example in the leadership of other major Euro-American countries.

    I am neither anti- or pro- here but I hate to see the truth so shamelessly distorted by some, so much propaganda taking root in people’s mind. The knowledge and recognition of the truth are essential for a decent and concerned individual.

  9. Graevling, regarding your mention of Shinto: We stop short of worshipping men (and women) but REVERENCE for ancestors and living elders is absolutely essential for our national, racial and ethnic preservation, and the ‘cult of youth’ and various forms of individualism promoted by our enemies are extremely destructive.

  10. jeppo says:
    February 22, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    “On this thread alone I count Jack Ryan, Palmetto Patriot, StukaPilot, crusader, Lynda, JohnH, MOB and Afterthought in the pro-Putin camp”

    I find it amusing Putin gives the Western elites so much trouble, however I see the Putin vs West struggle, as the same old left vs right shenanigans, that have been distracting Whites for centuries.

    Until a leader comes out and declares his country a reserve for the preservation of Whites, I will remain uninspired.

  11. Mosin Nagant says:
    February 22, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    “A revival of ethnic Paganism would only accelerate the barbarisation of Russia and the West, in my understanding — and Lynda’s desired replacement of ‘the Eastern heresy’ with Romanism (return to the Tower of Babel) would be the WORST possible outcome for Russia.”

    Graevling answers:

    As I have said, I do not see that any true revival of Western paganism is possible nowadays. The living threads of such Traditions were cut long ago. East Asian nations are definitely not Christian, yet I presume it is far-fetched to call them barbaric.

    A discerning man can see the modern fetishization of Middle East – it is paraded as the cradle of all human civilization and birthplace of city culture, to the point when archeologists have to falsify the age of non-Middle Eastern dig sites (like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro) so that they are falsely perceived younger than Sumer, for example. The dig site of Arkaim in South Ural region (discovered in 1987) with phenomenal ancient planned city is not a popular topic among historians either.

    And the topic of ancestors is very important, because sometimes in the course of history the racial base of a nation is changed, paving way for impostor nations. The most popular example is Ancient Greeks, a conglomerate of Nordic Indo-European noble peoples, and Modern Greeks, mostly baptized mongrels of Albanian stock who really believe themselves to be direct heirs to Ancient Greeks. Relation of Ancient Romans to modern Italians is also an interesting case. In modern Russia the level of mongrelization which was purposefully forced by Bolsheviks on Slavic peoples is truly astounding. Great swaths of backward Finno-Ugric peoples (Mordva, Mari, Udmurt) were “assigned” Russian nationality in official documents in the early decades of Bolshevik rule.

    The purest Russians are of Northwestern stock, really a Germanic people speaking Slavic language. Also, most linguists classify Russian as East Slavic language along with Belarussian and Ukrainian, although it is correct only from geographical point of view. Russian language developed from Old Church Slavonic which in turn was created on the basis of Old Bulgarian, an essentially South Slavic language. The vocabulary of modern Russian is still much closer to modern Serbian and Bulgarian than to Ukrainian.

  12. In light of Graevling’s comments, please revisit Yuri Bezmenov’s masterful lectures on subversion and psychological warfare. Understanding of Bezmenov’s political analysis of Marxist Leninism from this perspective should be mandatory for all White nations – all of which completely jewed. This is a funadamentally a White Russian or Varingian analysis.
    Yuri Bezmenov on subversion and psychological warfare

  13. Thank you plekhanov, for your inspiring words. I spent some great times, among the most peaceful in my life, in the coal country of Pennsylvania where my irish people built a beautiful community with their middle and eastern european brothers – poles, russians, etc. I still miss it.

    And for you and JR and others, here’s my all-time favorite Olympic moment:

    At the 2000 Sydney games Svetlana Khorkina lost a dream when another team moved the vault five inches. Svetlana was the favorite for the all around gold medal, but fell on her first try on this rigged playing field. That didn’t stop her from picking herself up and nailing the second run. She recovered then but went on to fall during the parallel bars, after which she no longer had a chance for the gold she’d sacrificed so much of her youth for, even when the judges finally ‘realized’ the vault had been lowered and offered her a second chance. By then it was too late.

    I trained with some world class and even olympic athletes in a thankless sport for years in my youth, and could not believe how gracefully and with what fortitude Svetlana carried herself through the ordeal. She wound up forfeiting her chance to compete in one of the apparatuses so that her teammate could possibly medal in it.

    Tough, hardy stock is what the Russians are made of. For many Americans, the 1980 win against your hockey team will always be one of our proudest. I remember my mother’s (her father and brother were olympic athletes) thrill (I was just a kid) that night at what an incredible honor it was to say we could beat the almighty Russians!

  14. Mosin, if you would actually study the Bolshevik Revolution [the Party Apex was wall to wall Jews] then you would see the White Russian genocide and the population replacement polices that Graevling is talking about. The Russian Orthodox clergy in Russia was murdered. The Roman Catholic clergy in Russia was murdered – such as Fr Pranitis who translated The Talmud. The denominational Christian congregations were murdered or carted off to gulags.

    It was the Vendee all over again.

    In the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia, the Party extinguished the succession in the lineages of the bishops going back to Apostolic times and replaced it with an NKVD / KGB succession. The Ostpolitik with the West saw the Vatican – Moscow agreement whereby the Vatican II Council would not re-iterate the Church’s teaching on Communism (“no collaboration”) in exchange for KGB agents in Russian Orthodox vestments as ‘observers’ of the proceedings.

    Ostpolitik still holds today. Communism is just another Judaic ideology and revolutionary front and the Vatican II Council approves of all things Judaic.

    The time is coming when the EU soviet will form up and it may have to form through crisis and invasion which is the basic script for subverted and jewed nations that are to be banged into soviets. I expect this will be with the end of Ostpolitik when the Vatican – Moscow agreement is rescinded – the pope will visit the Patriarch of Moscow for the ecumenical kissy-kissy. Then all the masks will come off. And I would say all hell will break loose.

    This because Jewish owners of Western nations want a police state and totalitarian control grid over the proletariat.

    Bolshevism was just another Judaic front. Today Globalism is the convergence of the banking monopoly capitalism of the Western ZOGs and the Marxist Leninist supercession of state monopoly socialism (the former Soviet). Both are superceded and merged as Globalism which is true Marxist Leninism and Communism – by definition global.

    As far as I am concerned the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are in eclipse. And both preserved many pagan traditions of pietas that continued in baptised nations both east and west. The pagan gods / goddesses associated with them may have been repressed, but the folk ways continued and were given Christian meanings. In England, for example, the Yule log of the oak is always burned at Christmas tide just as it always was for the winter Calends. But the law of the Church from the time of Sts Augustine, Columba and Venerable Bede forbids an Oak King to be sacrificed in the peat bog. And the wild hunt of the new crowned Holly King does not ride throughout a Christian land on the day outside the year exacting vengeances. But the evergreens symbolizing immortal life are brought in and hung and the wassail is prepared for aulde lange syne. All these customs are of pagan origin and enjoyed by the Christians of the old countrie.

  15. “He should arrange a marriage for his unwed daughter (Yekaterina) to a Romanov prince, and make it a reality for his grandkids.”

    Crusader, while that idea is bizarre, it does point out the fact that the “Third Rome” is not yet done, no matter what the pundits may say. It also points out the truth of Genetic Nobility as a ‘given’:

    – which is in complete antithesis to the American Ideology (please explain that one!)
    – the fallacy of equality, on a genetic level, no matter what you do (which merely corroborates the Calvinist/Biblical position on Predestination)

    Westie’s comments hit the nail on the latke. Bravo.
    “The Western governments call (is) for more freedom for the anti-Christian Russians, while denying it for holocaust revisionists in their midst.”

    ”So fly the Russian Tri color flag, work in some czarist symbols.” – Jack Ryan

    Jack, jack, jack…. even after Graevling pointed out the factuality of it all in Russia (and noted the linguistic difference between a White Russian, and a merely Statist Roosiyan) you still don’t get it? You can’t ‘work in some czarist symbols’ even as you cannot call a corrupt government that still has not repented of her past, a valid government. But that is why the suggestion of marrying Putin’s line into the Romanov’s line is not only impossible, it is frankly blasphemous.

    At least Lynda has got a handle on this one. “You are saying, Graevling, if I understand you correctly that in Russia only the window dressing has changed. The apex of The Party (Crown Jews) own the state.”

  16. “Christianity (and to a lesser extent Islam) has quite a few embedded flaws which over generations influence much the mentality of Christian and post-Christian peoples which allows Jews more levers to exploit them. First it is the notion that any evildoer can be redeemed and forgiven, which allows degenerates and criminals of all kinds to fake renouncing his past misdeeds in order to ward off the just punishment and win some time to recover before returning to his depredations en force. Second, is the ingrained belief in the existence somewhere of just and holy Jews and the perennial quest for these. Since the Bible elevates this Middle Eastern tribe of desert raiders and nomads to a holy status of first-chosen by their tribal god (which comes as no surprise, because he is really THEIR god, as in any other tribal religion), thus influencing the mode in which non-Jewish Christians and post-Christians regard the Jews, even against their better judgement.”

    – Graevling

    My analysis: this is why I have been at pains to note that, as far as the ‘Jews’ are concerned, they are not, and have not been a ‘people of God’ since (if one is being honest) about 150 years BEFORE Christ’s Incarnation. And why Whites, in converting to Christianity, were merely ‘returning home’ to their ancestral faith. Which is why Graevling (while a great analyzer of the Russian situation for Westerners) still is ‘held captive’ by the Jewish-dominanted memes and lies of historical continuity that they have used since before Calvary, to give themselves a spurious legitimacy- an ‘evolutionary strategy’ as Dr. Kevin MacDonald has called it, to both: a) allow them entree into every civilization they come in contact with, and b) exempt them from criticism, honest analysis, and retribution by the host nation, for their clear crimes.

    My stance is, and has always been clear.

    Jews are not who they say they are- they are liars: racial, religious, ethnic, historical, cultural. Christ confirmed that, as did St. John [John 8:44, Rev. 2:9] and He (Jesus) was crucified for it, and John imprisoned on Patmos, because even the Roman Emperors knew what this corrupt and vile race was; and they, too were circumspect about Christians, ‘for fear of the Jews.’ [ John 7:13]

    White men comprise (as Jeppo noted) what historically has been thought of as the ‘New Israel’ – i.e., Christendom. The fact that Christendom has historically been confined to the Ecumene, does mean that Belloc’s tautology “Europe is the Faith, the Faith, Europe” is both true and self-limiting. Only Europeans can be Christians, and Christianity (as the religion of the people, by the people, and for the people) can only apply to White Caucasians of the “Ecumene.”

    Thus, both Graevling (as a Russian Federation citizen) and most Americans (as either Egalitarian Prots, or Papist filioquist Romanists) are wrong- on the Jews, on Christianity (it truly is, and always has been, ‘The White Man’s religion’), and on their mutual incompatibility with one another.

    Jeppo came closest to nailing down this ideological/racial/religious ‘Jell-o’ of modern era, when he noted:

    “it’s the racial, religious and linguistic unity and distinctiveness of Europe and the West that has primarily differentiated it from the rest. Europeans are Caucasians, generally with light-coloured skin, eyes and hair, aka White people, as opposed to their darker neighbours. Europeans are Christians, as opposed to their mainly Muslim neighbours. And Europeans are mostly speakers of Indo-European languages, as opposed to their mainly Turkic and Semitic neighbours.”

    You have to start from the premise that the Europe of the first millennium [Orthodox in religion, Indo-European linguistically, Monarchic in polity (and hereditary/racially defined as well) Caucasoid by race, and geographically defined by the Bosporus and the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar)] is ‘It’.

    Nothing/no one else (of any other race) can be admitted, nothing else (ideologically/philosophically) is permitted, nothing else (covenantally/statecraft wise) can be committed to.

    Otherwise, y’all are just spinning your wheels.

  17. Lynda wrote: ‘Mosin, if you would actually study the Bolshevik Revolution [the Party Apex was wall to wall Jews] then you would see the White Russian genocide and the population replacement polices that Graevling is talking about. The Russian Orthodox clergy in Russia was murdered’.

    I’ve been very familiar with that history for many years. I have understood and I did not disagree with Graevling on any of that. I only did not agree that something ‘like Shinto’ might be better than Christianity for preserving the Russians.

    ‘As far as I am concerned the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church are in eclipse. And both preserved many pagan traditions’

    Lynda, I am very pleasantly surprised that you admit paganism is preserved in Romanism and that Romanism is ‘in eclipse’ — and that you DIDN’T put Orthodox in quotation marks (as in: ‘Russian “orthodox” church’) as I thought ‘Traditionals’ were always careful to do!

    When I refer to ‘ethnic’ Christianity I do not mean ‘mixed with ethnic paganism’, but orthodox ethnic congregations separate from ‘Christian’ universalism.

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