Crimea Parliament Seized


Here in the United States, the sum of our imagination is “Taking Back America” by voting for worthless Republicans like Marco Rubio. I’m still not sure what is going on in Ukraine, but politics over there sounds a lot more interesting:

“Armed men have seized the government buildings in the capital of the Ukraine’s Crimea region and hoisted a Russian flag over a barricade.

The men occupying the parliament building in the regional capital, Simferopol, early on Thursday did not come out to voice any demands. They wore black and orange ribbons, a Russian symbol of the victory in World War II. The men also put up a sign saying “Crimea is Russia.”

They threw a flash grenade in response to a journalist’s questions. Phone calls to region’s legislature rang unanswered, and its website was down. …”

 Note: Wouldn’t it be great if BRA’s flag came tumbling down in Alabama and men put a sign that said “Alabama is Dixie”?

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  1. Elsewhere, government buildings are taken over by patriots. Here patriots cannot even visit government buildings on tours. Elsewhere, statues are freely toppled and destroyed. Here, merely hanging a noose on a statue in Mississippi is a crime investigated by the FBI.

  2. It’s funny the “Caddel” person (however you say it, whatever his home country really is) doesn’t see himself as part of the “political class” he says is despised. (Should constitutional republics or democracies either (what children are told they live in) really have “political classes,” anyway? Why don’t the people around the fox table assume that “political class” means them.

  3. Hunter, you are correct that the late stages will look more like the Ukraine; no voting involved.

    To get an actual partition of the United States, civil disobedience and shutting down the economy with strikes etc will have to happen. All of the votes are non-binding anyway.

    When the Nasdaq plunges 50% because the United States is simply shut down, then the people at the top in the South will make a move. They never will as long as the folks below them are thought to be content with the USA.

    The phase we are in is one of spreading a vision of a post partition world, and letting people invest emotionally in that vision. As long as Joe Sixpack tears up at the National Anthem and cheers for the USA hockey team, they won’t accept partition, even though they would be the primary beneficiaries.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if BRA’s flag came tumbling down in Alabama and men put a sign that said “Alabama is Dixie”

    Long live Dixie!

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if BRA’s flag came tumbling down in Alabama and men put a sign that said “Alabama is Dixie”?

    Yes that would be great. But I am deeply concerned that the door will open and we will not be prepared to walk through it. Because things like that do not happen without preparation.

  6. Jmf… on a level, maybe the door is always already open. Didn’t Jesus say that all the time?— “just take up your mat and walk?” Why couldn’t everybody just walk through it right now?

  7. I’m sure the Russians might be willing to train and finance protestors after what the empire did in Ukraine. It could happen, especially if they open up major military operations in Cuba, giving protesters some psychological cover against attack.

  8. DixieGirl:

    I think Robert E. Lee, for example, would say it isn’t that easy to create a free nation.

    Sometimes I read this blog and it’s depressing. It’s like the SNs don’t want to organize, don’t want to plan, don’t need a strategy. It’s like they’re not serious, just want to talk about it.

  9. The main difference I suppose, is that the average white is still scraping by.

    In Ukraine there isn’t much economic hope…except migration to Germany or France or the UK.

    I don’t see why an influx of Ukrainians and Russians into Western Europe would be a problem for either peoples. The problem the Russians foresee in Ukraine is that the Ukrainians will chase them out without compensation.

    I’m not sure I understand the conflict as far as the ordinary man POV on the ground.

    The protestors are putschists and the Russians in Ukraine are probably having nightmares.

    The crisis needs arbitration at this point so that cooler heads can prevail.

  10. Captain: let me give you a bit of additional background.

    During the 1930s, Stalin’s “collectivization of the kulaks” (a “kulak” was any “wealthy capitalist farmer” who owned a few hectares of land and a chicken or two) killed between twenty and thirty million White Christian folk.

    Stalin brought in millions of Russian colonists, and gave especially choice properties to his henchmen as “dachas,” or vacation homes.

    Since then Russians have not been especially well loved in Ukraine. I can’t imagine why, can you?

    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia is failing to take the hint and bring home all their colonists who invaded foreign soil under Stalin. There are tens of millions of ethnic Russians in the Baltic States, in Ukraine, in Georgia, universally hated by their neighbors, because for decades any slight could result in a visit from the KGB at 3am, shortly followed by an unmarked roadside grave. They still behave, for the most part, as though they could call up the KGB office in town and have their neighbors executed for failing to smile enthusiastically enough as they bowed and scraped and tugged the forelock to their betters.

    And now circumstances have allowed Putin to begin his great project of recreating the Soviet Empire by force, now that we have an illegal alien in the White House, and Putin has taken his measure as a fool and a weakling, and has much oil and gas money flowing into his coffers from an intimidated and decadent Western Europe, there is no one to stop him from bringing back the old glory days of Gulags, mass graves, and “exporting the Revolution.”

    The fact that we have a legally binding treaty with Ukraine, in which Bill Clinton, in 1994, promised that American troops and American nuclear weapons would protect Ukraine from any future Russian invasion, in exchange for the Ukrainians giving up their arsenal of Soviet-era nuclear weapons, is irrelevant to the current occupant of the White House, which will presumably have to be fumigated when he leaves. Blame the Ukrainians for believing his promise. Since the fall of Saigon, anyone who believes American promises of assistance is a damned fool. We’re doing about as good a job as protecting them as we did for the South Vietnamese, the Iranians, the Nicaraguans…

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