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Renee and I were interviewed in Montgomery this afternoon for an HBO documentary about Alabama’s immigration law, HB 56.

I spent an hour talking with the host about how federal judges and left-leaning special interest groups had gutted the law. I also said on camera that secession was the only way we would ever be allowed to govern ourselves again. There’s no reason to maintain the fiction of a state government that doesn’t have any real power. As Robert Barnwell Rhett once said, “It is a mere County, or District of a single consolidated despotism.”

Imagine my surprise when I get home and discover that another federal judge in Texas appointed by the same consolidated despotism had struck down that state’s gay marriage law while I was talking about that very issue – the non-existence of “self-government” in the US – just an hour before.

Note: The documentary is supposed to air in late April or early May.

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  1. I recommend not writing off the media. Try to do live, unedited media, practice your communication skills. david Duke is a good model.

  2. Applause!

    Here is a timeline I have been toying with
    2014: white voters repudiate Obama and the Ds by 70% to 30% in the mid terms, this translates into GOP taking the Senate.
    2015: Pols do what they always do which is look forward to the next election, in this case, the Pubs try to repeal Obamacare 100 times, and O vetoes
    2016: full election mode with GOP choosing which pol will be their sacrificial lamb to the anti-white coalition;
    I am not predicting what will happen in November, just that smart operators try to set it up so that they win either way.

    If Hillary wins: secession.
    If GOP candidate X wins: partition.

  3. I envy your ability to be open…but I wonder at the hatchet job it will be and how stupid they will manage to make you look.

  4. Duke’s stint in jail makes him a bad example as far as personal relations goes. Even ultraleftists who do time have a negative image in the media.

    While secession is a good idea, I don’t see how it is possible without war in which a foreign nation defeats the US military and cripples our police state government via force. A few dozen instances of Divine intervention wouldn’t hurt either.

  5. There is no peaceful reform without secession.

    The enemy controls the federal courts which makes reform at the state level at most temporary.
    The enemy controls the presidency.
    The enemy controls the mainstream media.
    Considering the impotence of the Republicans in Congress the enemy controls Congress. At most the Republicans in Congress will fight a rear guard action when they don’t actively support the other side.
    The hurdles of passing amendments to the US Constitution are so high as to make this choice nothing but a pipe dream.

    The choice is secession or violent revolution. Anything else is a delusion and distraction that wastes time and resources. Secession could very well result in violence but not necessarily.

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