Live Thread: Ukraine Crisis


Here are my thoughts on the Ukraine crisis:

1.) None of our business – The geopolitical showdown in Ukraine between the US/NATO and Russia is none of our business, but the usual neocon warmongers like John McCain, as in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, were reliably on the ground, meddling in the situation, and inciting the Ukrainians to overthrow to overthrow the democratically elected pro-Russian Yanukovych government.

2.) US/NATO Policy – In 2005, Western favorite Victor Yushchenko was installed as President of Ukraine following the 2004 Orange Revolution, which was backed by the US State Department, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, Freedom House, USAID, and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. In 2010, the pro-Western Yuschenko was succeeded by his 2004 rival, pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych, who was overthrown last month in the Maidan protests.

In other words, the US has been trying for years now to aggressively expand NATO and the European Union up to the borders of Russia. The smokescreen of “democracy” has been invoked to install pro-Western lackeys in power in states like Ukraine and Georgia, but the US was happy to support the violent overthrow of “democracy” when it produced the Yanukovych regime which tilted toward Russia.

3.) Global RISK  – Russia has responded to the fall of the Yanukovych government in Ukraine in exactly the same way that the Kennedy administration responded to the pro-Soviet Castro regime in Cuba.

During the Cold War, the US tried and failed to overthrow the Cuban government, but succeeded in overthrowing the governments of Guatemala in 1954 and Grenada in 1983. Among other places, the US meddled in Suriname, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to protect its interests from Soviet encroachment.

The important point here is that the US acts in the same way as Russia to preserve its hegemony in what it considers its own backyard.

4.) Vital Interests – Insofar as Southern Nationalists have any vital interest at stake in this conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it is staying out of it and hoping that the US Empire is undermined closer to home as a result of it.

5.) Ukraine and Russia – Ukraine and Russia should be left alone to sort out their own problems in their own part of the world – the Ukrainians have legitimate nationalist aspirations and economic grievances, and Russians have legitimate reasons to be concerned about US and EU intrigue on their border.

6.) The GOP – In their eagerness to condemn Obama’s “weak foreign policy,” the Republicans have only shown they are more unfit to govern than the Democrats. If John McCain were president, World War III would be underway by now.

7.) Vladimir Putin – Vladimir Putin has been romanticized by White Nationalists and is not the figure that some people have made him out to be. I’ve enjoyed his rhetorical swipes at Western degeneracy as much as anyone else, but I am always left wondering whether this is a sincere conviction or just more KGB geopolitical posturing.

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  1. “fiefdoms to Jewish oligarchs in Eastern Ukraine”

    Exactly, Graevling (March 4, 014 @4:14 am).

    There is the cover-story and then there is the real story. Jewish Nazis formed entire special units of the SS. And some of those were detailed to the Ukraine where they remained under the Soviet. Jews always controlled The Party both internationally and in the Soviet bloc nations. They certainly controlled Ukraine. Looks like they continue their work under the cover story of ‘Ukrainian’ nationalism. The real Ukrainian nationalists have exactly the same problem as the nationalists of European nations – Jew occupied governments.

  2. Fatalities in Northern Ireland from the conflict are estimated at 3,000.

    In Detroit that body count is reached in approx 6 years. Ulster required 30 years to have that many killings. I’m pretty sure Northern Ireland had a very low crime rate because paramilitary forces enforced strict discipline among the yoots. Car theft, burglary, assault, practically unheard off outside the sectarian war.

    Now, Ireland is a nigger hellhole. They are having a citizenship ceremony, where bucks of all sorts promise to sponge off the state and rape white women.

  3. And while we are on the subject of the Tribe’s new investment portfolio in Ukraine,
    click over to Irish Savant who has just posted the Who’s Jew of the new ‘Ukrainian’ nationalist government. Looks like the fiefs are pretty well sewn up by Yatz and team Jew. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Nudelman entity doesn’t get to be the new US ambassador over there.
    Tuesday March 4, 2014

    Jew John Kohn (better known as Kerry) now on the ground in Kiev passing out goodies from Obama’s goodie bag and doing his ‘Roman Catholic’ schtik at Maidan Sq. (Pass the vomit bag).

    The last people who are going to benefit from the new Jew gov’t in Ukraine are the Ukranians of non Jewish ethnic origin.

  4. Lynda says:

    ‘Looks like the fiefs are pretty well sewn up by Yatz and team Jew.’

    I had lunch with a group of like minded jew aware friends this afternoon.

    Even we are amazed at the stealth and cunning of world wide team yid.

    Like a feeding frenzy of sharks in a school of unsuspecting (goy) fish.

  5. We might as well have given the Russians a Billion Dollars, because the Ukrainians will spend it on Russian Oil & Gas anyway.

  6. Hilliary Clinton just compared Putin to Hitler. God help us if that fool ever becomes president, which seems likely at this point. The next 10 years could be a very dangerous time globally.

  7. Re: ‘It is open secret that the leader of Svoboda party Oleg Tyagnibok is himself halakhic Jew – Frotman. He may use whatever anti-Semitic rhetoric, words do not matter. The actual deeds do matter’:

    Not words but deeds matter…and ultimately, genes will out.

  8. Jews in Ukraine and Russia must be cowering in fear at the thought of Vladimir (Hitler) Putin.

    Peres and Putin to Open World’s Largest Jewish Museum

    By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu 11/4/2012,

    Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar also has invited former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to visit the Tolerance Center.

    “Jews feel confident and comfortable in today’s Russia. I am happy that it has become possible largely due to the political process which I began,” Gorbachev was quoted by the press service for the Federation of Jewish Communities during a meeting with Lazar. (snip)

    The Russian Jewish Museum of Tolerance is designed to bring together different cultural traditions through the prism of Jewish culture, to develop ideas of tolerance and harmony.

    The center includes state-of-the art technology to teach the Creation, the Giving of the Ten Commandments on Har Sinai, the Holy Temples, life in the Diaspora and Jewish suffering throughout the generations.

    It will be the biggest Jewish museum in the world, with an area of 17,000 square meters, while the area of exposition dedicated to history of Jewish people is 4,500 square meter.

    It will house several museum expositions, a library, a scientific center, conference halls and exhibition galleries. The ground floor of the two-story educational and exhibition complex will be located underground.

    Boroda has said that the reawakening of Jewish life in the region has crowded Moscow’s five synagogues, and that more will be established, along with Jewish schools.

    The Moscow museum is in addition to the new and large cultural center and Holocaust museum opened recently in the Ukraine.

  9. Beautiful post!

    Point #4 is the best. Anything that hurts the federal behemoth is good for God’s people!

  10. Is it me or are wars becoming more frequent and potentially even a bit bloodier since the Fembots have marched into the State Department? Women were supposed to wield soft power. To my mind it’s been a bloody stupid war time after time since Rice and Clinton got into office. Sam Powers is another lawyercunt with too much power.

  11. Meet ‘Goblin’, Putin’s newly-installed henchman in Crimea:

    SIMFEROPOL, UKRAINE—Strip away the propaganda from the chaos in Crimea, and this much is certain: last Thursday morning a political farce played out here in the regional capital.

    It started with anonymous gunmen storming parliament house in a bloodless pre-dawn raid. By sunrise, the Russian flag was flying high above an occupied government house.

    Lawmakers were summoned, stripped of their cellphones as they entered the chamber. The Crimean media was banished. Then, behind closed doors, Crimea’s government was dismissed and a new one formed, with Sergey Aksyonov, head of the Russian Unity party, installed as Crimea’s new premier.

    If it was a crime, it was just the beginning. Aksyonov’s ascent to power at the point of a gun presaged all that has happened since — the announcement of a referendum on Crimean independence and the slow, methodical fanning out of Russian forces throughout the peninsula, ostensibly to protect Russians here from a threat no one can seem to find.

    But here’s the most interesting bit: Aksyonov’s sudden rise as Moscow’s crucial point man in Crimea has revived simmering allegations of an underworld past going back to the lawless 1990s, when Aksyonov is said to have gone by the street name “Goblin,” a lieutenant in the Crimean crime syndicate Salem.

    I’ve got to admit, ‘Goblin’ is a pretty awesome nom de crime. I can’t find any information about Aksyonov’s ethnicity or religion, but there was a famous Russian-Jewish writer with the same last name, Vasily Aksyonov. It would make a lot of sense for Putin to install a Jew as puppet ruler of Crimea; he claims that the people of that region need protection from the “neo-Nazis and anti-Semites” (Putin’s words) now ruling in Kiev.

    This story keeps getting more bizarre. It’s American equivalent would be Obama accusing the Canadian government of being Jew-haters, then invading Nova Scotia and installing a local version of Meyer Lansky as leader there. Oy vey.

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