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Food for thought: because of the crippling legacy of racism, slavery, and segregation, a recent study found that Wisconsin is the worst state in the country for black children, followed by Mississippi, which is followed by Michigan.

“A new report on child well-being, measured by state and race, has turned an unflattering spotlight on some places not used to being at the bottom of such lists, including Wisconsin, with a worst-in-the-nation ranking for its black children, and South Dakota, with abysmal results for its American Indian youth.

The report, released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, detailed nationwide racial disparities that put Asian and white children in a far more advantageous position than black, Latino and American Indian children. For some advocates for children, the state-specific results were stinging.

“Wisconsin is a state that claims to value opportunity and community and fairness,” said Ken Taylor, executive director of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. “That we are the worst in the nation when it comes to the well-being of our African-American children is unacceptable.” …”

Note: I know that some of you may object that Wisconsin was never a slave state or even a Jim Crow state, but “structural racism” works in mysterious ways.

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  1. Milwaukee is very segregated. There are white areas, black areas and hispanic areas. The black areas are as one would suspect dangerous and devoid of enterprise. I remember seeing one negro head down walking down the street in a skeleton hoodie. Thankfully I was moments away from the on ramp.

    Perhaps the index of segregation plays a role in the calculations?

  2. “detailed nationwide racial disparities”

    What disparities would those be? Actual *details* are never given, only assumed by virtue of statistics.

  3. The assumptions that go into these reports are the problem.

    Indeed, the assumptions are the message.

  4. Does the report go into:
    * Median black IQ as opposed to white?
    * Black rates of illegitimacy?
    * Black future time orientation and impulse control?
    * Black cultural attitudes towards education?
    * Black crime commission rates?

    Might also look at the patronizing attitude of white liberals towards blacks…

  5. I am going to assume the biggest part of the responsibility for the condition of Wisconsin blacks belongs to the Wisconsin blacks. Don’t get me wrong, Wisconsin liberals still suck to high heaven.

  6. “Structural” is an empty word that leftists attach to their buzzwords to make them invulnerable to attack. Want to blame racism? You’ll get asked, “Who’s being racist?” But if you attach the word “structural” to “racism,” you get a magical bogeyman for which there need not be any evidence. I wonder if rightists could make use of this strategy. Perhaps we should start pinning things on “structural leftism” in universities and the media.

  7. “Structural racism” = White “racism” responsible = anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  8. It’s nothing but a piece of anti-White propaganda.

    “detailed nationwide racial disparities that put Asian and white children in a far more advantageous position than black, Latino and American Indian children.”

    This just cannot be allowed. After all this is a nation that Whites created and built.

    Once Whites are at the bottom of the pile then racial disparities are in the all is well category.

    This smells jewry to me.

  9. The key racial disparities are:
    Whites, average IQ of 100
    Blacks, ” ” 85
    Hispanics ” ” 88

  10. I read a portion of the study. Essentially, instead of blaming slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation, they suggest that the practice of “red lining” during the 1950s for “FHA” activities and asserting that the “GI Bill” gave white soldiers and their white families a leg up over blacks and Latinos in terms of wealth creation which has been transferred to their families. Of course, their assertions are easily discredited, because if those were such massive injustices, than how does it explain the successes of Asians who did not benefit from those same programs?

  11. Trust me, in some areas of Wisconsin, the climate and lack of civilization would NEVER draw any non-white to live there. Besides, Blacks basically own Milwaukee down the IL border, in many areas. What are they talking about in this article? That ousting the unions, clearly shows that the white don’t want nigger stepinfetchits hired to union spots to make their hegemony complete?

    I bet that’s what this is. Payback for Walker driving the GD Unions out of the state.

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