May Day 2014: (Washington, DC – May 1st)

May Day 2014 is coming on May 1 in Washington, DC
May Day 2014 is coming on May 1 in Washington, DC

District of Corruption

I’m sure that some of you recall the Battle of May Day 2013.

Last year, Matt Heimbach and seven friends associated with the League of the South and the Towson White Student Union confronted the reds during the annual May Day parade in the streets of Washington, DC.

Carrying the Confederate Battle Flag and holding provocative signs that read “Commies are class traitors,” “100+ Million Killed by Communism,” and “Smash Left Wing Scum,” Matt and his fellow League activists wanted to send the message that leftwing communists don’t represent the White working class of the American South. Subsequently, a melee ensued that got national media coverage.

We talked about the Battle of May Day at the 2013 League of the South National Conference where Matt was presented with the Nathan Bedford Forrest award by Dr. Hill for his courageous actions. After the 2013 conference, Matt Heimbach moved to Indiana where he founded the Traditionalist Youth Network while the League of the South embarked on its activist turn in Uvalda & Vidala, GA in August.

As everyone probably remembers, Matt Heimbach and the League of the South had a falling out in October over Matt’s decision to work more closely with several White Nationalist groups like the NSM and Aryan Terror Brigade. Matt was kicked out of the League over that episode, but we remained in touch. In the SPLC ‘s Intelligence Report, I myself was quoted by Keegan Hankes saying, “I still consider Matt a friend.”

Well, all is forgiven … Matt Heimbach is back!

Matt Heimbach, Trad Youth, and the Virginia/Maryland League of the South will be holding a counter-demonstration, as previously planned, at the 2014 May Day Parade in the streets of Washington, DC.

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  1. I don’t care if some Poles move to England. Some of the most beautiful blonde women in the world are Polish I’m more concerned that there are Arabs, Turks, niggers, and pakis moving to Poland and England.

  2. Rudel: I don’t care if some Poles move to England. Some of the most beautiful blonde women in the world are Polish I’m more concerned that there are Arabs, Turks, niggers, and pakis moving to Poland and England.

    I don’t agree with this at all, but I also don’t want to get into an argument about it. I’ll just say that what you’re saying shows a fundamental difference between white nationalism and traditional nationalism. White nationalism is far more universal and less folkish than traditional nationalism.

  3. The poles are deeply offensive in Ireland to the nationalists there, and I sense to people in general. I get the same sense from the british, so I don’t think it’s safe to say that either nationalist movement likes the poles. I suspect the elements of polish going into these countries might be criminal. In NYC and NJ the polish immigrants aren’t really regarded as threatening, and in fact make a very positive contrast to everything else we’re being flooded with. Spike Lee’s recent diatribe about his father’s home in Brooklyn was about a neighborhood that was settled in the 90’s (I think) by poles. It is literally the only white enclave in all of Brooklyn or Manhattan and maybe in the rest of the boroughs (Queens has a section of irish immigrants but I don’t know how big it is). I think Lee was very upset as the poles there are very quiet and reserved, and have made an impressive, sane, clean *white* neighborhood that he obviously resents.

    WN’s in the north of the US don’t have the luxury of declaring themselves one ethnicity among whites, as the north, and northeast especially, has been comprised of different european ethnicities since it’s inception.

    As I’ve written before (and as Dan Poole apparently hears as ‘begging’), anglo or germanic celts aka northwestern europeans have tended since the 40’s at least to form a general ethnic group in many places. In NYC and State there are still irish living in certain areas, but that is voluntary and sort of traditional. In Boston the irish working class inhabits the ‘South Side,’ and cities tend towards ethno-neighborhoods anyway.

    But ‘white’ generally includes any european group in the northeast, except that to WN’s it does not mean jews as they are not europeans. I am unusual in my assertion that white really only refers to anglo celts. Jews and blacks especially, and many hispanics, see us as evil ‘whitey’ but don’t stigmatize and target the other europeans as much. Prior to my awakening to that fact, I would have simply discerned as almost all northeasterners do between ethnic groups. NYC and NJ feature huge numbers of southern italians, while the rest of the northeast doesn’t, and many italians, say, in Connecticut, are northern ones who blend aesthetically and culturally more.

  4. Poles are a bunch of crazy misfits.

    When you look at their ww2 histiography it is almost impossible to tell if they hate the Germans more or the British.

  5. As the Sgt at Arms for ATB, I’m wondering, when did Matt Heimbach ever, and I mean EVER work closely with us.

    He showed up at an IKA White Unity Rally in Sept. 2013, pissed people off and left. He is no friend of ATB, not at all. If young Matt wants to email and explain, he is welcome to.

  6. Pat,

    Why don’t you explain what happened here?

    The SPLC and ADL made a big deal about it last October. No one else on the internet knows anything beyond their account.

  7. We’re going film everything they do, take it back home, and cut up the footage into photo stills and short YouTube videos, which we are going to post on the internet to DEFINE THEIR IMAGE.

    Excellent tactic.

    Also, have a video record of any illegal actions the left takes in counter-demonstrations. Use it to get criminal prosecutions and as an evidence in civil suits for damages, violations of your civil rights, etc. Do you have any lawyers or legal aid people who can take action on the lawfare front? If so, get them into action.

  8. Regarding the extremists versus the moderates…

    The radical left has long understand the value of a united front organization. Their slogan is: il n’y a pas d’ennemi à gauche—”there is no enemy to the left.” Regardless of differences in tactics, if the objectives are close enough one can march together. (After the revolution the backstabbing can begin!)

    There’s an argument that the extremists make the moderates look better by comparison. e.g., back in the 1960s, the Black Panthers made the Martin Luther King wing of the civil rights movement appear as a reasonable alternative (even though King’s political goals were quite extreme). Similarly, the Weathermen made the Vietnam era peace movement look like a non-violent alternative to domestic terrorism. So the system turns to the apparent moderates to keep things under control. And grants it concessions, like implementing the civil rights agenda and a war on poverty.

    We have to consider how that would work today for the various Southern nationalists, white nationalists, radical traditionalists, race realists, alternative rightists, archeofuturists and others who are opposed to the system.

  9. Rudel, ATB is Aryan Terror Brigade, a Neo-Nazi group. IKA is Imperial Klans Of America, a group that combines Nazism, Christian Identity, and KKKism. Ron Edwards, who was the head of this group, was a real fruitcake. He was sent to prison on drug charges back in 2011. This, and other stuff, caused many racial rightist groups to have nothing to do with Edwards or IKA.

  10. Dalton: Rudel, ATB is Aryan Terror Brigade, a Neo-Nazi group. IKA is Imperial Klans Of America, a group that combines Nazism, Christian Identity, and KKKism.

    What do you mean by “neo-Nazi”?

  11. @LLD

    Here’s another. He deleted everything. Glad I saved it all. 🙂

    And here is the leader of the pack:

    Vice leader of the pack:

    And some more goonies:

    Do you think this is what he’s referring to? I’m not sure, someone should ask Heimbach. He missed their second annual White gathering this year. I guess he got his fill of cross and Swastika burnings last year.

  12. Spelunker, you nailed it. This is actually what I was talking about. I hope Matt H. can successfully put a lot of distance between himself and the ATB. However, as HW pointed out on another thread, this stuff will come back to haunt him. The enemies of WN and SN will throw it in his face every chance they get.

  13. “Yes, really. The mainstream of white nationalism supports pan-Europeanism not Nordicism. White nationalism has some relation to earlier racialist movements but that doesn’t mean it is the same as them. For example, white nationalists cheer that Poles are moving to England and “bolstering” the white population.”

    No, you are twisting it into extremes. White Nationalists in the UK prefer to have a Native White British Population but an Eastern European is far better than a black or muslim. UK White Nationalists do not “cheer” them because immigration leads to wages falling and less work being available for the natives. This then leads to the unfortunate situation of Whites vs Whites which is just what our enemies want. It does not help too that those who do come here would vote for political parties that support immigration so unfortunately those that come here are not supportive of the native peoples’ future.

    We would be VERY happy if the non-white population was replaced by Poles and Romanians (not Roma’s).

  14. Join us in the struggle on May 1st, 2014 as we march:
    To Smash Racist Unemployment – 24 million people are out of work or underemployed in the United States as are 200 million in the world. Jobs for all.
    To Stop Mass Deportations – In 2013, over 400,000 people were deported from the United States. Workers have no borders. Obama and the Congress are planning on spending $38 Billion on border security and making criminals of recent undocumented immigrants.
    To End Mass Incarceration- Over 2.3 million people are in jail in the United States. This is the highest incarceration rate in the world. We must end the war on drugs which is being used to incarcerate people of color and deny them jobs.
    To Stop Imperialist War- End the war Afghanistan and stay out of Syria, Iran the Crimea and Venezuela.
    To Smash Sexism – Eliminate inequality.
    Health Care for All – Obamacare is a fraud. Health care is a human right.
    Education for All- End High Stakes Testing, Common Core State Standards, Charter Schools and high tuition in universities. Education should be a public service not a private business enterprise for profit that only benefits the 1%.

  15. Re: Spelunkstein

    1.) First, I saw someone link to the May Day event page on Facebook, which is the first time I have come across it.

    2.) Second, Matt and Shane have already said – this year and last year – why they are counter-protesting the May Day parade on Thursday. It’s because those people don’t represent the White working class.

    3.) Third, I was just posting the above for Liberty Lamp.

  16. Please note here that there was no violence when the League was counter-protested in Murfreesboro and Richmond. There was no violence in Dickson at the Amren conference because police were there to restrain the anti-fa.

    It is the anti-fa who have a reputation for violence, not Matt Heimbach and Trad Youth or the League of the South.

    Here’s Spelunkstein’s friend DLJ of One People’s Project boasting about a recent attack on the White Man March in Centralia, Illinois:

  17. Try to keep a safe distance from these anti-whites. Even though the negro does have a tendency towards violence, I have found the white race traitors that stick up for race-mixing to be extremely violent against peaceful white Southerners. Especially the despicable,deplorable females that commit miscegenation and want to literally displace the white population with the mulatto! If I didn’t know what criminals and drain on our resources these mulatto children grow up to be, I would feel sorry for them, because they really could never understand our white southern culture, so they don’t fit in with whites. But at the same time they know better than hang around the negro because most likely their black side of the family are all in jail or on welfare, or died while committing one of the many violent crimes they engage in. So now you have a person with brown skin that doesn’t fit into society. And who picks up the tab? US HARD WORKING WHITES, THATS WHO!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH, KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THESE VIOLENT ANTI-WHITES!!!! I HAVE BEEN KNOCKED OVER THE HEAD BY THEM BEFORE!!!! DON’T TRUST THEM FOR EVEN A SECOND!!! THEY HATE US AND WANT TO REPLACE US WITH NEGRO “CULTURE”.


    Man up. From my own experience for the most part they come up from behind and deliver a sucker punch or kick and then skip away. Wear gloves, keep an roll of nickels in your first and then hammer them in the head or jaw and then quickly drop the nickels so the cops can’t get you for aggravated assault. They go down quickly enough with a good solid blow to the head and it’s worth a few busted knuckles on your part.

    There are better ways to deal with these scum but you’d be called a lone-wolf vanguardist for advocating anything like that on this site. I’ve always taken it as given that Louis Beam’s theories of Leaderless Resistance included the implicit idea of NOT GETTING CAUGHT rather than lashing out ineffectually in a counter-productive drunken rage.

  19. Rudel- We cannot afford any more incarcerated/dead white folk. We must build a natural organic following. These protest are the first step. I always fly my dixie flag and sometimes go to public places like starbucks with a small flag perched on my ear. You should see the look on the negro at the community college library, when it sees the confederate flag!

  20. Well, it seems the pseudo-Cat’lics have ‘found out’ Mr. Heimbach, and smeared me with the same Novus Ordo brush.

    All you RC’s on this post, care to engage the idiots over at this site?

    http://modestinus (d0t)wordpress(dot)com/2014/04/30/orthodoxy-white-supremacy-catholicism/

  21. Fr John, your link to the article on Heimbach doesn’t work, but this time it should work:

    ‘It’s pretty clear that they are well aware of the (also ironic) white-supremacist elements to be found in the Russian, Serbian, and Romanian Orthodox churches (…) the Orthodox Church lacks a firm magisterial teaching on racism and I don’t doubt that Heimbach (…) is smart enough to exploit the gaps in the system’.

  22. Moreland, excellent point about dynamics between the ‘fringe’ and ‘moderates.’

    I would exhort people on May Day to avoid even being provoked into any types of physical (or verbal) hostile interactions.

    These people are bullies. Let them to be seen for what they are.

    Last, when is there going to be a forum in which to discuss this that is closed? This strategizing openly really becomes ridiculous as people move into a truly activist mode.

  23. Off topic: Someone just sent me this: I’ve seen it first hand in Pennsylvania too, but anywhere it exists this is all ‘Golden Circle’ Talmudic farming — using slave or wage-slave people and slave animals to ‘create immense wealth’ for a White and Talmudic agri-industrial elite — wealth that supposedly ‘trickles down’ to make the ‘lower classes’ (who belong to the ‘low’ churches) supposedly more prosperous than they would otherwise be. True WN’s should be carrying signs and ranting against this evil on May Day.

  24. “We cannot afford any more incarcerated/dead white folk. We must build a natural organic following.”

    If every white man took it upon himself as a matter of the survival of his family, to kill just one non-white our major problems would be solved. As the practice proliferated it would become increasingly difficult to accomplish surreptitiously so those interested in doing so should act now. A race war/repression by the government and white revolution would occur later on as the practice became more wide spread. This in itself would be a good thing but a bloody thing.

  25. Rudel, that sounds like the recommendations of Linder and the action of Miller. But every time and in every way that anyone supports the Federal-Global establishment (by voting for their candidates, etc.) they are helping to kill non-whites ABROAD by the thousands.

  26. “that sounds like the recommendations of Linder and the action of Miller. “

    No, I made it very clear that any application of leaderless resistance should adhere to the principal of NOT GETTING CAUGHT rather than lashing out ineffectually in a counter-productive drunken rage.

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