Vantards, In Retrospect


Here’s a collection of articles that I have written about vanguardists and their periodic meltdowns over the years:

Beware of Vantards

Jews and Vanguardists

Brown Herring J.T. Ready Self Detonates In Quadruple Murder Suicide

On Violence: A Rejoinder

Spokane Bomb

Violence and Vanguardists

Why Vanguardists Can’t Win

For 10 years now, I have argued with Alex Linder about his position on exterminating the Jews. Most recently, Jim Giles and I got into a heated argument with Linder about that in our Skype debates.

Note: For those who are unfamiliar with the distinction between “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists,” check out Leonard Zeskind’s book, Blood and Soil: The History of the White Nationalist Movement From The Margins to the Mainstream.

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  1. Spelunker says:
    April 14, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    “Jason Blakely

    I am targeting countries? Dude what are you talking about? You realize I’m just one unimportant “White” guy with no power or influence, yet you’re telling me that I’m sabotaging races as part of my grand conspiracy. Brad, get this guy some help. He’s going to be Heil Hitler-ing soon.”

    There are no “anti-racists” like yourself in Asia, or Africa demanding those countries be flooded with unending millions of people that are not their race. Demanding everyone be force integrated against their will, until no Asians or Africans exist.

    You “anti-racists” are only doing this in White countries. Only White children are your targets.

    And don’t attempt to change the subject to Hitler or anyone else, to try to avoid talking about your role in White Genocide. We aren’t going to let you anti-Whites do that, now or in the future.

  2. So, Brad, did you really get kicked off of VNN?
    That’s like getting kicked out of a sleazy dive bar.

    You’re probably better off staying away from the place.

  3. I was also the first person to suggest that the shooter was Glenn Miller. The video of him screaming “Heil Hitler” was the giveaway. He’s done that for years when he gets drunk and excited.

  4. ‘It could be that all casinos should be shut down as they inspire (…) a well known anti-Semite with 20 years of military experience leaves a casino reportedly in a drunken stupor, and shows up hours later 150 miles away to launch a dis-jointed attack’.

    Good thinking, Earl. Yes, the judgement-impairing, Evil Intoxicant (a biological weapon once used to defeat and exterminate American Indians) and the angry letdown of another loss in a gambling addiction could be the key permitting factors that caused this probably non-premeditated rampage. Gambling and lewd casino entertainment — and drinking, cursing, brawling, porn and fornication — are all incompatible with Christian revival. Yes, all casinos MUST be shut down, and all other places and activities that spoil good morals and waste lives.

    Could this incident mark the final end of ‘anti-Semitic’ expression by the author of this blog, as he distances himself and distinguishes the blog entirely from WN, and ‘mainstreams’ completely?

  5. “Could this incident mark the final end of ‘anti-Semitic’ expression by the author of this blog, as he distances himself and distinguishes the blog entirely from WN, and ‘mainstreams’ completely?”


  6. Unlikely.

    As soon as you show any contrition for a myriad of terminal agressions carried out by your pavement apes.

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