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  1. The answer is more signs.

    Has the LoS set a goal of at least one billboard in each state of concern?

  2. “Ed Moore,” “Mark Wilson.” Nice Hebrew names, both of ’em.

    Of course Vantard City will soon expose the truth about both of them, that they’re secretly Jews.

  3. lol… No doubt about that, Countenance.

    Notice too that these men measure ‘success’ as an ever-growing population (regardless of whether it be civilised or Third World people) and economy. Greater numbers (regardless of quality) and more money. That is their vision of success. As Dr Hill pointed out in his reply to these men, we take a broader look at what success means. We are concerned about more than just the bottom line.

  4. Bottom line is rich people, no matter their race or religion, don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    Rich Whites in general don’t care about poor Whites. They support policies that enriches themselves, even when they know it harms the young and poor Whites. I know this because I am related to these people.

    The big problem Whites have, is there is no White sense of community. Whites do not feel any responsibility to their fellow Whites. This must and will change.

  5. “The League is putting up two new billboards in Alabama and Georgia.” Spreading the message is important but the basis of the message is more important. James Edwards at the Political Cesspool might have the right idea: “We love all families but we love our family more. We love all people and races but we love our race more.” We need a Christian White Survivalist Church along the lines of Edwards’ thoughts.

  6. Sounds like your movement is gaining some traction for the chamber pots to go to all this trouble.

    Best of luck.

  7. Inevitably when the League does something WNs respond by telling us all the things that are wrong with the world. It’s bizarre. I’ve run into this in both real life and online. We get active and attempt to lead a resistance to the System that we all agree is bad and has to go. And the WNs (who, for the most part, don’t participate in what we’re doing) come to us and tell us all the problems that we face. lol

    Why is that?

  8. The U.S. is in fact an oligarchy and not a democracy:


    “Researchers from Princeton University and Northwestern University have concluded, after extensive analysis of 1,779 policy issues, that the U.S. is in fact an oligarchy and not a democracy. What this means is that, although ‘Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance,’ ‘majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts.’ Their study (PDF), to be published in Perspectives on Politics, found that ‘When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.'”

    So what does this mean regarding non-White immigration? The rich did it to the poor.

  9. Question:
    When we turn this around, do the rich and their ancestors, get to keep the money they made from turning our countries brown?

  10. “Question:
    When we turn this around, do the rich and their ancestors, get to keep the money they made from turning our countries brown?” – When we turn it around labor scarcity will naturally force them to quit hoarding wealth, and will subject them to the rags to rags in 3 generations effect that naturally destroys an oligarchy in a healthy society.

  11. That was a rhetorical question.

    We’re going to take back every dollar with interest and we’ll use the law to do it. When we’re running things the law will be properly applied. No one gets to keep the money they made from White Genocide. No one.

  12. “We’re going to take back every dollar with interest and we’ll use the law to do it. When we’re running things the law will be properly applied. No one gets to keep the money they made from White Genocide. No one.”

    Get a grip. Whenever a successful revolution has taken place the ultimate result is that one group of elites ends up taking over from another set. There is not nor has there ever been any real democracy in non hunter-gatherer times (whose primitive societies BTW seem to always have enjoyed an adult male death rate by homicide of something around 67%.) If the common man were capable of ruling he wouldn’t be common.

  13. We will do the same to rich anti-Whites, as Jewish lawyers have been doing to organizations that collaborated with the Nazis.

    Don’t like that plan, Rudel? Then get out of our way.

  14. Did that guy say “vibrancy”? He did!

    Merry Christmas, LoS! This is hard to top. They showed your billboard, so now everybody who sees this knows about you. It’s going to take people about 5 seconds to see through the phony, smarmy, rino horseshit and then they will remember your message. Thank them.

  15. We’re not the French here. We’re not just going to go around cutting folks heads off for being rich.

  16. “Bottom line is rich people, no matter their race or religion, don’t care about anyone but themselves.”

    Lucille, you have that correct. As someone once wrote, ‘The Rich can always AFFORD their OWN Apartheid.”

    This is what the Hollyweird ‘Liberal Elite’ do- until they need to go into drug rehab, or ‘reinvent’ themselves via their next face lift, botox shots, etc.

    The gray goat (the man on the left in this propaganda piece) in that video, clearly is motivated by one thing alone; and I’ll be blunt, having been a University professor, and seen it all first hand. Scum such as this care little for their race’s existence beyond their own generation. All they care about are Federal Student Loan Dollars, and from ‘whatever means necessary.’

    Men like Moore, who run the scenes of the myriad dying small ‘liberal arts’ colleges across the nation, are nothing but race hustlers, and genocidal ‘corporate goons’ of the Antichrist. Men like this, working with numbers alone, WANT mestizos, sand niggers, and the resident IQ70 former slaves in the NFKAUSA (nation formerly known as the USA) in their ‘bastions of learning,’ but only for the promissory notes guaranteeing these poor, benighted janitors and fast food workers will face a perpetual state of FEDGOV student-loan originated SLAVERY, for decades to come!

    How can I say that? Because I’ve actually lived long enough to pay off those G-D Loans! And, so, I speak from experience. When all these ‘inner city youfs’ fail in their freshman year, Moore and his cronies can shrug their shoulders, dust the lint from their $500 power suits, and say, “Meh- who cares? We got THEIR loan money to keep our failing Evan-jelly-goo Multicultural Indoctrination Centers going for one more year (oh, and putting a lot into MY 401k fund… forgot about that…)”.

    The German model of ‘tracking’ the undesireables into service occupations as early as teh fifth grade, acknowledges the reality that not everyone is going to BE a genius- in short, a reality check the USA needs desperately.

    Rabid Egalitarianism is insidious, primarily because it fosters the lie that ‘Remember, boys and girls- You’re special” … just like everybody else.’

    And (as Gilbert penned) “When everybody’s somebody, then no one’s anybody.’

    Take the current occupant in the White (err….) House. Please.

  17. Lucille Chabert is correct about rich whites. To borrow a lyric from a popular patriotard song: Their god is money, they have no shame. Their only interest is financial gain.

    Perhaps the biggest reason the SCREWnited States of Amurrika was born to die is that it was founded by a lunatic strand of the Anglo-Saxon stock that believed that the pursuit of profits and the accumulation of wealth was an inherent “right” and was inherently “good.” Plymouth Colony, for example, was just another opportunity for scum like John Winthrope and William Bradford to make MOAR money. Winthrope’s “City Upon a Hill” tripe was the Conservatism Inc. prototype model: Spew a bunch of messianic garbage to make the unwashed masses of White Christians feel “special” (not dissimilar from the message of rabid egalitarianism described above by Fr. John+) as cover for a nihilistic agenda of profit & wealth accumulation. Hence why Rush Limbaugh wrote that “Children’t book” about a stupid horse…


    …and why his patriotard audience ate it up like Chris Christie at a Krispy Kreme. I’m not saying Europe doesn’t also have problems with rich white race traitors, but here’s the thing:

    1. It’s not nearly as bad as it is in America, as evidenced by the fact that European nations across the board have much stronger labor movements/unions and are much more collectivist/soooooshelist

    2. European nations have a + 1000 year long history of blood-based aristocracy as opposed to money-based oligarchy. YKW has long recognized that these aristocracies were their biggest obstacle. While it is true that a few aristocrats were genetically deficient or were otherwise unworthy of their titles of leadership, it is an Amurrikan-based myth that such types were the norm within the aristocracy when they were in fact the exception.

    Bottom line: Amurrika is unique among the White Nations in that greed and wealth accumulation are woven into the fabric of its founding. It was called a colony from 1620-1776 because that’s exactly what it was: A place where English people go to make a quick buck. But after 150 years of settlement, the peoples of the Northern part (i.e., the Yankees) decided that they were their own “nation,” and after a traitorous war of SINdependence, they founded one based on the aforementioned ideal of profit making (“private property,” as they called it), as well as the poisoned chocolates of the Enlightenment: phreedumb, individualism, “rights,” and of course, the myth that “all men are created equal.”

    This “experiment in liberty,” as Washington and the Framers called it, was a Frankenstein from the getgo. It may have started off all cute and fancy, but it has long since become the culture leveling monster that it was born to be. It is because of the ideology of Americanism* (i.e., the ideology of Yankeedom), that Whites don’t have a sense of community and don’t feel any responsibility to their fellow Whites. This will only change when the Union is dissolved and the different regions of White people (South, Northeast, Midwest, etc) become their own ethnic groups and their own nations. Until and unless that happens, nothing will change.

    *I must note here that interethnic/intraracial mixing greatly facilitates and is perpetuated by the ideology of Americanism. As one of Hunter’s good friends (/s) put it:

    “White Nationalism is a political philosophy that seeks to define national identity in racial rather than religious, cultural, or creedal terms. White Nationalism makes the most sense in the context of European colonial societies like the United States, in which older white ethnic identities have been undermined through the blending of distinct European immigrant stocks, creating an ever more blended, generic white identity….In Europe, where old national and regional identities remain robust, generic whiteness and White Nationalism, if adopted as one’s primary identity and political philosophy, would actually promote the breakdown of distinct identities and the homogenization of Europe.”

    Destroy those distinct identities, replace it with a worship of Mammon, and voila, the White race no longer gives a shit about itself and doesn’t feel any obligation to its own kind.

  18. Eventually it will happen because that’s what history teaches us.

    Empires come and go.

  19. Dan, The Blood-based aristocracies of old Europe were no match for the “mercantile” elites. I believe I know why that was the case, but I wondering how you explain it.

  20. Lew,

    The lure of money, and the power it brings, were always temptations that the aristocracies faced. But for centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, they never truly succumbed to it until the last 500 or so years, and especially since 1789. I think what changed is that, with the dawn of the Age of Discovery that began in 1492, the “Mercantile” elites had more to offer the aristocrats (and monarchs, and the Catholic Church) then ever before: Vast swathes of new land, new riches, and new resources. The discovery of the North American and South American continents changed things…forever.

    To summarize, I’d say the blood based aristocrats only became no match for the Mercantile elites after the latter offered the former a deal they couldn’t or wouldn’t refuse. Then you’ve got the peasants and their naive willingness to make a “new life” for themselves as indentured servants in the New World. White people have always had a “what have you done for me lately?” mentality, and after the Age of Discovery, the Mercantile elites had something to offer them – both aristocrats and peasants alike. Money, power, freedom, increased standard of living, etc.

    What’s your explanation?

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