The SPLC and Violence


After reading the SPLC’s long awaited report on violence, I am still wondering why the SPLC has chosen to remain silent on “the tsunami of violence” here in Montgomery, which has received so much attention in the state and local media.

Note: A while back, I was banned from commenting on the Hatewatch for noting the irony that the SPLC ignores the gruesome violence that people who live in Montgomery – this includes Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich – have to put up with on a daily basis. They ignore the perpetrators of virtually all the violence in this city in favor of chasing after phantoms like trying to connect Jared Loughner to the Tea Party.

In 2011, I snapped this photo of a sign which had been erected on Washington Street a block or two down the road from the SPLC. It appears that violent extremists are operating in Montgomery. Who are they?

"Violent extremists" are operating in Montgomery

Last year, The Montgomery Advertiser devoted a major section of its website to exploring the causes of the “tsunami of violence” sweeping across Heidi Beirich’s and Mark Potok’s own neighborhoods in Montgomery:


In 2013, Montgomery experienced its highest homicide rate in 33 years:


Dr. Earnest Blackshear spoke at length to The Montgomery Advertiser in multiple articles about the causes of the “tsunami of violence” in Mongomery:


Dr. Blackshear continues:


In Heidi Beirich’s neighborhood, the profile of the typical “violent extremist” is a young black male with gang affiliations who is immersed in a hip hop subculture that devalues human life while placing emphasis on flashy display of material goods.

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  1. It’s surprising that Hip Hop isn’t considered incitement or hatespeak.

    I guess that whatever the little dears do to harm is simply karma or the voice of the oppressed.

    What a world that Potok and Beirich must live in. Everest is grain of sand and a mole hill becomes a cliff.

  2. The only “groups” in Montgomery who are committing violence are the black gangs engaged in turf wars on the west side a few miles down the road from Potok’s house.

  3. They would pistol whip and mug Potok or Beirich in a heartbeat. Which is a microcosm of what will happen to Jews and their SWPL allies once they don’t have blue collar European-Americans to protect them.

  4. Yeah, most (not all) Jews are wimps. They are good at sneaking around and assassinating people and bullying the unarmed but the Egyptians kicked their asses in 1973 until we stepped in with massive military support.

    I went to school with Jews. The physically repulsive Woody Allen nebbish is a very prevalent type. They do tend to have bad eyesight, are smallish compared to Nordics, and usually run from physical violence. The big ones can fight but that’s from all the Slavic blood they inherited by living in Eastern Europe for so long.

  5. This was probably mentioned in one of the other threads but it looks like Miller tried to assassinate Morris Dees at one point. From the SPLC website:

    “Neo-Nazi suspect in Kansas attacks is name from SPLC’s past

    By Richard Cohen, President
    Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones in the shootings that left three dead at a Jewish community center and retirement home in Overland Park, Kansas. We feel a special connection to them because we know the killer well.

    His name is Frazier Glenn Miller, and he once plotted to assassinate my colleague Morris Dees.

    Miller was the leader of a notorious neo-Nazi organization in the 1980s that was stockpiling weapons and training for a race war. His blueprint was a book called The Turner Diaries, a racist manifesto that also inspired the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 men, women, and children.

    After Miller was convicted on criminal contempt charges in a case we brought, he went underground, declared “war” on the government, and offered a white supremacist bounty on Morris’ head. Luckily for us, he was caught and went to prison. Unfortunately, for the people of Overland Park, he was sentenced to only three years.

    We’ve been contacted by the authorities and are sharing everything we know about Miller. But the sad truth is that there are other Millers out there – people with hate in their hearts who are willing to kill innocent people in the name of their race.

    This sad truth is one of the reasons why our work fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice is still so vital. I wish it were otherwise.”

  6. What is the League’s policy on violence? How about hate? I rarely use the word racist unless I’m quoting, but what about racism? It will become clear soon why I ask. Surprises on the way.

  7. “Q: Does the LS advocate armed revolution or overthrow of the current US government?

    A: No. We are not revolutionaries; therefore, we do not seek the overthrow of the US government. Rather, we seek, by peaceful and well-established legal and constitutional means, to separate ourselves from it. Recourse to the right of separation, or secession, is the very antithesis of armed revolution. Without it, men are not free. The right of secession is never more necessary than when it is denied.”

    “Q: What is the LS position regarding blacks in the South?

    A: The LS disavows a spirit of malice and extends an offer of good will and cooperation to Southern blacks in areas where we can work together as Christians to make life better for all people in the South. We affirm that, while historically the interests of Southern blacks and whites have been in part antagonistic, true Constitutional government would provide protection to all law-abiding citizens – not just to government-sponsored victim groups.”

    “League of the South Statement on “Racism”
    LS Board of Directors
    The term “racism” has its origins in Communism and that movement’s sordid attempt to undermine Western Christendom. Because it has been effective in silencing many of their opponents, the modern day left continues to employ it. Hence, we in The League of the South will not respond to what we consider as an anti-white and anti-Southern appellation designed to demonize us and inculcate “white guilt” in our people. If you call us “racists,” our response will be “so what?”

    The League of the South Board of Directors
    21 July 2012 ”

    These will become important soon.

  8. This is a time when team White’s keyboard warriors need to step up their game .

    This incident will draw attention , thus an audience … be ready .

    It’s time for team white to team up .

  9. “The big ones can fight but that’s from all the Slavic blood they inherited by living in Eastern Europe for so long.”
    Prime example: Igor Olshansky who benchpressed 225 lbs. 50x, which is an NFL record IIRC.

  10. Speaking of violence, the SPLC has nothing to say about non- violence.

    In 2013, the League held its national conference in Wetumpka, and most of us stayed in downtown Montgomery a block down the road from the SPLC. In fact, I went inside the SPLC’s Civil Rights Memorial with Matt Heimbach and several others, and we walked all over downtown Montgomery and took various photos and videos.

    We didn’t engage in any violence in Montgomery. It is the local black population which has a monopoly on violence here. Just ask the Montgomery Police Department which is constantly patrolling Rosa Parks Avenue and the Selma-to-Montgomery historic trail.

  11. Cushman and others were just in Montgomery for the Alabama LS state conference on March 29.

    Did the League have anything to do with the violence in Montgomery that week? No, it was business as usual with the local black population taking center stage in Montgomery’s violent crime problem.

  12. The situation in too many American cities is getting to the point of urban guerrilla warfare. You have armed gangs, endless killings over turf and “respect,” the creation of no-go zones, and some really horrendous torture-killings.

    Most of it is coming from black “teens.” And it has become a grotesque parody of urban guerrilla warfare, with gangbangers taking on the attributes of warlord bands out of Liberia or Congo. We can blame this on blacks reverting to some African mean of low media IQ, poor impulse control, over-inflated self-esteem, and lack of future time orientation. Well, maybe…

    But we can also look at 60 years of court decisions re integration, a war on poverty, endless media glorification of blacks, and the groveling of white liberals before the beatified Martin Luther King, jr., and Nelson Mandela. All of this stuff was supposed to have “solved” the “problems” which afflicted blacks back during segregation. But things are in every way materially worse. Crime. Illegitimacy. Trashing of cities.

    Liberals seem unable to comprehend this basic reality. It’s as if every day for them is the day before Brown vs. Board of Education was handed down from on high. I think this is one reason that liberal media must present “positive role models” of blacks as scientists, detectives, wise consumers, and freedom fighters (Django, Steve Biko). White liberals refuse to recognize the reality of black dysfunction in the world which liberals have created. Their media instead creates an illusion, the Big Lie that they would rather believe as opposed to the reality which would shatter their illusions. And while their eyes are locked on their TV and movie screens, their cities disintegrate into chaos. If liberals had to face the reality, they would have to face up to the epic failure of every last one of their civil rights and war on poverty programs.

    It’s also why liberals bang the drum over a supposed threat coming from rightwing militias, white nationalist activists, and gun lobbyists. Blacks are, in their minds, incapable of perpetrating the carnage going on in American cities (not to mention Africa or the Caribbean). This is one reason that a Miller case is so valuable to them, as it justifies their stereotypes. Smoke and mirrors as it were.

    As for the violence enveloping American cities: will it ever come to an end? Or is the situation too far gone? Or will it take an entirely new political order to restore civilization? One thing is for certain: post-modern liberalism has been an epic fail.

  13. ” I was banned from commenting on the Hatewatch for noting the irony that the SPLC ignores the gruesome violence that people who live in Montgomery”

    Let me guess, they called you a “troll” right? Yeah, they tend to do that when you’re trying to have discourse with them. It’s sad how someone on the internet, in this day and age, doesn’t even know what “trolling” means.

  14. Clearly, you’ve answered your own question.

    Jews hate Whites. (Because they can never be them)
    Blacks hate Whites (same reason)
    Liberals hate Whites (because they are filled with self-loathing)
    Sodomites hate Whites (because they can never be normal)

    The world is afflicted with Caucasian Envy, that ‘green-eyed monster.’

  15. The Apocalyptic level of black on black and black and white violence in America is the real problem.

  16. “Spelunkstein lives in Baltimore, Murderland and writes posts on his blog about the threat of violence posed by Matt Heimbach at May Day!”

    I never said Matt Heimbach poses a threat of violence, what I said was violence, given the history of what happened last year, is a possibility, and the organizers of the protest should take every precaution to avoid violence at all costs. Suggestions of ways to do that would be don’t have a protest at all, or have a protest which doesn’t purposely or accidentally conflict with a march that happens every year. I noted there was no violence in Richmond. I am not trying to say that your group plans to initiate violence, I know that’s not true. IMO the group hopes that there is violence so that they can milk the 5 minutes of media exposure for all it’s worth. After all, one of the greatest ways to get people to be sympathetic to your cause, is to literally get them to feel sympathetic. All of the pretty pictures of people in khakis and polos with pretty smiles and coiffed hair won’t compete with their own words. I plan to prove this point to you, but not yet.

    Baltimore, or “Bodymore, Murderland”, is an especially violent city and has been historically. I’m glad you’ve taken note of that as have others. I think anyone on the Left or the Right could agree that crime is a bad thing. Where I feel some people miss the mark is that when ascribing the reason why Baltimore has significant amounts of crime and murder, some people seem to think that the reason stops at the color of the skin of a majority of the people living there. I get the impression from reading some people’s writing that it is the way that it is because Blacks are the majority, and God knows Blacks can’t do anything without the “superior” White man there to do it all for them. I highly doubt some people understand the complexities of inner city life, I know I don’t. Even so, I’d be willing to bet that I’ve come closer to it than some other people have, if for no other reason than my line of work.

    There’s a good book I would recommend to you, because I know how much you like to read:

    “Not In My Neighborhood” by Antero Pietila

    You could also watch these 3 videos which will give you a brief intro to the book:

    It doesn’t definitively give you an understanding of how a city like Baltimore got to be the way that it is because that’s a complex issue, but it does explain how it started to decline, and more importantly it shows who started the decline, and through what methods.

    Any time you’d like to come spend a day with me in Baltimore, I’d be happy to have you come take a look. We could talk to some locals and see it first hand rather than from behind an LCD screen.

  17. Let me guess, they called you a “troll” right? Yeah, they tend to do that when you’re trying to have discourse with them.

    I made a simple little comment there on their Stormfront story. I’m still waiting for it to be approved.

  18. The night manager of Taco Bell in Montgomery on Atlanta highway was recently bludgeoned to death with a car jack:

    You mean black people are extremely overrepresented in violent crimes in Montgomery, too!? I thought that was only here in Nashville… and Memphis… and Knoxville… and Louisville… and Little Rock…

    Golly gee! It almost seems like there’s a cover up to hide the extent of black criminality.

  19. If you didn’t have the race issue in the states I suspect jokers like Miller would be no more of an annoyance than Aaron Burr or Dr Jameson.

  20. Richard Cohen dares to bring up Oklahoma City. Has he forgotten SPLC’s
    role in this horrendus tragedy? Anyone care to go back into the Jesse Trentadue
    investigation and see all the documents and evidence that Trentadue was able
    to retrieve in “discovery”? SPLC created a situation that spiraled out of control.
    Alex Jones broke all this. Trentadue, an attorney and a credible human being,
    was merely trying to clear his brother Kenneth’s name. Does Cohen really want
    to bring up OK City?

  21. Anti-Whites, like SPLC, routinely give a pass to anti-White violence and hatred, by their silence about it or justification of it.

    Anti-Whites aren’t anti-violent or anti-hate. They’re simply anti-White.

  22. The really big story in the Glenn Miller non-story and what should be focused on by all nationalists is negro crime which is enabled by our so-called leadership. This society and its leaders are sick and hypocritical and should be called out.

    While I understand the temptation to attack each other over personal battles and such, the message to our enemies needs to be that we get in their face about Black and Hispanic crime and how they could care a less about all the Whites murdered every year.

    I’m glad to see that this direction starting to happen.

  23. Spelunker says:

    ‘ Where I feel some people miss the mark is that when ascribing the reason why Baltimore has significant amounts of crime and murder, some people seem to think that the reason stops at the color of the skin of a majority of the people living there.’

    Only negro apologists and anti-Whites think otherwise.

  24. Capt John Charity Spring MA

    I heard about it yesterday, gave him a call when I was no longer driving. I don’t know him personally, it’s just that part of my job is doing PR, and I IDed myself as someone who works for the particular firm for which I work, but also said my advice was 100% off label. If he returns my call, I’m going to give him some PR advice, which is mostly revolving around ignoring it, and accusing those making a BFD of it of chasing a NON-troversy and obsessing over nothing.

    I know from yesterday that one of the town’s dork alderwomen resigned. Now that I know there’s an effort to impeach him, I’ll advise him to counter by looking up some less than pristine things those trying to impeach him have said in the past, or if there’s nothing to be found there, or even if there is, denouncing the concept of impeaching someone for something that isn’t moral turpitude.

    Again, if he calls me back.

  25. You’ll want to figure out who is pulling strings in the state to go after cooter.

    Maybe Beau and Luke ought to drive through the barn with the General Lee.

  26. Capt John Charity Spring MA wrote:

    You’ll want to figure out who is pulling strings in the state to go after cooter. Maybe Beau and Luke ought to drive through the barn with the General Lee.

    I respond:

    If that was directed at me, I have to admit that your Dukes of Hazzard metaphor went over my head. I had a deck of DoH playing cards as a kid, but the actual show was on when I was age ranges 2 to 8. You might want to spell that out a little for me.

    I do know from a PR perspective, and I had to learn the hard way in 2012, that when you’re in the middle of a NON-troversy, not to fuel it because then it will actually become a controversy.

    Want a one word proof of that?


    And the strange part about that is that Mozilla has had for a long time a fairly well known (in PR circles, anyway) Minneapolis based PR firm called Haberman and Associates. Mozilla should fire them, because neither Haberman nor any of his associates know what the hell they’re doing. In Mozilla’s goddamned hour of need, it seems like Haberman and Ass’c. were out to lunch. Or, alternatively, someone thought that Mozilla responding the way it did was actually a good idea, because so many PR people are gay men.

  27. I think he is just an immature teenager.

    It’s possible that he might go beserk, but I highly doubt it. I think it is a remote possibility.

    It is far more likely that some random negro thug in Baltimore will be the end of you, Spelunkstein.

  28. Presumably it will blow over as the guy said nothing truly controversial.

    However, it sounds like he doesn’t understand the level of ethnic hatred on its way to his town.

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