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  1. I don’t see how this group is ever effective. Contrast their demonstrations to League of the South demonstrations. In the numerous demonstrations against Third World immigration, homosexual marriage and in favour of secession we’ve done around the South over the last year we’ve been on TV multiple times, in lots of major newspapers, in international magazines and so forth. And the only opposition we’ve drawn has been a small group of weird homosexuals in TN and VA. Most of our events just generate positive press with no opposition. And our image is one with which most Southerners can identify.

  2. “I don’t see how this group is ever effective. ” – well they are effective at attention whoring.

  3. OMG…that is just…LULZ… and they get all the press coverage for dressing up like clowns from Hogan’s Heros.
    Hey, Michael, maybe you can get press attention for a change by doing the cos-play route?

  4. Liberty Lamp, we get very good press without playing dress up with costumes from the 1930s. We don’t need that stuff. We get our message out and only a small group of ‘transgendered’ opposed us in TN and 12 tambourine-pounding gay hippies in VA. I think we’re doing great with our model as is. Let NSM do the dress-up shows. That’s their gig, not ours.

  5. Michael- I have really not seen much press on your group outside of a few blogs. The costume crazies, however, get the big spreads and nightly new coverage.

    I agree, they are pointless attention whores and their group get worse and worse looking with each rally.

    What is worse is how people from my side take them so seriously, like these are real Nazis with any kind of power to put people in camps?

    I heard Jesse Jackson was there too, probably to fight with Schoep over camera time….

  6. Palmetto- Now you begin to think logically.

    God has enemies. Clearly Satan considers himself OUR enemy.
    Naming the enemy is the first step in winning the war.

    “For our battle is not against flesh and blood, etc.”

  7. When I see these idiots, I thank God for the commonsense directions and rules that Dr. Hill has given us on conducting our demonstrations.

  8. A good wholesome image and courage is all we need for our message to resonate with the average white American.Alas, groups such as the NSM alienate normal white people.Let’s lead by example. We are the Vanguard…

  9. Brad,

    The League of the South should protest the next NSM rally. Emphasize the difference between the movements. Plus, I imagine it would bring quite a bit of publicity.

  10. The NSM always generates more publicity tham the League because they conform to the stereotype of the Hollywood Nazi, but it isn’t doing them any good as any organization.

    The same guy who is yelling at the NSM above led the protest against us in Murfreesboro, but we are really not Nazis, Klansmen, and skinheads, and it sort of fell flat to yell at ordinary people out with their children. There were only about 50 ccounterprotesters in Murfreesboro.

  11. John,

    I think the difference speaks for itself. I also think it is important to study all activist movements to see what we can learn from them. In the case of the NSM, tbey publicity they generate isn’t worth the cost to their public image which is radioactive.

  12. I don’t have any interest in counter demonstrating against ‘racists’. I want to completely de-legitimize that word. Its power marginalizes us. The SCV has counter protested the Klan without any boost in its social standing. They’re still called ‘racists’.

  13. haroldcrews says:
    April 28, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    “I don’t have any interest in counter demonstrating against ‘racists’. I want to completely de-legitimize that word. Its power marginalizes us.”

    Agree. “Anti-racism” always amounts to hating Whitey and chasing him down wherever he goes. Its just a matter of hammering that home at this point.

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