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  1. Smoking marijuana causes man boobs. Plastic surgeons say that reducing man boobs from smoking marijuana is now their number one procedure.

  2. RamZPaul has serious issues with women. He also tried to malign Golden Dawn when their leaders were arrested under false pretenses. He, like most of the ‘leaders’ of the pro-White ‘movement,’ suffers from jealousy of people who actually get things done.
    Men like him shame decent whites who suffer all over this country, especially white women.

    Bisphenol A estrogenizes and it’s in lots of stuff, especially canned goods and sodas. I can even taste it in canned soda.

  3. I apologise for being off-topic, but I think those of us that are tired of degenerate anti-whites should move to the same area.

  4. Well if pot causes manboobs, that means two things. A boom in plastic surgery and bra’s for men who can’t afford it!

  5. “Men like him shame decent whites who suffer all over this country, especially white women.”

    RamZPaul is a hilarious comedian with a biting wit and you are nothing but an ignorant and very common feminist scold. Living amongst all those harpy Jewesses and low class mouthy Italian broads in New York obviously distorts your values and makes healthy criticism from the heartland seem strange to you. Modern American SWPL women richly deserve any and all of the flak they get.

  6. Well, what can I say……I tried to save RamZPaul from going up and talking (he was sitting at my banquet table) by telling Jared Taylor “you can’t have him……we want to keep him to ourselves”.

    I am serious. RamZPaul was keeping my table entertained. I seriously couldn’t tell he was nervous either before or during the speech. I thought he did great.

  7. I also thought he did great.

    He had his PowerPoint presentation. I didn’t notice that anything was amiss. We hung out the night before and drank a few beers with everyone up in my hotel room.

  8. Rudel what have you done for white people? RamZPaul is a silly, whiny, homely man who sits around griping about ‘feminazis’ being some anti-white boogey…woman.

    It’s a main reason there are so few women signing on. The ‘movement’ scapegoats them, the men blame their inadequacies and character and self esteem problems on us. The queen and princess bees suck up to their egotism. I always find it funny that women who hate feminists 1) vote 2) own any property 3) attend universities etc. etc.

    Feminists didn’t do anything to white people. White women didn’t benefit from AA. A bunch of weakling inferiority-complexed men can’t handle that they’re not alpha males, essentially.

    So insecure neurotic men is what the pro-white movement offers white women.

  9. I don’t have a problem with feminists getting attacked in this movement. They are a branch of Marxism that has destroyed our race (there are many different groups of Marxists).

    What I in fact have a problem with are negative generalizations about white women in the comments sections of these websites. I mainly see them on Amren, but that is mainly because of the nature of the comment thread on there. Conversations can go on and on for days, which is good, but it can also lead to ad hominem attacks and trolling.

    At the end of the day, white men and women should be working together. Our anger should be directed at Marxists in power….not at each other.

    • IMO, it is not a problem in the SN movement.

      In the League, Dr. Hill and most of the other state chairmen are married. There were several League members at the Amren conference who are married. Most of the people who go to the League national conferences are married. James Edwards, who has been writing about Confederate History Month on The Political Cesspool, is married. He is about to have his second child. My friend who is organizing the SPLC rally in Montgomery has a girlfriend who was in Murfreesboro and Tallahassee.

      My friend Jon who designed the SN flag is married and has five children. My friend Marshall was in Richmond with his beautiful girlfriend. My friend Tom Piece in the CofCC is married and just had his first child. My friend Shane Long is engaged. My friend William has a girlfriend. My friend Matt Heimbach was at the Amren conference with his girlfriend. My friend Kenneth is married and is about to have his second child. My friend Jared is married and is about to have his second child. A year or two ago, there used to be more male activists in the League, but the problem we have now is that so many women are joining the League that it has introduced a catfighting element which is strange to behold.

      I could go on and on, but the absence of women is not a problem in the SN movement, and the League hasn’t embraced feminism. There’s practically a League kindergarten now. The problem we have now is that it is harder for lots of our people to attend our rallies because they are married and have young children and women are getting involved with our men and creating interpersonal drama. Of the people in the SN movement who are single, the ones who I know all aspire to find a White woman and get married.

  10. There are definitely differences between different branches of the movement in this regard. The main difference I always notice, however, overall, is how differently people act on the internet vs. how they conduct themselves in person, face to face, at conferences etc…..

    On the internet, there are certain websites that attract a lot of men who have given up on their women, but then there are also websites that attract a lot of feminists in the movement. For instance, I have noticed that Stormfront attracts a lot of the liberated women types for some reason.

    In any case, I think the people who show up for conferences and public events are usually a higher caliber than those who stay anonymous on the internet. That might be a generalization on my part, but it is just an additional observation. I also agree, however, that there are major differences from organization to organization as well.

  11. The anonymous, low trust environment of the internet brings out the worst in people regardless of ideology. It is not really surprising then that a movement which exists almost exclusively online would have a reputation for dysfunctional elements.

    In the League, we have addressed the problem by staying a real world based movement that uses the internet as a communication tool. We have multiple events and an annual conference for our people can have lots of opportunities to come off the internet, get to know each other in the real world, and build trust which helps us avoid unnecessary conflicts.

    In WN, every anonymous rhetorical WN is the equivalent of every other anonymous rhetorical WN, but our activism enables us to sort people who are legitimately committed to our cause from the trolls who are not. I know who will spend $300 and drive eight hours to attend a protest in Richmond, VA. It helps to know these things whenever opinions are aired on this blog.

  12. Trolls are sorted from legitimate Mainstreamers by the criteria of meeting attendance or non-attendance and contribution or non-contribution — and internet use is being transformed from informing activity to ‘a communications tool’ for arranging physical meet-ups.

  13. Courtney from Alabama says, “The main difference I always notice, however, overall, is how differently people act on the internet vs. how they conduct themselves in person, face to face, at conferences etc…”.

    Absolutely! Constant discussing of a negative topic, whether done online or in person simply bring people down. Meanwhile, face to face meetings, especially done in a positive manner where folks can have a great time bring out the best in people. To be able to hear someone’s tone of voice or look him in the eye in order to gauge his character and honor. In person meetings throughout the year done in a positive manner foster understanding, trust and are a prerequisite for success. My favorite part of league activities are the positive social aspects…

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