Ain’t That America: Emily’s Abortion Video

New Jersey

This kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed on the drive back from Missouri … an abortion counselor from New Jersey got pregnant, filmed her abortion, and uploaded it to YouTube in order to show people how cool and positive it is to have an abortion. She claims to be “in awe” of the fact that she can “make a life” and destroy it.

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  1. America is circling the drain on a cultural level. We’ve not yet reached the point where vomitoriums, death matches and human sacrifice which is what this was are common and celebrated. But America is headed in that direction. At this point, America is being held together by force from above and massive economic interdependence across all sectors of society. Those forces are not circling the drain yet.

  2. She’s beautiful. She really needs a husband. Can anyone marry her so she can create life and be a mother?

  3. Abortions leave permanent scarring on the wall of the uterus which can make conception more difficult later and can also led to a greater chance of future miscarriages.

  4. On another note.I see the Sheldon Adelson big money pro amnesty Republicans won over patriotic American primary opponents in North Carolina…do we need any further proof that this party of Lincoln needs to go the way of the dinosaurs??

  5. The only staunch principle of the Republican party is making sure the rich get richer.

  6. This is one more proof that right doctrine matters. The woman, probably White (unless mixed Talmudic), has never been taught the fear of God.

  7. Mosin, old buddy, you need to stop seeing “Talmudic” in everything. We whites are quite capable of ruining our own lives without Jewish help. Fallen human nature insures we can mess up on our own.

  8. From such godless whores, will come the Antichrist.

    The Russian fathers are quite clear on this. Of course, the ethnicity of such a murderous whore will have to be… Jewish.

    As if there were any question…

  9. Where is the opposition to this ‘morbid culture of death’ (as you rightly describe it) outside of SN? I don’t see the churches seriously fighting it. The Republicans are, generally speaking, willing to embrace it as long as their taxes are not raised. I don’t see any real opposition to it outside of SN.

  10. Totally edgy… yeah. As demented as getting beaten and raped in an inner-city drug den and walking away with a smile on your face. Doesn’t even make sense from a feminist standpoint for multiple reasons to top it all off.

    Tell us again, Emz, why you couldn’t bring this kid to term and own your mistakes like a responsible adult?

  11. Palmetto- I am afraid you are correct.

    After this recent ‘pseudo-Orthodox’ pogrom against the ‘two Matts,’ I’m pretty much convinced that the entirety of the organized Church system has been co-opted to preach and teach the heresies of the Bolshevik/Marxist racial egalitarian lie.

    HW, as to ‘talmudism on the brain,’ it was Luther who wrote, ‘The Jews and their Lies,’ after all.

  12. ‘Mosin is suffering from Talmudism on the brain’:

    Hunter, you may have been implanted with Talmudic lenses that make you see ‘good, solid, southern ones’. LOL

  13. ‘This is another example of the “liberated woman” from the Northeast that NYYankees has been telling us about’:

    There are plenty of SOUTHERN White women too who aren’t barefoot in their kitchens any more, but high-heeled and tarted up, and serially divorced and aborted, in bureaucratic offices and other places where they usurp men’s authority — and north of the Line there are still thousands of Nordic White women in rural parts of Pennsylvania who DO live out the doctrine, who are who virtuous, and their husbands bless them and trust in them.

    As for the Northeast, Massachusetts was Calvinist and Rhode Island and Connecticut went Arminian and Socinian, and all drifted further to Transcendentalism and the Social Activism gospel. The advantage of the South now, besides its demography (much of New England is actually majority Mediterranean now) is that more of your people read the Bible every day and hear conservative preaching every week, and fear God and live out the doctrine than in all but the most rural parts north of the Line.

  14. ‘who are who virtuous’ should have been ‘who are virtuous’ (Proverbs 31:10).

    ‘Where is the opposition to this morbid culture of death (as you rightly describe it) outside of SN? I don’t see the churches seriously fighting it’:

    Of course they won’t fight it. The Incorporated denominational churches of Amerika are hired priests’ and ministers’ unions — and social clubs run mostly by silly, proud women board members and men they control, in the case of the ‘lower’ churches — and in the case of the high churches, directed by hierarchies centred in distant urban headquarters such as Rome.

    If you saw the real opposition, you might oppose it yourself.

  15. We suffer from Talmudism on the brain and Romanism too. To avoid this condition, wear special glasses that prevent seeing either.

  16. Off topic but encouraging news, and evidence that rural southwestern New York State (once called ‘the burned-over district’) is a conservative Christian area: Justice Elena Kagan dissented that ‘The town of Greece failed to make reasonable efforts to include prayer givers of minority faiths…Greece’s Board did nothing to recognize religious diversity (…) prayer repeatedly invok­ing a single religion’s beliefs (…) crossed a constitutional line’.

  17. The real problem in America is Matt Heimbach defending himself from a mob of violent homosexual atheists.

    Would it really be any less problematic if you were talking about a mob of violent homosexual Christians?

  18. “This is another example of the “liberated woman” from the Northeast that NYYankees has been telling us about.”

    Says a man whose website has inspired…2…1…?…whites to counter-protest their destruction.

  19. People with the cultural outlook (death culture) of the woman in this blog post would eventually die out since they do not reproduce above replacement rate. For this ethos to continue, it needs to recruit new followers. Those recruits are potentially your children as they are brainwashed over the years they are in the lower and higher education system. I am convinced it is the Father can be the greatest counter-force to the death culture: Moral, intellectual, and if necessary physical.

    Back in my younger days (long before I was married) I spent a lot of time around women like her; work, school, shared an apartment (roommate.. not girl friend), etc.

    They all shared many or all of these attributes:
    1. Raised my Mom. Dad distant (divorce.. or only a boyfriend of Mom’s) or out of the life’s picture completely.
    2. Not much focus in life. Just sort of ‘there’, living the moment. No long term plans or thoughts about the future (i.e. no savings).
    3. Lots of men (occasionally a few women) as sexual partners. Not really much in the way of long term relationships. What relationships were there would often degenerate into lots of screaming and abuse.
    4. Hair trigger temper or will get very stressed in even a very light debate about what she believes to be ‘true’ about the world. All emotion and no critical thinking. This point is especially true of ones with a liberal arts college degree. As a guy, to be around her, you have to completely censor yourself.
    5. Emotional vampires: Drama queens demanding attention. They had a tendency of draining their men emotionally with their b.s. When the guy needed help, they are nowhere to be found. These were the type of women who would let their man in life end up in the emergency room alone.
    6. Unhappy. I can think of two women that were only truly happy is when they were high on narcotics.

    When I was in my later 20’s I told my parents are would never be married. Too many women around me fit the profile above. Most of the guys are I worked with were in miserable marriages (they married someone with the profile above), divorced, or in the process of getting divorced.

  20. EricD says:
    May 7, 2014 at 3:39 am
    Protesting Pastor at Arizona State University Attacked by Liberal

    The video has a lot of swearing in it, but demonstrates why America will break up. The people in this video, have as much in common as oil and water.

    The video may not be there, because Youtube keeps taking it down.”

    Jack replies :

    The video is down – violates Youtube terms of service (ie anything that makes extreme Leftists look bad).

    We need to get completely off youtube. Like talk radio, this media used to be open to our side, our point of view, it no loner is open.

    What are some alternatives to Youtube?

    The full time 24/7 WN video hosting sites don’t seem to work well at all, small viewership.

  21. What are some alternatives to Youtube?

    Both Liveleak and Dailymotion are a lot less prone to deleting stuff.

  22. As abhorrent as abortion is, there is warmth in my heart to know that Libs practice self imposed eugenics.

  23. Another dispatch from America – though it doesn’t sound too yankee

    “Thank God I Had An Abortion ” –

    “I spent a lot of time going back and forth with my decision. I read countless articles and blogs, and ultimately decided to terminate the pregnancy. Let me clarify that it was far from an easy decision. Even just a few weeks along, I felt an innate love for the child growing inside me. I wondered what he or she might be like and how I would feel as a mother. I imagined playing dress-up and Hot Wheels, setting up lemonade stands on summer days, and experiencing things like Disney World for what would feel like the first time all over again.

    It all sounded wonderful and possible until I reminded myself I’m only 22. I’m supposed to be pushing the boundaries of selfishness. So when my beau encouraged me to write a list of all the things I want to do with my life, I realized that there is so incredibly much that I have to look forward to – without having a child. I want to be spontaneous, I want to travel, and I want to drink as much moscato as I damn well please.

    On the day of my medical abortion, I felt oddly at ease. Swallowing the Mifeprex pill, or “the point of no return” as the nurse called it, I didn’t hesitate or second-guess myself. I didn’t even feel the need to look over the list my beau had helped me construct as motivation to terminate the pregnancy. I was confident in my decision. Seeing as I’m currently living at home, with my unknowing mother, I chose to check myself into a hotel room for that night, where I inserted the four Misoprostol tablets and waited for the pregnancy to pass.

    I did not deeply mourn the loss of my child, for I am certain it was the best decision I could have possibly made. However, I did stupidly grieve the ending of a far-fetched relationship with my beau who, a few days later, explained that he was feeling overwhelmed and needed some space (as if 4,000 miles isn’t room enough).

    As I’m beginning to move on, I’m starting to see life with wider eyes. Terminating my pregnancy has instilled in me a drive to do and see absolutely everything this great world has to offer. I’m booking flights to Europe, then South America, then maybe even Africa after that. Getting into shape has never been so appealing, and I’ve already got my “skinny outfits” picked out for when I get fit. I’m putting more effort into my friendships, and I’m relishing my freedom, which is something I’d always taken for granted before. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I’m bound to make plenty more, but taking my life back is not one of them. Some may say that God will punish me for terminating my pregnancy, but I say thank God I had an abortion.”

  24. ^^^ @ Holly – Sounds like her boyfriend encouraged her to have an abortion and then broke up with her. Sounds about right these days.

  25. “Mosin is suffering from Talmudism on the brain.”

    He aslo uses “Talmudism” as a synonym for “Judaic” or “Jewish.” This is like much else of his rhetoric clearly erroneous. Orthodox Jews study the Talmud and expand upon it. Most Reform Jews do not and secular Jews ignore it completely, yet these jews are really the most political and anti-White in their actions.

    Jews are an ethnic group not a subset of fanatical 17th Century fundamentalists like Mosin. Anyone with half an eye open will have noticed the similarities in the societies of disparate groups that rejected select and arbitrary elements of the Enlightenment that displeased them. They have similar insular societies and even retain 17th Century modes of dress whether they be Russian Old Believers, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, Wahabist Sunni Muslims, or Welsh Tract Baptists and their degenerate splinter sects in Pennsylvania, Maryland and it environs.

    The hats, beards, and clothing they sport gives them away.

  26. No one really showed up for the LoS protest in DC. I wonder if that might be related to your need to call for the murder of homosexuals, as per Shotgun’s blog, or if it’s due to the hypocrisy of worrying over a mass of cells in a woman’s body but not the masses of white human beings suffering under the zionists’ yoke.

    A gay man having consensual sex with another gay man hurts no one. You abide one of your people demanding innocent people be murdered, and decry ‘neo-puritanism.’

    And claim it’s a northerner’s fault that not one of the survivors of black homicidality will stand with your organization…

    The devil went down to Georgia, indeed.

  27. It has nothing to do with Scott Terry.

    1.) First, there was a protest in Richmond in early April, and most of our people didn’t have the time and money to go back to DC in early May.

    2.) Second, it was on a Thursday and most people who live nearby in Virginia and Maryland couldn’t take off work.

    3.) Third, it was in DC at the extreme northeastern edge of the South, which just makes it much harder for most of our people to go.

    In my case, I couldn’t go because I was in Missouri for Renee’s baby shower, and the baby is coming next month and there is just no way Renee could go to an event like that where there might be violence.

    We will be at the SPLC protest on Friday though. Going to a protest across town in Montgomery is much more doable than Washington, DC.

  28. “A gay man having consensual sex with another gay man hurts no one”

    Who says? You? I know the Jews say that. That is the exact wording they use.

    You come here talking about “Zionist” this and “Zionist” and all their crimes while you support the Judean moral system. Get the fuck out of here. You’re full of shit.

  29. Re: Celestial Time

    I won’t pretend that I understand that Orthodox Church. It just strikes me as strange that they would take the side of a mob of violent homosexual atheists. Aren’t these people supposed to be Christians? Sure, the Matts are racialists, but protesting the “Slut Walk” had nothing to do with their racial beliefs.

  30. “NYYankees has jumped the shark.” Occigent, don’t you mean humped the shark? LOL!

  31. I skip over comments with “Talmud” in them. Anyone that obsesses over the “Talmud” is a Jew-obsessed crank. Find a Jew that has read the Talmud and I’ll show you a hen with teeth.

  32. What we do now echoes in eternity.
    –Marcus Aurelius

    Despite her pretense, Emily’s legacy is one of infinite sadness.
    A sadness that affect us all, whatever our differences.
    Generation after generation sacrificed to Moloch.

    Mysterium iniquitatis.

    Deo Vindice

  33. The average Jew doesn’t have the time to study the Talmud. It would be impossible for him to divide his time between his family and his job, and Talmudic studies. Those that do have to be supported by their families and synagogues, because Talmudic studies takes years and years of intense studies that leave no time jobs or normal family life. So it’s not unusual for a rabbical student to delay marriage until his late twenties or early thirties.

  34. Hunter, I’m not ‘fascinated with the Talmud’. ‘Talmudic’ and ‘Talmudist’ as I use the terms here have nothing to do directly with the Talmud itself, which is perfectly obvious to intelligent readers. Rudel shows that he understands, in his comment above ( ) although he claims to believe that I think (because it would be ridiculous:) that all Jews are aware of and identify with the Talmud.

    ‘Anyone that obsesses over the “Talmud” is a Jew-obsessed crank.

    Countenance, we don’t obsess over the Talmud, or even study it (Romans 16:19: ‘I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil’) You also are intelligent enough to understand the rhetoric.

    ‘Find a Jew that has read the Talmud and I’ll show you a hen with teeth’:

    Countenance, you would be surprised to learn that Talmudists in the full, literal sense do exist, but I’m not referring to them specifically when I use the terms here.

  35. “Countenance, you would be surprised to learn that Talmudists in the full, literal sense do exist, but I’m not referring to them specifically when I use the terms here.”

    Then don’t use the term when you what actually mean is “Jew.” They are not the same and I find it confusing and annoying.

  36. Rudel, have you considered that the White ’17th century’ groups you denigrate in your comment above have very high reproduction rates? Why do groups that take the Gospel seriously have the highest reproduction rates, much higher than atheist and agnostic groups like your Lutherans and Reformed?

  37. Find a middle or lower class white who obsesses over black DNA and I’ll show you an aryan brotherhood federal prison inmate.

    Find an upper middle class white who obsesses over it and I’ll show you an Amren crank. Or maybe an ‘Occidental Dissenter…’

    No wait, that honor goes to ‘pro-whites’ who obsess against abortion while ignoring whites living – or being beaten, raped and murdered by Diversity – in tent cities all over the country.

    The federal government is still the safety net for the people attempting to tread water in this anti-white deluge that the feds themselves unleashed. Without advocating for any alternative for these actual people all that gets accomplished by squaring off against the feds on social issues is more division. Northern liberals feed off of this public shaming of the southerners; in Alabama a lesbian couple is suing (with whose money I wonder) the state to marry so that their son can have the protection of being legally adopted by his non-biological parent. It’s no coincidence that within two verbal volleys the Virginia lesbians began chanting anti-white slogans in response to Brad’s oh-so-mature heckling of them.

    That jewish guy Edward Blum who sued to change the voting rights and AA laws? He refuses to allow anyone to even intern in his office, or release so much as one donor’s name to the public. He’s afraid that white people – not middle eastern ‘semites’ – will figure out that the same people who lobbied for AA are now the same ones fighting against it. Same goes for the social issues like gay marriage and abortion. Like The Departed’s mob boss Costello moved his plants around the chess board, TCP play both (or all) sides to keep the goyim fighting each other, triangulating and rigging the balance so there’s no majority to rise up against their plutocracy.

    The lesbian couple’s adorable white little boy will win the hearts of the ‘cruel’ northerners, and plenty of ‘southrons’ from Virginia to Alabama, itself, while his parents are at it. Dolly Parton has recently stated her support for families like theirs just for one eg.

    You’re gonna lose the war in the forest fighting these symbolic battles in the trees. Whites’ enemies recognize this.

    I may be hyper vigilant at times, Lew, but I’m no chump.

  38. Countenance says: ‘I skip over comments with “Talmud” in them’.

    Remain in ignorance then. I skip over blogs with home page header mottoes like ‘I stand with Donald Sterling’: ‘I’ve written in other places recently that my support for Donald Sterling has nothing to do with me ever wanting to be a spouse, friend, non-unionized employee or tenant of his (…) the reason to support him is because the hit/jihad against him has nothing to do with him being a bad any one of those things’. LOL

  39. ‘Dolly Parton has recently stated her support for families like theirs’:

    That is a disgusting example of southern womanhood. She sings hymns southern-style, acts in immoral (Talmudic) movies and shows, dresses like a whore.

  40. Despite her pretense, Emily’s legacy is one of infinite sadness.
    A sadness that affect us all, whatever our differences.

    I looked at the comments on various sites and it’s even sadder to see the majority of posts from young women on this. Many chant the same line of brainwashing : “it’s her choice” , “no one has the right to judge”, “it’s not a baby”, etc.

    If only they realized that white women are already such a small percentage of the world’s population, and that even smaller is the number who are fertile and young enough to have families. If only they could grasp how precious they are.
    But they don’t know this, they think the world is overpopulated, or they think they have “time” (as that is what the anti-white media blasts at them, and at young men too).
    But later they will know, and then the pain and regret will begin.
    I just left comments informing them their dead babies are being used to create facial creams that add millions to the coffers of strangers:

    The suicide rate for women who have abortions is 6-7 times that of women who carry to term:
    Two studies from Finland(1) show that women who had abortions were 6 to 7 times more likely to commit suicide than women who gave birth. These studies were based on medical records rather than interviews. Researchers looked at the death certificates of women to ascertain how many died by suicide. Then they used medical records to see how many of these women had abortions.

    Australian presenter Charlotte Dawson is a recent example, and I believe I read somewhere L’Wren Scott may have had abortion as a factor in hers. Both were in their 40’s, a time when the biological clock begins tick its last tock:

  41. “He aslo uses “Talmudism” as a synonym for “Judaic” or “Jewish.” This is like much else of his rhetoric clearly erroneous. Orthodox Jews study the Talmud and expand upon it. Most Reform Jews do not and secular Jews ignore it completely, yet these jews are really the most political and anti-White in their actions.”

    Rude- One of the earliest quotes I ever read, after having been the ‘shabbas goy’ for a Reform Synagogue for over seven years while a student and living in the area, was that of a man that (this is a summary now) said, that ‘… even though most liberal Jews never study rabbinic literature, the Talmud influences their worldview of every jew, in their finance, politics, race relations, etc.’

    So, basically, Mosin is right. I’m not about to hunt for it, but trust me, I did read it- perhaps in Dr. Duke’s “My Awakening” recently, but also in one of the many books I’ve read on this and other subjects, since the 1980’s.

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