Ain’t That America: Satanism’s Rise In the USA


I assume that many of you have heard about the Satanic Black Mass that is about to be held at Harvard University and the Satanic Temple monument that will soon be placed on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Ain’t That America … the real problem in this country is Trad Youth protesting the values of the “Slut Walk” in Bloomington.

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  1. It’s really hard to take seriously a bunch of Harvard undergraduates celebrating a “Black Mass” whatever the fuck that is (and I’m sure the participants don’t have a clue either.) This has all the earmarks of a panty raid perpetrated upon Cliffie’s in the 1950’s.

  2. It’s a cheap publicity stunt like the abortion video and the virginity auction, but it shows you where American culture is at in 2014. Why on earth would anyone fight to defend ‘Murika?

  3. ‘Netanyahu said “we will legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system”‘ (from Fr John’s link). That sounds ‘Talmudic’.

  4. “Umm, yeah.”

    Umm, yeah NOT! They have just started drafting all those Orthodox religious students into the IDF. LOL

    You are so full of shit, even for a de-frocked Catholic priest.

  5. “That sounds ‘Talmudic’.”

    It also sounds like bullshit especially when it comes from some conspiracy theory blog.

    If you really wan to get the real skinny about what’s going on in Israel I suggest you subscribe to Haaretz.

  6. We live at the fag-end (literally) of the Revolutionary Era – inaugurated 1789 and the 5th age of the Church (Sardis) as acknowledged in the Book of the Apocalypse. For those interested, the Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser has written a wonderful commentary on these prophecies.

    In the fag-end of our sad Era, “the enemy has come in like a flood”. The torrent of every corruption, error, blasphemy and outrage is overwhelming every social institution. ‘Black masses’ for tv are merelystaged for tv to make the grazers think that Satanism is a ‘fringe’ activity – when in fact it is mainstream.

    When geo-political entities legislate for and institutionalize the 4 sins that cry out to heaven for Divine vengeance – you are talking mainstream.

    The murder of the innocent is mainstream. Sodomy is mainstream. The oppression of the working man in his wage is mainstream – and so on.

    Blasphemy is mainstream. To wit, the recent documentary “The Gospel of Jesus Wife” screened on the Smithsonian network. Reputable scholarship qualified in the relevant disciplines has pulled the chain on this turd. Yet, the Smithsonian Network insists on re-floating it. This worthless thesis by Prof Karen King of Haavard has been discredited across the board. Why screen this outrageous ‘Piltdown’ wife theory if not to blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ on network television?

    To those who think this is just a ‘religious’ issue – your opinion is based on your bet that there is no God who who is righteous, true and holy; there is no moral law from God; there is no Redeemer who paid the price of that law scorned by blasphemous idolatrous man. And that your tragedy.

    But the Revolution in the Church now means that the few (very few) who do want to honour the First Commandment and understand this matter through the holy faith of the Church can not re-present and assist at the eternal payment of that debt to Divine justice by the sacred blood on the altar of the Roman Catholic Church – because the altars are thrown down.

    So what is indifferent, blasephmous, idolatrous man going to do then? Take the Blue Pill and hope that there is no God or if (worse luck there is), then Divine justice is equally indifferent to the 4 sins crying to heaven for vengeance. You live in Fantasyland.

    At least register your disgust at the Jew MSM ongoing campaign to blaspheme Christ the King:

  7. Incredibly idiotic response from the archdiocese:“The Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston expresses its deep sadness and strong opposition to the plan to stage a black mass on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge.” Awesome way to cement your reputation as a pack of irrelevant old fogeys.

  8. Rudel. Your fragile pompous ego cannot STAND to be corrected. It’s one of your greatest faults (among many).

    I am not defrocked, and, what is more, you ass, I am not a Romanist priest. If you had one IOTA of intelligence in that fevered mind of yours, you would have realized that YEARS ago.

    What a clueless, pathetic schmuck you are.

  9. HW, remember Joew?

    Well, he must be on better meds, because he’s actually civil over at my blog these days.

    Rudel, however, grows from ‘strength to strength’ in his accusations, bloviating, and just general, all-around uselessness. His record is clear.

    I vote for his banishment from your blog.

  10. I think the office of the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston is not so much against the black mass, but against merely amateur and mawkish attempts to stage the black mass in public. “Lucifer, that proud spirit can not endure to be mocked”. The real black mass is the canonized Roman rite backwards. Are they going to say that? No. That requires a priesthood.

    Doubtful the Haavard boys (probably Jews) are going for something along the lines of a novus ordo black mass.

    Whereas, organised Satanism has been infiltrated into the infrastructure of the Roman Catholic Church. Paul VI stated this publicly.

    The late Fr Malachi Martin in his faction “The Windswept House” certainly fingered the Boston Chancery for satanism and the late Cardinal Bernadin Law of Boston as a Satanist. So what would that make the present occupant?
    Scroll down to June 20.

  11. I heard an interesting comment to this effect: Satan won’t come with horns and hoofs but as the friendly neighborhood lunch wagon vendor, selling your kids ice cream.

  12. “schmuck”

    Adopting “Talmudist” lingo now are we “Fr.?”

    “I vote for his banishment from your blog.”

    And I vote that you be seized by the Harvard students and ass-raped upon the Satanist alter by a horde of HIV positive graduates.

  13. Oops! Make that “altar” although perhaps my incorrect spelling is more like it in this case considering that “Fr. John” was de-frocked.

  14. I feel obligated to point out, for Lynda, that the country is becoming LATIN not jewish, lol. The jews have their own freaking country. The LATINS invaded the u.s. (that’s why we have the usual romanish circus-sports, “universalism” which they invented for their empire-doings, which is how they run their life (instead of creating and making an ethnic way of life). It’s should be other people’s problem that folks like Lynda could not make any good use of their freedoms and simply do crass things, and all the things the foreigners started doing with their “freedoms.” The Americans (the real ones) did not create this crap with their time. (And if the others left, the real Americans would make good use of what they were able to do).

    The (real) Americans truly deserved their own country. Why is Lynda here?

  15. Satan is a made up cartoon character, I am sure this is one big publicity trololololoooo.

    Now, a black “satin” mass sounds a lot more interesting….

  16. And I vote that you be seized by the Harvard students and ass-raped upon the Satanist alter by a horde of HIV positive graduates.

    *making popcorn*

  17. The American Revolution was a Whig revolution, which made it also a neo-Roman revolution from the start. Americans petitioned, remonstrated, and eventually fought to preserve neo-Roman conceptions of mixed government, liberty, and the rule of law that had dominated British political discourse since the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The Roman example gave Americans heroes, vocabulary, and a constitution for their revolutionary experiment in government without a king. The most important of the many classical influences on the American founding fathers was the political history of the Roman republic, because the American Revolution was political, and could neither have taken place nor succeeded as it did without classical learning to guide it.

    America has been a success, it didn’t skip the rails. Dixiegirl isn’t even Anglo founding stock, she’s some 2nd generation boche that believes in “germanic” ethnic kinism, probably the furthest creature both ideologically and genetically from my founding fathers on this blog.

  18. Lucien Greaves?

    Really? Malleistares Cromwich, three points to Griffindore!

  19. Mosin, my only ‘concern’ for numerology was your ridiculous attempt to use that old canard about the so-called papal title=666. You had both the title and the numbers wrong, and as far as I’m concerned, you will always get the majority of the stuff you post wrong because of your narrow sectarian worldview.

  20. Anti-Latinism has no place on the far right. Some of the most racist shittalk in human history has been conjured at (romanish sport) petanque games between sips of pastis.

  21. ‘both the title and the numbers wrong’:

    You know they’re both correct. The name was valid for centuries, until the forgery of the Donation was revealed — and a child can add the Roman numerals and never get it wrong. So it’s not an ‘old canard’ at all, but a PERFECT White meme to employ against the anti-White enemy!

    When I saw that the Talmudic ‘German’ government is protecting German Whites from contact with the number codes ’88’ and ’18’, your similar concern with the protecting us from ‘666’ came to mind.

    ‘Anti-Latinism has no place on the far right’ — says a pastis-sipping Roman Catholic New Jerseyan and New Yorker — while Nordic Whites who drink homemade beer and throw horse shoes instead of boules insist it has a central place in the White struggle.

  22. Mosin this latest post shows what a blind, dishonest fanatic you are. I showed in a previous post that vicarious dei=214 was the actual title used by the Pope. The other title was from a forgery and that title was never used in any official capacity. The more I read your scribblings, the more I’m convinced your mind is made up before the facts are in and you will only accept facts that conform to what you already decided.

  23. ‘I showed in a previous post that vicarious dei=214 was the actual title used by the Pope’:

    You don’t even know the official title, and you’ve misspelled VicarIUS in several comments. Your ‘Vicarius Dei’ (‘In the place of God’) would sound even worse than Vicarius CHRISTI (‘In the place of Christ’) if that were possible.

    The Vatican-supporting historians you constantly cite for authority are prejudiced too, in the OPPOSITE way, so they work to obscure ‘inconvenient’ facts like the embarrassing name that was valid for as many centuries as the very important document (one of many forged church documents). But I think it’s a great name, because we can count to 666 from it, and it says the same thing as the other name — the very same blasphemy.

    You are a rather recent joiner (twenty years is not LONG, but you seem to have found your natural home) and obviously one of their many thousands of enthusiastic ground soldiers.

  24. Enthusiastic ground soldiers are desperately needed. A new “Bauernjörg” to stamp out heresy (and others) would be a blessing. Protestants (white rubes, Koreans, Negroes) are in for a rude one if “the collapse” ever happens.

  25. Thanks, Tamer, for your honesty about the ‘Other Jihad’, or else too much pastis sipping or other indulgence weakened your discipline and loosened your tongue by mistake.

    But your desperately needed ground soldiers are arriving by the millions now from Mexico and other points south. All they need is one rollicking Antichrist Revival and the Crusade begins for the Reconquista, and the South becomes La Florida again, and the North finally becomes monoreligious (except for the occasional Talmudist who needn’t become Converso). Like the ‘white rubes’ (the true Christian nobility) of Germany who were slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands, and then re-enslaved and taxed to death by the millions by the fully-armed, fully-funded military of the Roman Catholic tyranny, in the Bauernkreig, rural White non-RC Southrons (and Pennsyltuckian northerners) are also on the list of ‘consecrated’ nations to be re-converted and re-enslaved. Call it ‘conspiracy theory thinking’, but I’m not the only one.

  26. Sam, Stephen, Mosin, I honestly don’t know where you all get the energy to keep going on this debate.

    Tamer, good to see you dropping in once in awhile again.

  27. Lew, I don’t really care to debate, I just simply won’t allow lies, fictions, and half-truths uttered by the Bobbsey Twins to go unchallenged.

  28. Re: ‘this debate’: It’s more than a debate, Lew, so I manage to make time for it. ‘Scot-Jew’ Dalton’s real ‘lies, fictions and half-truths uttered’ against the Church in support of the Antichrist anti-White enemy are fighting words that CANNOT go unchallenged.

    On the post topic: Someone said, ‘It sounds like the Archdiocese of Boston is opposing the new mass because they thought they had the monopoly’. LOL

    More Satanism in the news today: ‘Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years old from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered. Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading “blood libel.” Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, saying that it would prejudice Americans against Jews’. Can’t blame that Satanism on Whites north of the Line!

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