Ain’t That America: ‘White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry’

New York

Is this video anti-White?

Note: In the United States, we learned this week that you can express your individuality by aborting your own baby on YouTube, bashing White people as a racial group, and auctioning your virginity to the highest bidder.

Ain’t That America.

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  1. These race traitors need a severe beat down by their White betters and a parting stiff kick in the balls with the admonishment not to try spewing this BS again.

  2. I say that because even circa 8-10 years ago, the *white* or even *european* (meaning mediterranean) men I knew in that very milieu were pretty aware that they were outsiders, although in reality they were much less so than white women (particularly in the field of directing).

    I can only imagine how bad it’s gotten since then. I knew not one white or euro man who didn’t know they were marginalized as such, especially in film. Blacks and jews dominate the whole city; they and gays (black and jewish) dominate the field almost exclusively.

    And he looks kind of jewish-ish. Or, this could be the only way to curry favor in such an environment. How tragic. The ‘actors’ all seem goofy and/or desperate to suck up.

  3. These are doughy cakers and hyphenated mongrels. Doubtful that even half are straight, probably sissies that need a strong white man.

  4. Those were guys!? No wonder some women turn lesbian.

    Yeah, they really look like they can relate to the average working White man, don’t they? I think that in order to make a video like that they should be required to spend a certain amount of time in one of our deepest, darkest inner-city neighborhoods we have in America. Then give us the raw and unedited version of their little mission to bond with all of the “inequality” junkies they so admire. Seriously, if you are going to pretend that you really want to relate to those people, then why not join them in their environment instead of relying on a piss poor attempt at self-deprecation?

  5. Can people really make videos like that with a straight face? I honestly couldn’t stop laughing, but I think he might have been serious.

  6. “Americanism is a mental disorder”

    Actually, Americanism is a heresy. Pope St Pius X wrote about this explicitly.

    And much of what defines ‘Americanism’ and showcases American culture to the world is a libel on American’s majority White demographic of European ethnicity by its its enemies pretending to be the people they detest and are highly organised to subvert and take down in terms of political, civil, cultural, educational and economic rights.

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