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  1. For all the dysfunction in our movement, I’m glad to realize that it’s even worse on the other side.

    This is a perfect illustration of people who have never had any problems in their lives and wouldn’t know a real hardship or struggle if it bit them on the nose having to make up hardships and struggles which they will duly “overcome” then brag about all they had to endure in life.

  2. countenance, that’s what too much diversity in one place does for you. Different people, with different views, and different backgrounds just aren’t going to get along as well as people who are the same.

  3. Good Lord, countenance, reading through that, I’m praying that that fellow is just making that stuff up. White privilege tattoos on their foreheads? White sex slave prostitution for blacks? I don’t even know where to begin to be disgusted.

  4. I think us white folk could benefit from being a little more lively and animated like those scum were! We have to show passion! This is a struggle for our culture! That negro in the video was one hideous creature though. I just skimmed through after seeing the vile way she acted. She seems mad at the world! Maybe she would be happier in another country, around her own kind.

  5. Watched till 3:10. I’m learning things all the time.
    Next time I visit my local which I willingly & lovingly share with students from the local university, and they try and voice there opinion, I and my buddies will reply, I with I will not be silenced by the”wave”? Of your violence?? Hope you people wake up to WhiteGeNOcide soon, and I include ALL races. Buju says NO to WhiteGeNOcide!

  6. Hey commies! We will not be silenced in the face of your violence.

    Also, since you demonstrate a desire to chant and pray, try Jesus, he’s pretty cool.

  7. You can just tell just by looking at these people they will never be anything but a burden on society. If they have jobs at all, they would be government make busy jobs, which is exactly the same as welfare.

    I’m pretty sure Vladimir Putin would know what to do with them.

  8. “I think us white folk could benefit from being a little more lively and animated like those scum were! We have to show passion!”

    What, by hopping around like a bunch of niggers or spics? I’d rather show some cool-headed thinking about how to wire that conference room up to go boom when it was full.

  9. Pretty hilarious. Good thing not all of us anti-racists are like that.

  10. From countenance’s link:

    “the Diversity Conference included progressives, anti-racists, feminists, LGBT rights activists, civil rights activists and members of religious minority groups from the Black and Salafi Muslims to Reformed and Humanistic Jews.”

    Our enemies are too wordy. I could have compacted that statement into 8 words: “the Diversity Conference was composed of society’s defective.”

    BTW, what the heck is a Humanistic Jew? Sounds oxymoronish to me.

    I would have paid big money to see this clip but only if it ended with fists flying, blood squirting, and lots of broken noses & missing teeth at the end.

  11. Dick in Florida: I think us white folk could benefit from being a little more lively and animated like those scum were! We have to show passion!

    Robotic monotones aren’t a sign of passion. These people gave me the impression of being zombies.

  12. Some random thoughts:

    * A university hosts an “anarcho-marxist” conference? i.e., a conference of the very people who would end the university as it currently exists (a not altogether unpleasant proposition, come to think of it…). Anyway, would a university host a race realist conference or Southern Nationalist conference? Irony being that the alternative right supports the very civilization that makes the modern university feasible. And how does the university establishment respond?

    * Will the university take disciplinary measures against the students who disrupted the conference? I’m sure if a traditional student flew a Confederate battle flag, or perhaps used a racial epithet at 2AM in a frat house, the full furies of liberal repression would be on their heads. But “radical” students using four letter words and attacking First Amendment rights? No problem, move along folks…

    * There’s obvious division among the left, over what appears to be trivial ideological issues. This is a useful vulnerability which can be used to undermine them. And also as a lesson learned. It’s nuts for rightists to fall out over trivial issues.

  13. Obviously one could infiltrate an anarchy group and have them eat their own.

    Same with a black nationalist group.

    The resources needed for that are only available to the state.

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