Ain’t That America: Federal Judge Strikes Down Idaho Gay Marriage Ban


Federal judges rewriting the law again. Ain’t That America … that’s all there is to say.

“BOISE — U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale has ruled Idaho’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

In her 57-page decision, Dale stated, “Idaho’s Marriage Laws withhold from them a profound and personal choice, one that most can take for granted. …”

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  1. “Wasn’t this woman involved in the setup of Edgar Steele.”

    She sure was. She ruled that he would be too great of a risk to intimidate potential witnesses and obstruct justice so she denied him bail, greatly diminishing his ability to prepare a defense for his murder trial.

  2. Which was a pretty damn low blow considering that he was at the time a Member of the Bar and an Officer of the Court in good standing.

  3. Impeaching corrupt aged judges who dictate homo marriage legality – it’s a populist cause that appeals to regular a White folks.

    Impeach this bitch.

  4. No one, (especially an uppity B*tch) can transgress the Law of God, and expect anyone to give them their allegiance. The Conservative citizenry of the independent state of Idaho should impeach her, then draw and quarter such a traitor to God and His revealed Word.

    It’s time folks. As the Recent Eurovision insult has shown, equality is not what the Sodomite faction ever wanted. They want to destroy our nation and pervert the entire populace. They are the damned of hell. This tramp is merely their enabler, and a whore to boot.

  5. Judges like this woman have been overturning the will of the people regularly for quite some time.

    They have thwarted our efforts repeatedly with impunity.

    Last week a lefty jew judge in Wisconsin stepped in again and challenged the voter I.D law that recently passed in Wisconsin. Republicans were previously high-fiving each other thinking the upcoming elections would be fair for a change.

    Of course the illegals, legal Mexicans, niggras and commies and ACORN criminals will double down on their cheating scams this time and probably pull off more victories for their anti-white coalitions.

  6. Some dyke tried this in SC, but I haven’t heard about it since. Not sure if it’s going to get anywhere, I pray it doesn’t.

    Anyone have any idea how this whole “federal judges changing State laws” is going to go down once it hits the Bible belt?

  7. “Anyone have any idea how this whole “federal judges changing State laws” is going to go down once it hits the Bible belt?”

    Federal judges have been overturning state laws everywhere in the country ever since the Warren Court in the 1950’s.

  8. So here we have perfect opportunities for effective activism.

    Nobody likes corrupt, unelected judges who make up rights and laws based on nothing but fads in Lib Left elitist society.

    People in Idaho, Alabama, Kentucky etc. have single individual bad guy/gal judges that are dictating the fed tyranny’s push for homo marriage equality. It’s the perfect opportunity for successful, LOCAL activism, we’d have to be completely stupid to miss this opportunity….

    Missed opportunities

    Kind of sums up the Patriot, American White Nationalist movement that prefers to embrace old ranchers who demand the right to graze, farm 100,000 acre Fed lands without paying resource fees and the Old White guy likes to mouth off to the media that he favors Negro slavery and loves, LOVES hiring illegal alien “Spanish” workers because they have a great work ethic and superior “family values” to spoiled (White) workers.

    Then most of our patriot types are signing up for yet another Ron Paul, Rand Paul Presidential crusade – this time it’s gonna break through after 26 years of continuous Ron Paul and Rand Paul Presidential crusades, failing to win a single primary – but the Ron Paul, Rand Paul, a Jack Kemp, Paul Ryan message of free market economics, minority outreach, less government including ending all government laws mandating voters must have a legit driver’s license or state ID to vote – Rand Paul has discovered that the Black Civil Rights community hates voter ID laws and Rand Paul is convinced he’s the new “Civil rights”, free market candidate that’s going to …

    Break through!

    Yeah, we would have to be complete idiots to miss the opportunities to lead the resistance to these unelected Fed judges forcing homo marriage equality down on our local communities.

    “Complete idiots”
    “Missed opportunities”

  9. When my late father was sick as a little boy, the old country doc would say to him ,”Too many potato’s!” I think this judge had too many too!

  10. It’s really not that bad. At least you still have your guns!

    Brad, do you really care about what happens in Idaho? How is it affecting “Dixie”?

  11. Spelunker, how many women and minorities participate in spelunking? Why are you excluding them? I propose every white male caught spelunking without being accompanied by a female or a black nigger be made to pay a fine.

  12. Sexual orientation does not have protected status under equal protection no matter how much these activist judges flail around their hands. How right Chesterton was to describe the root formula of our epoch as impenitence. What a lawless age.

  13. Spelunker, we’re worried, because we realize it’s the next step to a pan-same sex marriage campaign. They’ve already gotten rid of the ban on same sex marriage in Arkansas, which is a Southern State. Dixie is next, and we’d rather stop it where it is, then wait for it to get through the gate.

  14. Since when is Arkansas not in Dixie? Not only is it in the land of cotton (3rd highest production in the USA), was a proud member of the Confederacy, but old times there are not forgotten.

  15. Can I ask, without being bayonetted, what the exact legal issues are at stake in these southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, etc? Are civil unions available for these people, or is it either marriage or nothing?

    Up here civil unions have been available for some time, I’m sure most know, but the gays and their handlers insisted on ‘marriage’ being part of the deal; I even heard that the legislation in NJ featured pages of caveats about allowing religious entities to be exempt. I asked a sort of lobbyist why they couldn’t just be satisfied with strengthening the civil unions; she told me ‘it’s complicated,’ which was her version of ‘leave me alone I feel important as a crusader because I have nothing better to do.’

    I’d just like to know if the gays, especially women with kids, have an option of civil unioning or if they’re simply crusading.

  16. If they already got rid of the ban in Arkansas and Dixie is next then it follows that Arkansas is not in Dixie; otherwise it would be in Dixie already, which is in fact the actual case.

  17. “…Arkansas, which is a Southern State. ”

    I shouldn’t have said “Dixie is next”, I should have said they’re already attacking Dixie or whatever. However, I didn’t imply that Arkansas isn’t in the South, clearly, because I said right there that Arkansas is a Southern State.

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