Southeast Alabama CofCC Organizing In Response To Recent Violent Crimes

Southeast Alabama CofCC
Southeast Alabama CofCC


After my son is born in early June, I won’t be able to travel and participate in activism events as much as I used to. At least for a while, those activities will continue without me.

My circumstances as a parent will force me to stay put closer to home. That doesn’t mean giving up on my recent focus on activism though. I’m planning to shift my attention to activism and organizing back home in Southeast Alabama.

That’s where I was born and raised. The Lower Chattahoochee Valley is the area that I know best and where it is the easiest for me to operate anyway. I’ve also been wondering whether it is better and more sustainable to organize and agitate locally in smaller numbers than to keep traveling great distances.

In any case, these are some issues that have been on my mind lately, but a catalyzing event was hearing about a series of shocking black-on-white violent crimes back home while I was on the road in Tennessee and Missouri. The actions of “Duce” Conway, Phyllis Bennett, and Laketih Black have given me three reasons to spend more time on building up my Southeast Alabama CofCC chapter:

Eufaula Beating

Demetrius Duce Conway

On Thursday, April 24th, a 64-year-old Eufaula real estate agent named John “Buddy” Lawrence was jumped, robbed, and savagely beaten by Demetrius “Duce” Conway after he attempted to film a drug deal in progress on one of his properties.

In an online comment at The Barbour County Reporter, Lawrence’s daughter describes her father as “a pillar of the community” in Eufaula, AL and a Christian who “doesn’t hate anyone” and who “feeds the poor every Sunday.”

Dothan Dollar General Stabbing

Phyllis Bennett

On Monday, April 28th, Phyllis Bennett, a 200 pound black woman, stalked, jumped, and repeatedly stabbed a random White woman she didn’t know in a Dollar General store in Dothan, AL for no apparent reason. The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera and can be found below.

Auburn Gang Rape

Laketih Black
Laketih Black

The worst incident happened just a few days ago.

On Monday, May 12th, Lakeith Black and three other black juveniles broke into the home of a 19-year-old White female Auburn University student in the middle of the night in Auburn, AL, where they proceeded to gang rape and sodomize her before stealing her car and around $7,000 worth of electronic devices.

Note: The recent black-on-white attacks in Savannah, GA and Meridian, MS show the need for Whites to start organizing elsewhere.

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  1. Congratulations on having a child.

    I agree that focusing on building up our cause locally would be better than running around all over the place, at least in the long run. Getting on the news and helping voice the Southern opinion is a good thing, but to build numbers, you need to look for people who live around you, and who you can get to know and see on a daily basis.

    Good luck in Alabama, brother.

  2. Very good.

    I strongly suggest gathering intelligence on who is who, politically and culturally in your area. Keep files on local pols, local cops, local media. Learn, train others on how to successfully influence people, win small, local elections.

    What works. Learn it, do it.

  3. @ Hunter

    You might want to re-read the chapter in “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall”, on “How to Become a Statesman”.

    Every 4 years or so, the big shot political experts blow into town and dismiss guys like you, and me as dealing in retail politics, or as retail politicians. A put down of us archetypical country bumpkins & hillbillies. I liked to remind these self important players that Wal-Mart, K-Mart, & Target are all retailers, an me and my friends are like Wal-Mart or K-Mart around here. LOL. Of course, I always enjoyed taking elite college students from elite colleges to trailer parks to canvas on election day. LOL

  4. “You might want to re-read the chapter in “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall”, on “How to Become a Statesman”.”

    Earl, I’m surprised that you recommend the tactics of a mackarel-snapping Irish Catholic pol, although I must say that the tee-totaling son-of-a-bitch knew a thing or two about retail politics.

    Although cicl service laws have purportedly reformed the spoils system of government jobs the Democrats have effectively got around them by pandering to the teacher’s and government workers unions at the state and federal level. As always, the Local Chamber of Commerce dominates municipal elections in most towns and cities of the land.

  5. Huey Long was a practitioner of “practical politics” in service to the working man too. His kickbacks on government projects helped grease the wheels for great institutions like LSU, paving rural highways to help commerece, and improving literacy and education for dirt poor farmers.

  6. Congratulations to you and your wife on the Baby. Hope the best for you and yours. One thing we need is a few more “Confederates” in this World!

    I agree that local activism is the best option. Basically I’ve been active since 2001 and I do my best each year to fill up my mental map of the country by county / local area of 1 or more Patriots who share our views that I can work with. They might be a member of my organization, another organization, or a Independent patriot I can work with. Then network with those individuals on everything especially politics which is my focus.

    Having at least 1 person per county or a general area you can contact is a good idea. The League of the South has a great article on building a local chapter. Good reading and I have used it for years. Having someone per county or so helps spread things around and you don’t have to focus so much on spreading out traveling across the state or country on issues. However when needed you can travel and help on a campaign, protest, or something like that. Even better is having something of a State contact and dividing on down from there like any organization would do in terms of officers.

    My strategy has worked for the most part but of course you have to deal with the reality of infighting or more importantly the reality that “You put 10 White People in a room and the chances are only 2 of them will agree on anything” kind of thing. My biggest problem has been getting people to work together in “unity” as I call it. Sure it would be nice for all Patriots to join together into one organization (for example how the British National Party has done) but American individualism will never let that happen. Not to mention the fact that White People are independent people to begin with. That shouldn’t in any way stop people / organizations from working together big or small.

    Sometimes we ride to the sound of the guns far away and forget the same guns are shooting against our people “in the culture war” here at Home. Basically I try and look at things from a territory point of view for each Patriot. I consider anything in Northeast Mississippi, Northwest Alabama, and Southwest Tennessee as a “territory” I can cover in terms of gas, money, time, and so forth. When the “guns fire” I can ride to the battle in the culture war when something comes up and recruit new members to our Southern cause at the same time. Fight back politically against the enemy, educate the public, and recruit at the same time. Local meetings are also a good thing to help bring people socially together. It’s not enough to have “members” you need your “members” to have strong friendships with each other and become Brothers & Sisters for the cause.

    I could write on but I will conclude by saying organization is very important. Many of us focus on Washington D.C. but the reality is Washington D.C. is far from middle America. It’s far away from common Americans in general. And it’s a foreign country for us Southern Nationalists. You can have influence in your State / Local political system much quicker than the Washington District of Communism. Honestly if you have a Conservative / Southern Patriot chapter in a county with 10 or more members your automatically a player in your area. I’ve seen GOP meetings with less members than a Southern Nationalist / Pro White meeting. Getting organized, protesting, and recruiting locally is very important and has a major impact. Although I will note you will see the true dedication level / coward level of people more at the local level than at the national level. Local politics isn’t writing letters, writing emails, and things like that. It involves face to face politics. It’s called the grassroots and some Patriots hide from the grassroots…..Keep up the good work my friends. Deo Vindice

  7. Rudel writes:

    “Rudel says:
    May 15, 2014 at 3:24 pm
    Huey Long was a practitioner of “practical politics” in service to the working man too. His kickbacks on government projects helped grease the wheels for great institutions like LSU, paving rural highways to help commerece, and improving literacy and education for dirt poor farmers.”

    Jack responds.

    Well said. We need populist leaders like Huey Long who can speak to/for regular (poor and working class) Whites.

    We have been cursed with economic Conservative/libertarian intellectuals who simply can not communicate with poor and working class Whites. A Martian landing his space ship who be as good at talking with our regular people as these Paul Ryan “free market” intellectuals.

  8. Ohmigod, that is so funny you just said that Jack Ryan, because earlier today I was thinking to myself how much the american pro-white movement may as well be a scene written by John DeNugent about space aliens landing on Planet Pro-White, the Land of Misfit and Misbegot Toys.

  9. Actually, “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall” was written by newspaper reporter William L. Riordan.

    Btw, I don’t know that George Washington Plunkitt was a Catholic. Have you ever seen the “Gangs of New York”? George Washington isn’t exactly a Catholic name, and I understand that Catholics have to be named after saints. Or so I’ve been told by Catholics. LOL.

  10. He was supposedly born in the Irish shanty-town on Nanny Goat Hill on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 1842 but he always claimed to have been born in a tent in Central Park. Since the park wasn’t started until 1857 these are not mutually exclusive statements.

    The Tammany Society was an anti-federalist political club founded in 1786:

    Here are some purported writings of Plunkitt’s who served in municipal, state house, and state senate seats during his long political career:

  11. “I understand that Catholics have to be named after saints.”

    Considering the number of saints the catholic Church has canonized they certianly have plenty to choose from! Don’t Anglicans like George Washington himself have St. George as the patron saint of England?

  12. Of the African American men in the sample, 5% carried two MAO-A promoters, the condition that Shih had found to be associated with higher levels of delinquency. Members of the two-promoter group were significantly more likely to have been arrested and imprisoned than African Americans who carried three or four promoters. The same comparison could not be made in white, or Caucasian, males, the researchers report, because only 0.1% carry the two-promoter allele.

    – Nicholas Wade (pg 56-57)

    A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

  13. Catholics have to be named after saints? That’s a crock. My late uncle (Catholic) was named Albert Sidney, after General Albert Sidney Johnston, C.S.A.

  14. My great uncle who died in 1879 at the age of 1 year was named John Henry Chester……, after my great grandfather’s (his father) commanding officer (CSA) who was killed at the battle of Winchester in 1864.

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