The City That Bleeds



Here’s what it says on the back cover:

“You’ve seen HBO’s critically acclaimed series “The Wire,” created by former Baltimore Sun reporter David Simon. You might even have read his book, “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets,” and watched the television show based upon it, “Homicide: Life on the Street.” 

You’ve been conditioned by these and many other works to believe that the black crime and misery found in Baltimore – the Charm City – are the result of the twin evils of drugs and white flight. 

But what if that’s not true? 

Baltimore was once one of America’s greatest cities . During the 1910s, its white population passed some of the nation’s first racial segregation laws in an attempt to keep Baltimore great. Those laws were later repealed. Today, 63 percent of Baltimore’s population is black, and it has become a city of decaying houses, blighted neighborhoods, and one of the highest murder rates in the nation. Why the change? Could those segregation laws have had a basis in something other than hate? Could the people of 1910 Baltimore have understood something about differences in racial behavior, differences reflected in the despondent conditions of the city only one hundred years later? 

In “The City That Bleeds,” Paul Kersey, author of “Escape from Detroit,” offers the reader a fearless look at the city of Baltimore and the racial realities found there – realities that challenge the narrative set forth by Simon and by those who would mythologize black pathologies in popular fiction like The Wire. 

“The City that Bleeds” is Paul Kersey’s most comprehensive portrait yet of a city where black pride and black power combined have led to black political control – and to its disastrous consequences.”

Paul Kersey’s new book, The City That Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore was just published and is now being sold on Amazon. I’m about to order my own copy of the Kindle version. I want to learn more how our friend Spelunker’s city was destroyed by The Visible Black Hand of Economics.

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  1. You’ve got us running scared, Spelunkstein!

    Let’s count the number of people who have been fired from their jobs as a result of your hundreds of blog posts. We’ve protested the SPLC itself in Montgomery, the communists at May Day in DC, and we have held five other public rallies in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida.

    The answer is ZERO. I don’t know Philip Holthoff. He hasn’t been to any of our rallies. We haven’t done anything yet in Arkansas. The man was completely unknown to me until he posted on the CofCC Facebook group and the SPLC wrote a blog post about him.

    Several people have lost their jobs … but it is due to the normal ups and downs of the US economy, and has nothing to do with anything you or anyone else has said on the internet.

  2. I’m stunned here by your investigative journalism, Spelunkstein.

    Are you telling me that I know Tom Pierce? How did you find out that top secret classified information?

  3. Frank Taaffe used to sing that tune as well.

    It wasn’t that long ago either, But just look at ol’ Frankie now.

    I wonder who it was that called Frank and asked him the million dollar question?

    Did you know that you aren’t allowed to even speak the words “White Nationalism” on The White Voice anymore? Now that’s funny.

  4. The last year has exposed the ineffectiveness of “anti-fa”:

    1.) The League of the South has held eight public rallies: Uvalda/Vidalia, GA, Murfreesboro/Shelbyville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Tallahassee, FL, Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, and Montgomery, AL.

    No one who showed up at any of these rallies has lost their job on account of hundreds of blog posts by Spelunker or any of the blog posts by the SPLC and ADL. The fact that we protested the SPLC itself reflects our dismissive attitude toward them.

    There wasn’t even any opposition at 5 out of the 8 rallies.

    2.) Unlike last year, there was no violence at the May Day protest. According to Scott, there were significantly fewer people at the 2014 May Day March, but there were more people there on our side.

    3.) The anti-fa tried to “Shut Down Amren” again. They came in smaller numbers and failed to achieve any of their goals. They succeeded though in making themselves look ridiculous in comparison to us:

    4.) The anti-fa who came out to oppose us in Richmond were outnumbered 3 to 1. The boy holding the “Anti-Fascist Action” banner couldn’t even look us in the eye. The highlight of the day was the biker who smashed Goad Gatsby’s amplifier.

    5.) Spelunker wrote hundreds of blog posts with hysterical screenshots trying to “link” people to various other people …. and the result?

    Don’t pay any attention to anything Spelunker is saying today. Just go back a year ago and take a look at what he was writing then:

    The link above is one of 34 blog posts about Scott Terry. Spelunker hasn’t written a jot about Scott or anyone else that has caused them the slightest problem.

    In sum, the three favorite tactics of our opposition – ritual shaming, employment discrimination, and violence – have been exposed as a paper tiger. That’s what we set out to do with these rallies. It has already having the desired effect.

  5. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a white girl who bleed a lot somewhere in the city that bleeds?

  6. I like his books, but I would be very cautious about donating. I have found him to be less than honest when it comes to his statments of sedning you signed books. I donated and after months of e-mailing and asking about the books he finally sent to books of the same title neither signed.

    When you live in the world he and the rest of us racially honest people you must be very forthcoming when dealing with fellow travelers.

  7. Spelunker,

    I’m not going to pretend that I like Stormfront or agree with the methods and mannerisms they encourage, but I find people like you and the hypocritical cretins of the SPLC to represent a far greater danger to freedom, liberty and enlightenment. Your only weapon is to slander and threaten, simply because you have no real argument. Your arguments are hollow and only held together by an ability to stifle any dissenting voices before they can reach critical mass. I’ve never seen one single reasonable explanation as to why the SPLC is so hypocritical in their arguments and assertions.

    Tell me, Spelunker, if the SPLC and other groups(as well as people like you) represent such an honest and rational voice to counter “hate and extremism,” then why do they have such a hard time answering basic questions and then deleting those questions and views that start to show the hypocrisy of their racket?

    One thing you will notice from the crowd of mental midgets, faux liberals, charlatans and snake oil salesmen that make up the SPLC is that their retort to “hateful comments” is never a rational refutation of those comments. Their retorts revolve around nothing but ad hominems and slander. There was a Time in the not too distant past where I found myself a little more at odds with various facets of extremism on the Right. Today, I no longer see a difference between the extreme Left and the extreme Right. You are just as batshit crazy and detrimental to the future of freedom-loving people as those “haters” you claim to be fighting. The difference is that many of those “extremists” on the Right are trying like hell to GET AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU, while people like you are going out of your way to keep those on the Right chained to you and marching in unison to your brand of social engineering. But somehow you’re a victim?

    hmmm… Person A going out of their way to hogtie and dictate the life of Person B, when Person B is desperately trying to break away and remove themselves from the vicinity and influence of Person A. Who is the abuser and who is the abused?

  8. We’ve learned some important lessons from our experience in dealing with them:

    1.) First, the opposition is nowhere near as powerful as the WNs have assumed, especially in the South. They are weak and disorganized on the ground in the Upper South and nonexistent in the Lower South outside of major cities like Atlanta and Houston.

    2.) Second, every tactic used by the opposition – ritual shaming, employment discrimination, and violence – is designed to scare or spook the WNs who shut themselves down.

    3.) Third, don’t mix politics and the workplace and never broadcast your employment information on a public website like Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t tell anyone where you work who you might have a falling out with or get into a feud with later.

    4.) Fourth, if you want to attend a public rally but have concerns about protecting your identity, you need to do two things:

    – Don’t say you are coming on the Facebook event page. Just show up. Tell us privately that you are coming.

    – Set your Facebook to private, use a pseudonym, and don’t post any photos of yourself on your own account

  9. Douglas,

    Send me over a private email and I’ll get the correct your way.

    Sorry about that. Get behind on so many things with finite amount of time.

  10. I wonder if these levelers have a worldwide perspective.
    Okay, let’s limit it to European-Eurasian.
    If their goal is to eliminate hierarchy and cultural-racial dynamism, they have failed completely.
    Witness the growth of same in particularly eastern Europe and Russia.
    It more than compensates for the loss of it in the United States.
    Must be depressing to them, if they are even aware.
    And if the US collapses completely, it will be rebuilt here, cultural-racial hierarchical dynamism –regionally–in a generation. Not without a period of anarchy, but it will be rebuilt.

  11. I remember reading that “the wire” creator said “free market capitalism” is responsible for crime in Baltimore.

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