Ain’t That America: Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Ban


Actually, it is time to throw out the United States on the ash heap of history. These federal court rulings help clarify the issue.

Note: How many states does that make now? California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, Virginia, and Kentucky.

“A federal judge declared Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional Tuesday, saying its “time to discard them into the ash heap of history.”

The ruling by Judge John E. Jones III would make Pennsylvania the last Northeast state to allow same-sex marriages, although the state could challenge the decision before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. …”

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  1. Fr. John – where did your website disappear to? It’s been my first cup of coffee for a long time!

  2. The Congress creates the parameters the courts operate under. It should decree that a judge who attempts to over rule a law or a meeasure passed by the people shall be removed from the court.

  3. John-

    After reading about the ‘two Matthews’ case’ over at the “First Church of Gilquist, Heretic,” I finally realized that is wasn’t ANY lack of education that is crippling the USA, it’s a Pharaonic ‘hardening of the heart’ toward truth- in short, a clearly Calvinist view of Total Depravity, on a national/racial scale, that suffuses our nation.

    Reading Ann Barnhardt’s article –

    about the liberal RC’s who really, actually WANT (lust for?) ‘Vatican III’ (one neighbor’s exact words) and same neighbor’s flippant dismissal of REAL Christianity (what he called , ‘Vatican Zero’), and presumiong that his cultish creed is still valid Christianity (and he an RC) and is one of those, who think that “Franky the Last” is ‘Our Pope’ now (much like the Libtards saw Clinton and Clinton as ‘our president), I realized I am living in company with factual, material heretics; all over my state (which is a decidedly liberal one, anyway) and all across my nation.

    In short, it’s no longer useful to point out error. It’s time to do a Stonelifter, and move to a nation that either we can afford (without any involvement with their politics, as resident ex-pats), or one with which we feel we have some cultural, racial, and religious affinity. Greece, Hungary, and Russia come to mind. But the blog?
    Meh- after seven years, it was time. I’ve archived the articles, and may make a kindle book of it and a tome I wrote about, following Kersey’s example. But I know my readership will be all but non-existant, as even the Scoba-dox (the liberal Ethnic Byzantines who think they are REAL Americans) are following Fr. Seraphim’s words, today- to a “T” : “In the end, all the Churches (those organized, 501 ( c ) 3 cults) will serve Antichrist.” Which, of course, means the people will vote him in… which reminds me of Obama…. or someone like him.

  4. Fr. John –

    I wish there had been a bit of a warning so I could have copied some of your divinely inspired, well-considered efforts, but alas, it is what it is. You site was the first place I went to daily once I discovered it, which, after giving thanks to our Lord, was the right and proper thing to do. I cannot think of a reasonable substitute and shall miss your thoughts and insights greatly.

    Good luck, and may God bless you and your household. Avoid Greece. Check the other two and the locations within “Nine ways from Sunday”, always remembering you shall likely always be an outsider, “the other”, even though they are our kindred brethern.

    As the days roll by it’s evident even their women have more righteousness and Godly inspired will than the so-called “men” in the “West.” The “Gospel of Consumption” is what is the daily bread here, a manna fed to the fools become slaves who exist here, neatly packaged and sold them by the antichrists of John 8:44 and they love it so.

    May His hand be over you, and thank you once again …

  5. Fr John – you are right to quote Ann Barnhardt in the “the cool kids don’t actually believe that bullshit”.

    The cool kids, the libcats, the new order church definitely does not believe the traditional Catholic condemnation of Revolutionary errors succinctly (and infallibly) defined by Pope Pius IX in Quanta Cura and its appendix ‘the syllabus of errors’. In the Syllabus he gives the magisterial definition of liberalism and nails its colours to the mast.

    Liberalism – together with the ideology of Americanism (kind of like Jewish progressivism – only for goyim) and its terminal stage: Modernism, as defined by Pope Pius X – is a fatal error of the mind that rejects God and His rights, rejects Christ the King, eats the soul and annhilates the spirit.

    We know this now that the rotten fruits of Liberalism, Americanism and Modernism are on the table of all European nations and political entities with a large demographic drawn from European nations. But back in the heady post Revolutionary days – who knew? Well. The Church knew because the Petrine Chair told us in no uncertain terms.

    But then, the kids who are too cool for school and the Church, never believed it anyway and now they are happy members of the novus ordinarian fold.

    I have had this conversation with fellow parishoners (and I do pray for their souls) along the lines: ‘Does it not at least give you pause that the new order of the mass has altered the canon of the Mysterium Fidei in such a manner as to explicitly place it under the anathema of Pope St Pius V and the Council of Trent’ – objectively, publicly and manifestly blaspheming the holy blood of our Lord. Doesn’t this at least bother you? They will just look at you like you are from another planet. What is the mysterium fidei? what is the Council of Trent? what is an anathema? All of this is passe. It belongs to another age of the world. Today we are all united, the pagans pray to their gods in Catholic churches and we pray with our Jewish friends at their seder. And in these days when “the strength of the altars is thrown down and truth cast upon the ground” the societies of these apostate European nations become more degenerate and corrupt by the day until God (one dare not say unfortunately) for the sake of His mercy, extends his permissive will no longer. And the three days of darkness will come.

    In our Lord’s great chastisement, I do not see hope for those poor souls who have rejected devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and decided not to enter into this Ark of refuge provided by God for those who would belong to Him.

  6. “They will just look at you like you are from another planet. What is the mysterium fidei? what is the Council of Trent? what is an anathema? All of this is passe. It belongs to another age of the world.”

    Lynda, you made me laugh out loud at all that! Yes, I used to speak in this fashion, and wonder why the priest (who later came on to me, after having tried to ply me with liquor in the rectory), when I was alone, taking off my cassock after serving Mass with him in the sacristy, was so dismissive of my concerns about Vatican II. He was cruising me while he was discussing Thomistic arcana, back in the early 1970’s, the bastard!

    Sadly, we are under judgement from YHWH as a nation, and (more importantly) as a race, for infedelity in Christendom. Both Belloc and Fr. Rose are correct -Europe IS the Faith, and it is from Europe’s bosom, that either the Antichrist will come (‘from the whore loins of a jewish mother,’ as the Orthodox Fathers tell us) or the White race, and the ‘blond-haired race will defeat entirely the Ishamel’ (St. Leo the Isaurian).

    The choice (as it has always been) is ours, and ours alone, to make. ‘Once to every [Adamic] Man, and nation, comes the moment to decide.’

    John- I may turn my blog posts and my book into a Kindle-type purchase… or not.
    As God sees fit.

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