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  1. It’s early, but UKIP having a good night at the expense of ALL the other parties.

    Each other party is losing in its own way, with the Liberal Democrats facing annihilation 4 years into their coalition with the Conservatives.

    Many are question whether Jewish Ed Miliband has the charisma to lead the party into victory in what should be an easy election for Labour.

    The post-election questions are as follows: will implicitly pro-white parties enter formal coalition in the European Parliament? Or will they keep a respectable distance in order to not get tarnished by impolitic behavior of their coalition partners as judged by the controlled media?

    Will the Conservatives and UKIP unite to win the 2015 UK general election and formally take the UK out of the EU? Or will the Conservatives still pursue the New World Order?

    The great thing about the European Parliament elections is that seats are allocated proportionally, giving small parties a chance at walking away with something (also known as democracy).

    • I don’t care much for the UKIP.

      I like their posters and billboards. Aside from that, I get a Tea Party vibe from them. A few years ago, I fell for that nonsense and later vowed it would never happen again. I think the UKIP will prove to be another flash in the pan group that will absorb a lot of time and money and attention without accomplishing much.

  2. I hear there’s a few different “Independent” parties, that may be confusing voters. I wonder how many votes were taken away from UKIP for that reason.

    I also wonder why Liberty GB isn’t as popular. That party just seems like a more upfront and unapologetic version of UKIP.

  3. Australian immigration restrictionist, populist political folks seem to be the best English speaking folks actually winning things now .

    Sad about BNP – maybe they should focus exclusively on being media, educational alternative to BEEB, Neo Con media in UK.

  4. UKIP usually does well in European elections but falls short of winning anything in British general elections. Proportional representation is certainly a better system. UKIP is definitely not a flash in the pan, but fortunately from my perspective, they won’t get much accomplished.

  5. The Guardian reports:

    “The Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has been renewing his call for some kind of Conservative/Ukip pact. Grant Shapps, the party chairman, has ruled that out.

    We’re not going to have a pact or joint candidates, or whatever. It can’t happen on a technical basis because we do not allow joint candidates to stand … It’s not going to happen because we’re the Conservative party; we are the best chance to offer an in/out referendum, the only chance.”

    Why are party hacks so unimaginative?

    Not only should the Conservatives seek a pact with UKIP, they should call for elections NOW so that a combined UKIP-Conservative coalition would replace the Liberal Democrat – Conservative coalition.

    That coalition could ram through a referendum on EU membership and really make strides on strengthening England. David Cameron (Conservative Prime Minister) showed enough creativity to strike a deal with the Liberal Democrats when the LibDems’ true interest was a pact with Labour. As a consequence the LibDems are no longer a party and can be shed by Cameron like yesterday’s garbage.

    If England can shed Scotland in the upcoming referendum on Scottish Independence and protect itself from the Jew-lead foreign invasion it would bode very well for the Red States in America to follow a similar precedent: shed DC and start redrawing borders, then enforce the borders!

  6. Maximilian, I’m not British, but I believe they’re just using UKIP as a stepping stone to leave the EU. Once the UK leaves the EU, I think maybe the nationalists will feel like they can breath easily, and start working on more social conservative issues.

  7. Afterthought,

    England is exactly the thing that the Tory Party don’t want to see happen.

  8. UKIP are Borscht Belt. Their main gripe is Polish and of all things Romanian economic migrants. Complaining about Polish workers isn’t going to fix England.

  9. Nick Griffin needs to resign. He’s nearly entirely responsible for the party falling apart, starting with his poor appearance on Question Time, and then purging and dividing the party.

    The BNP needs a new leader, and a new start. As for UKIP, I’m hopeful that they are more radical than they let on, and at the very least, they will push the goalposts further to the right, allowing ethnonationalism to arise within mainstream British society.

  10. Nevsky says:
    May 23, 2014 at 4:12 pm
    Nick Griffin needs to resign. He’s nearly entirely responsible for the party falling apart, starting with his poor appearance on Question Time, and then purging and dividing the party.”

    Jack replies:

    Ridiculous nonsense. Griffin has always been a good public speaker, even when ambushed on one hostile “question time”. English speaking (white) nationalists always turn viciously on our few breakthrough spokesmen when things don’t go our way. Same thing happene with David Duke here in the States. d. Duke broke through, got elected to LA State representative, then challenged very well for US Senator, LA Governor.

    Bitter, jealous American White nationalists turned vicious on David Duke, said he had sold out (to the Jews no less) when his campaigns petered out after extreme System smears, persecution.

    The reality is the British And American media, political systems are much tougher to break through, organize than in Continental Western Europe or in Eastern Europe.

    We see the same nastiness here on OD and League of the South when others are jealous of our modest successes. One a Great White Nationalist leader in the Northwest went so far as to smear our own Hunter a Wallace as a Lindsey Graham type queer, Neo a conservative traitor President in his latest WN revolutionary fantasy novels.

    That’s “White Power” in the English speaking Anglo American world for ya.

  11. Jack, nothing you said refuted what I said. David Duke and Harold Covington have nothing to do with Nick’s abysmal performance as a leader. Yes Nick is a good speaker, no one will question that, but I’ve followed British nationalism closely, and I’ve spoken with lots of British nationalists who are really furious with how Nick drove away the party’s talent and also squandered the party’s finances.

    Here is one good account from a former BNP insider. You can find plenty more from ex-BNPers, including John Bean, one of the big names in British nationalism.


  12. Nevsky,

    Anti White forces always, always infiltrate, promote gossip, personal rivalries, jealousies. Since anyone in British, American (White) nationalism is always struggling with jobs, finances, social survival, our enemies spread huge jealousies of any National leaders, spokesman that has any success, has a job, has a girlfriend, wife, family etc.

    The line goes :

    “I’ve been doing this for 40 years, without receiving anything, nothing – who is this guy Griffith, Duke, Hunter Wallace to be getting :

    Mainstream success”

    When a “movement” has been losing for so many decades as British/Anglo American White nationalism has been doing, it attains a losing mentality, embraces losing. Anyone who starts winning is hated and resented.

    I got in trouble for expressing a desire to…

    Get female dates with attractive White women!

    Talk about a losing mentality.

    There is nothing wrong with being successful, trying to win or…

    Yes, even winning!

  13. Wilders’ poor showing is being blamed on his alliance with Marine Le Pen.

    His close alliance with Miss Le Pen is seen as the key factor in the unexpected defeat of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) on Thursday night after Dutch exit polls put him in fourth place behind all the pro-EU Dutch political parties.

    There’s a Dutch website that says the PVV actually came in second place, but with roughly the same percentage of the vote so they’ll still end up with 3 seats, down from 4 in the last Euro elections.

    As Dutch voters went to the polls, Mr Wilders faced questions over Jean-Marie’s Le Pen’s claim that Ebola, the deadly virus, could solve the world’s population explosion and France’s immigration problems “in three months”, a row that recalled his past convictions for Holocaust denial.

    Vive l’Ebola!

    Mr Farage, basking in the glow of Ukip’s better than expected local election results, told the Telegraph that he was not surprised that the link to the Front National had played badly with Dutch voters.

    “However impressive Marine Le Pen is, the Front National carries toxic baggage,” the Ukip leader said. “The best example is the comments by Jean-Marie Le Pen earlier this week.”

    If UKIP finishes first in the Euro election, then Farage’s anti-FN stance will be vindicated. If not, not.

    Lucas Hartong, the most senior MEP for Mr Wilders’ PVV refused to campaign in the EU elections because he warned last month that the link with the Front National and the Austrian far-Right was wrong and would prove to be an electoral disaster.

    “I am not at all surprised at the result. It’s what I warned of. I think there will be an internal fight now, people will want to work with Farage and to drop Le Pen,” he said.

    “These parties have a tendency to anti-Semitism. Most PVV voters want to work with people like Ukip. They didn’t come out because they were concerned.”

    Mr Hartong revealed that in 2011 he and his three colleagues in the European Parliament entered into talks with Mr Farage but that the proposal to form an alliance had been personally rejected by Mr Wilders, who now says he would like to work with Ukip in the future.

    “It was Wilders who blocked it. My question is why did he want to work with Le Pen and not Farage?,” he said.

    What will Wilders do now? Will he hold to his coalition with Le Pen? Or will he join UKIP’s Euroskeptic group? To form a political group (which means more money, parliamentary privileges, committee seats etc.) in the European Parliament, you need 25 members from 7 different countries. Wilders and Le Pen have–maybe–lined up 5 other parties from Belgium, Austria, Italy, Slovakia and Sweden, so they’re at the bare minimum. A single defection would mean no Nationalist political group in the EP.

    That is unless Le Pen moved to the right and brought in Jobbik and possibly even Golden Dawn and the NPD. If she did that she might endanger her own vote at home, just like Wilders did by aligning with her. Maybe that’s a chance she’s willing to take because she really wants to form — and lead — a Nationalist group in the EP. But then her chances in the next French presidential election might be diminished by those controversial Euro-associations.

    Wilders probably won’t immediately break his pact with Marine (he would look like a cad and a bounder), but in the longer term his party would be a better fit in the Euroskeptic group (i.e. it would attract more votes). But would Farage have him? He might have no choice because his Euroskeptic group is being eaten away at both ends: The Nationalists have poached the Lega Nord and the Slovak National Party from them, and the Conservative group are looking to do the same with the Danish Peoples Party and the Finns. So UKIP may have to desperately find new allies or their group will fall below the 7 country minimum.

    Amid a French backlash over her father’s comments about Ebola on Tuesday, Miss Le Pen insisted the comments had been “distorted” and that he had meant to say that the deadly virus would act as a form of brutal population control.

    “He wasn’t talking about immigration, he was talking about African demographics, he was talking about world demographics,” she said.

    “It was perhaps a disillusioned observation that was a bit pessimistic, but it had absolutely nothing to do with immigration.”

    You’ll never die, Jean-Marie!


  14. Predictable upshot.

    UKIP get a few seats on councils and Labour win substantial seats all over.

    Truly the UK is doomed.

  15. despite not being ethno-nationalist or even nationalist UKIP still got the full Nazi treatment from the media – which is great as it back-fired

    the problem with allying with other european resistance parties is it means the media can attack you for everything their party members say as well as anything your own party members say. best to stay publicly neutral *not* attack them and quietly support each other.

  16. The BNP’s best political successes, such as they were by their standards, happened while Nick Griffin was leader. Two MEP seats in the 2009 MEP elections, getting 4% of the vote in England during the 2010 Parliamentary elections, and the stewardship of a very credible and rational party platform/manifesto in the run up to 2010.

  17. Stephen E Dalton

    JdN, in one of his recent spam e-mails, tried to claim that Boko Haram was a Mossad plot.

    Funny, when I look at the matter, BH seems to me to be a mashup of the worst of black African brutality and jihadist Muslim militancy.

  18. countenance: “The BNP’s best political successes, such as they were by their standards, happened while Nick Griffin was leader. Two MEP seats in the 2009 MEP elections, getting 4% of the vote in England during the 2010 Parliamentary elections, and the stewardship of a very credible and rational party platform/manifesto in the run up to 2010.”

    If 4% is their best vote ever, it might be time to consider leaving politics aside. Running candidates costs a lot of money. What are they getting back from it? Maybe they need to think of building a stronger foundation for the next several years before getting back into politics.

    As for Griffin – I’ve never really liked him. Tyndall was more my style. There was a lot of infighting about ten years ago when Griffin threw the old guard out. He also watered down the party’s message considerably (e.g., “it’s about space, not race”). It looks like he’s lately undone some of that watering down. I don’t know how much is genuine from him and how much is an act to get more public support.

  19. “Fr. John, be careful about posting anything from De Nugent. He’s a total flake.”

    Hah! It seems that De Nugent is right up “Fr.” John’s alley.

  20. jeppo on May 26, 2014 at 1:05 am: it looks like a very good night

    Yes. In Germany, the one-year-old Euro-skeptic AfD got 7.1%, finishing above the established FDP (3.3%). A remarkable achievement for a political party that started from nothing a year ago and was viciously fought by the political and media establishment at every opportunity.

    It is possible that AfD disappoints in the future but for now the combined results in UK, France, Germany and probably Austria are pretty good. This seems to be the night to cheer.

    Viva la France!

  21. The BNP’s best political successes, such as they were by their standards, happened while Nick Griffin was leader. Two MEP seats in the 2009 MEP elections, getting 4% of the vote in England during the 2010 Parliamentary elections, and the stewardship of a very credible and rational party platform/manifesto in the run up to 2010.

    The growth of the BNP under Griffin cannot be called anything except explosive. The BNP received 7600 votes in 1992 and 35,000 in 1997. After Griffin took over, the party received 45,000 in 2001; 192,000 in 2005; and 564,000 in 2010.

    The Sweden Democrats, who are now serious players in Swedish politics, had a similar trajectory. They went from 19,600 (0.4%) in 1998; 76,300 (1.44%) in 2002; 162,000 (3.6%) in 2006; 339,600 (5.7%) in 2010. They just took 9.7% in the European Parliament election and seem set to receive a similar percentage in the Swedish general election later this year.

  22. So please, southern people, secede as soon as possible, so that the few european nationalists like myself can come home!

    If you think SNs would want you there, boy have you got another thing coming.

  23. I’m not an SN, but that is how they tend to feel. I highly doubt whites “want white genocide.” But when the only racial alternative on offer seems to be hatred and race war vs the rest of humankind it’s hardly surprising they pass on it. The more successful racially-motivated parties in Europe have watered down that message or transformed it into one of racial-cultural self-defense and legitimate rights. It’s ridiculous to give up on them just as they’re showing signs of life. I don’t know anything about you but if I had to guess I would say your outlook is the product of too much stormfront-style internet racialism.

  24. ““Fr. John, be careful about posting anything from De Nugent. He’s a total flake.”

    Hah! It seems that De Nugent is right up “Fr.” John’s alley.”

    Leave it to the rudest commenter on your site, HW, to justify his name.

    Actually, I have had disagreements with JdN going back some years. His flaky theological opinions kept getting in the way of his message, and then, his own desire to ALONE be the ‘successor’ to whomever, induced a sort of Hitlerian megalomania.

    I’ve always written that we need to be as careful of AH, as we need to be guarded of the jewish desire to totally defame same. But that doesn’t mean that JdN can’t have a good insight once in a while….just like you, Rude…. when you aren’t priest bashing.

  25. Maximillian, believe it or not, there are readers and commenters on this site, that are not mired in the American myopia of ‘my nation, sola’ in some perverted Protestant paradigm.

    Stormfront is a crank-case internet website, with a LOT of the ‘skinhead,’ ‘neo-pseudo pagan’ Wotan worshipper fringe, along with the proverbial ‘redneck & pickup truck crowd’… the latter often making their appearance here on OD… but less, since some of the more vituperative posters outlived their usefulness.

    HW (our moderator) has long insisted that activism on the White Racial front be visible, in-pereson, and not just continuing on pages-long digressions on an internet forum. That’s what that statement you noted referred to.

    Have you read another website that seems to have a more ‘European’ pulse to things, namely DailyStormer? Of course, those folks are far more AH adulatory, than here, but the writers (at least) also make some good observations.

  26. Maximilian: “If you look at the decline of white population, why don’t form a white ethno-state? Why don’t you want your white european brothers with you?”

    Because mainland Europeans and colonials are not mix-and-match LEGOs – biological differences don’t stop at racial lines. The South retains a strong Anglo identity, it’s a healthy & thereby critical remnant of this nation’s foundational people and their regionalisms. There is no good reason why they should deracinate themselves at the behest of foreigners.

  27. Maximilian on May 26, 2014 at 7:31 pm:

    Holly, would you for instance let the Boers in if they were fleeing from the slaughter that takes place right now?

    Maximilian, as one European person to another: Don’t waste your time.

    There will be no independent white South split from the U.S.A. Some people make a fresh observer to believe theirs is a serious effort. It is not so in reality: their men are busy watching football, car races and other such stuff, once in a while showing the remarkable Southern eloquence.

    You won’t have to be asking for admission to the Free White South and live through the rejection.

    Hey, per them, you should relocate to Russia — the new white person’s paradise. How does that sound to you? Just a short trip from where you are now, why not? 🙂

    If you want to read the serious stuff, http://www.vdare.com is your friend. Please keep commenting here if you can — your outlook is interesting and helpful.

  28. There were some setbacks in these elections: the PVV, Vlaams Belang and Lega Nord all lost ground and the BNP were completely wiped out. The Slovak National Party also failed to win a seat, and as they were supposed to be the seventh party in the new Nationalist political grouping in the European Parliament, this leaves the Front National et al scrambling to find a new partner in order to meet the seven country minimum for forming a political group.

    But no one should minimize what an incredible victory this was for immigration restrictionist parties across Europe. For the first time in more than a century a political party other than Labour or the Conservatives won a nationwide British election. And the number one priority for UKIP voters according to the polls isn’t leaving the European Union, which was the party’s original raison d’être, but drastically limiting immigration.

    And having an unabashedly nationalist party win the election in such a crucial EU nation like France, well, it doesn’t get much better than that. The days of the Euro-elites dismissing parties like UKIP and the FN as extremists, and ignoring the majority opinion of ordinary citizens who want less immigration, are OVER.

    Even in Germany — grovelling, snivelling “sorry, Jews” Germany — the soft-nationalist Afd won 7 seats, the hardcore nationalist NPD won a seat, and a third rightwing group (the Family Party) also won a seat. None of these parties has a seat in the 631-seat Bundestag, but will now collectively have 9 members in Germany’s 96 seat delegation in the EP.

    In the last British election, UKIP didn’t win a single constituency in the 650 seat Westminster Parliament. Now they will have 24 of 73 British seats in the EP, or nearly one-third. Similarly, the FN only won 2 out of 577 seats in the French National Assembly in the last election. Now they will have 24 of 74 French seats in the EP, again nearly one-third.

    This is why I part ways with those who want to abolish the European Union. These Euro elections are by far the best venue for patriots to elect like-minded representatives to positions of power. And though the European Parliament is often derided as a powerless talking shop, the long-term trend is for more and more issues to be decided in the EP. In fact, from an immigration restrictionist viewpoint, maybe the national legislatures should be abolished and all power concentrated in the EP, where our type of politicians predominate.

    Again, in the three most important countries in the EU (Germany, Britain and France), rightwing parties won 0%, 0% and less than 1% of the seats in their national legislatures respectively. In the European Parliament meanwhile, thanks to its system of proportional representation, they have roughly 10%, 30% and 30% of the seats respectively.

    Now the political horse-trading begins. Expect the leading parties of each rightist Euro-faction (British Tories for the Conservative group, UKIP for the Euroskeptic group, Front National for the Nationalist group) to snipe incessantly at each other as they attempt to woo various minor parties into their respective political groups.

    The Conservatives now have (subject to minor changes) 44 members from 7 countries, just enough to maintain themselves as a political group in the EP, with all the extra money, power and perks that come with it. They will add the AfD and some other minor, unaffiliated parties, and they really want to recruit the most popular party in Belgium, the N-VA, a conservative Flemish nationalist party, sort of a Vlaams Belang Lite. The N-VA are now, for some inexplicable reason, in the Greens group along with various green parties and leftwing nationalists like the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The Conservative group will probably end up with close to 60 seats.

    The other two groups are both below the seven country threshold right now; the Euroskeptics have 38 members from 6 nations while the Nationalists have 35 members from only 5 nations. The Lega Nord, with their 5 seats, are now part of the Euroskeptic group but will supposedly switch to the Nationalist group. So both these groups will have to find new partners amongst the so-called ‘non-inscrits’, parties and members with no group affiliation in the EP, of which there are now about 75 or so.

    Not all these non-inscrits are rightwing parties though. Some are leftwing, some are single-issue parties for pensioners or animal rights or whatnot. Some of them don’t seem to have any coherent political ideology at all, like Germany’s Die Partie (The Party), basically a joke party which nevertheless managed to win a seat in the EP.


    So the Euroskeptics and the Nationalists will struggle to form groups of their own, though in the end they will probably both succeed. If they don’t succeed, then they will probably form one big group where UKIP and the FN will fight for dominance. Unfortunately, the hardcore nationalist parties (Jobbik, Golden Dawn, NPD) will likely be left at the altar once again. The mainstreaming nationalists in the rest of the continent don’t want to endanger their newfound popularity by associating themselves with these dress-up groups. Drop the costumes and enter the new mainstream would be my advice to them.

  29. Maximilian: “Holly, would you for instance let the Boers in if they were fleeing from the slaughter that takes place right now?”

    Why is that the South’s (let alone USA’s) responsibility?

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