Fools and Traitors on the Right: “Patriot” Cliven Bundy – OD Classic

Fools and Traitors on the Right
Fools and Traitors on the Right

Selfish, dumb arse, race traitor “patriot” Cliven Bundy and his sons are back in the news today. The Burdys are inciting armed militia groups to invade Federal land management facilities in Oregon. It does seem as if they have better grievance issues this time as some ranchers were persecuted and actually imprisoned for clearing brush with unsanctioned brush fires.

I am reposting a OD classic about terrible traitors like Cliven Burdy on the Libertarian Conservative Right who insist that that “they can do whatever the hell they want” which often entails exploiting thousands and thousands of Ameri-Indian illegal alien low wage slaves – or just abusing the environment. Southern nationalist, positive race realists should and must work in harmony with…


Fools and Traitors on the Right – Cliven Burdy.


Most racially aware Southerners are accustomed to seeing their enemies as liberals or leftists.

There are Northeastern liberals such as those who work for the SPLC and ACLU, who come down to Alabama and other Southern states to incite the blacks against Whites, force “marriage equality” on the Southern people against their will, ban the singing of Christmas carols, promote hardcore porn and flag desecration – all in the name of “free speech” – yes, it’s true there are lots of “liberals” attacking all things traditional, White, Christian, and Southern.

Southerners are Red State conservatives. They are for “God and Country,” American patriotism, and the US military. In the Bush years, a constant refrain in the South was the need to “support the troops.” Even in South Carolina, where there isn’t a heterosexual White Southerner in the offices of governor or US senator, the Hindu Indian governor and the black and homosexual US senators are careful to identify as “conservatives” and distance themselves from hated “liberals” in New York and California.

So, it is pretty clear that Southerners don’t like “liberals,” but it’s a huge mistake to see all of our adversaries as liberals or leftists. We have terrible enemies on the so-called conservative/libertarian Right, too. Some of our worst enemies are the selfish, pro-bizness, agribusiness owners like the CEO of Tyson Foods, Donnie Smith, who the League targeted at the Shelbyville demonstration, the “Onion King” of Uvalda, GA, former mayor Paul Bridges, and the Nevada “patriot” rancher, Cliven Bundy.

Cliven Bundy has made some embarrassing statements supporting negro slavery, but it is his support for the latifundia neo-slavery of unlimited Third World immigration in here and now that makes Bundy a rightwing enemy. Check out his recent, insane comments supporting the Hispanic reconquest of the Southwest:

“Now let me talk about the Spanish people. Now I understand that they come over here against our Constitution and cross our borders. But they’re here, and they’re people. And I’ve worked beside a lot of them. Don’t tell me they don’t work, and don’t tell me they don’t pay taxes. And don’t tell me they don’t have better family structures than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they’re together, they picnic together, they’re spending their time together. And I’ll tell you, in my way of thinking, they’re awful nice people. And we need to have those people going to be with us.”

Yeah right, Cliven.

The Zeta drug cartel, MS-13, the Latin Kings and the low IQ Indian hordes of Central America have far better “family values” than us White folks. We’re supposed to welcome untold millions of these hardworking Hispanic helots. Third World immigration is just GREAT for ‘Murika now that our pampered pet negroes don’t want to be happy slaves anymore. We need an unlimited supply of number of cheap labor because ‘ol Cliven wouldn’t be the wealthy and respected, God-fearing ‘Murikan “patriot” rancher that the Nevada and Texas constitutionalist militia folks know and love … Not!

Let’s hope the liberals, leftists and federal land management environmentalists put ‘ol Cliven in a jail cell with 20 of his hardworking, illiterate illegal aliens who never learned how to use toilet paper in Guatemala.

Note: In my next article, I will feature White Renegade of the Year Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky who hangs out with David Axelrod.


  1. I highly doubt Cliven Bundy even has the money to hire anyone, illegal Hispanics or not.

    I support his cause because the wrong kind of people oppose it, the wrong kind of people (Harry Reid) stand to benefit if he loses, and if I had a grandfather, he’d look like Cliven Bundy. I never expected him to be some great Lothrop Stoddard intellectual on racial matters.

    I’d be willing to bet that Bundy has ancestral roots in Dixie. We have found out that his family has been on the land since the 1870s, and that does match the time frame of when many Southerners left the South and headed west, because they gave up on the South because they thought it would be a Yankee-Negro-occupied dystopian hell forever.

  2. BTW I may have been too cerebral in trying to figure out Rand Paul. After his latest Axelrod-enhanced antics, and I do eagerly anticipate Jack Ryan’s verbal wrath in that matter, (and as a preview, reading between the lines, Rand Paul is now implying that he doesn’t want to stop at just legal status and work permits, which is bad enough by itself, that he wants a path to citizenship too), and his antics before that whining that the concept of having to present photo ID to vote, when you practically have to present photo ID to breathe these days, “offends people” (i.e. loudmouth black militants and obsessives), it’s now clear to me that Rand Paul is now just your ordinary every day negro-lover (insert a different word) and Hispanic-lover (again, insert a different word), who then tries to meld right-libertarianism around that.

    IOW, the New Jack Kemp.

  3. Countenance writes:

    “I support his cause because the wrong kind of people oppose it, ”

    Jack replies:

    You are way, way too smart to think and act this way. Just because lots of Liberal, Leftists hate some guy, it doesn’t mean we should support the guy.

    The guy in question, might in fact be a terrible traitor to our people.

    Case in point Donnie Smith CEO of Tyson Foods. Most Liberals hate a guy like Donnie Smith because he’s a selfish rich CEO, uses union breaking labor practices, has a terrible record of animal cruelty. He/Tyson back pols like Mike the Huckster Huckabee as Governor of Arkansas – GOP, Religious Right, most probably Christian. Zionist war monger to boot. Yeah, honest Liberals hate all this….


    These filthy rich $&’k%#€! Agribusiness owners are one of the most important powers flooding the South with Third World non Whites, including Bantu Somalian Muslims !

    Just because some Liberals hate a guy, no reason we have to support, defend traitors. Just re-read Cliven’s horrible quote about Hispanic cheap labor. If some business guy in Japan said or did anything similar, Japanese Nationalists would slice his traitorous body in to tiney pieces.

    This knee jerk reaction of:

    “Anything Liberals are against, I’m for it”

    This mindset has got to go. It’s one of the main reason Southern Whits mostly support Neo Con Jew wars – “those liberals hate guns, the military, are all peaceniks, let’s go bomb Serbia, Russia, Iraq or Geemany again, just to piss off the Liberals”

    No Countenance, you are way, way too smart to go down that road.

  4. Donnie Smith, who actually runs a company and actually has hiring authority, actually hires cheap labor non-whites and is personally more rich and wealthy for it.

    Mike Huckabee had political power and is evidently not through in trying to seek more of it.

    Cliven Bundy just made a very incorrect assessment based on the few Hispanics he sees. He probably doesn’t hire any because he doesn’t seem to have enough money or resources to hire anyone. He has no political power and is not seeking it, and not in the running to be the CEO of an agribusiness firm.

    Donnie Smith and Mike Huckabee saying these sorts of things is way different than Cliven Bundy saying these sorts of things.

  5. Countenance – ok, sure. Donnie Smith and Mike the Huckster Huckabee are worse traitors, far more wealthy and politically powerful than this old Rancher Cliven.

    He’s still a fool and old fool and an immigration traitor to boot.

    He angrily tells us, not to tell him mass, third world immigration is bad. He a filly tells us Mexicans and Ce tral Americans are great, hard working people with better family values than us Whites. He sternly warns us we can’t tell him differently.

    Well, I just told this old fool different. I hope my very accurate OD hit piece on a Cliven goes viral and yes, he does get to share a small jail cell with his beloved Guatamalans who haven’t learned to use toilet paper, soap, deodorant etc.

    Don’t make excuses for traitors and fools on the Conservative Right.

  6. @ Jack Ryan

    “We have terrible enemies on the so-called conservative/libertarian Right”

    I’m sick and tired of the conflating of eminently sound (small “l”) libertarian economic principles such as:

    1) the basic legality and efficiency of capitalist acts freely entered upon by consenting adults,

    2) sound hard money principles instead of fractional reserve banking, and

    3) freedom of association (which was severely damaged by the 1964 Civil Rights Act),

    with wild statements about unrestricted immigration, homosexual marriage, and other such nonsense espoused by certain “libertarians” over the years.
    Read the Confederate Constitution. It is quite clearly libertarian in its rational economic prescriptions for low taxes and free trade.

    Do you propose we welcome the switch to a ZOG, or BRA, or neo-Confederate quasi-Marxist centrally controlled economic system in lieu of our hard-earned rights as free-born Americans?

  7. The Cliven Bundy issue has nothing substantially to do with immigration, or race for that matter. Bundy definitely has the wrong idea about Hispanics, but he has no power to implement those wrong ideas. Actually, most of the people who have taken a lot of time and trouble to help him and defend him are asking the right questions, such as, “why all this force against one rancher in Nevada but none of it at the borders?”

    Still, there’s no reason to try to cross wires and make it any more complicated than it is. One’s opinion on the pregnant question should have nothing to do with what he thinks about Hispanics, or if he thinks that Bette Midler is the 12th Imam.

    I will say, that while we’re on the subject, that I think one of the main reasons why there’s a huge disconnect between people wanting no part of the increasingly abusive power of governments on one side, and on the other side governments getting increasingly more abusive of their power, has to do with cult ideology and the good ole libertarian cult. People opposed to abusive government think that they have to take 100% of the libertarian playbook along with them in order to stop governments from being abusive, so when they make implications that governments no longer being abusive means that grandma no longer gets her Medicare, how do you think most people are going to vote? I’m convinced that of the million reasons that people should have started a revolution before now, if there is actually a proposal that next year’s Social Security checks are $1 a month less than this year’s, the 65+ crowd will start a revolution.

    The day some politician figures it out, breaks out of the ghetto of ideological rectitude, and says that the BLM should not be doing what it’s doing to Cliven Bundy and grandma gets to keep her Medicare at the same time, that’s the day things will start to get a lot better for Cliven Bundy and the rest of us.

  8. Rudel,

    If you or anyone you support works for smaller government, sound money AND is very good, excellent on immigration, racial realities. Fine. great!

    Cliven Burdy, Ron and Rand Paul do not fit this category. They angrily dismiss the legitimate concers of those of us who don’t want to welcome mass third World Immigration. Their enablers keep trying to reassure us that they are on our side and their immigration views, policies aren’t that bad.

    No. Sorry – they are that bad, terrible, treasonable. If anyone in Japan tried to do say similar insane, treasonous immigration things, nationalist would literally kill them.

    Mass third world immigration to the USA, including mass Muslim immigration is not good for us and some free market, welfare reforms are not going to change this reality.

    It’s a &$&$) invasion!

    My point is that most healthy Southerners can easily see that radical Leftists SPLC, ACLU are against them. But, few see the traitors, enemies on the Right, Libertarian side. Enough regular White folks were fooled in to thinking Rand Paul was on their side, they assumed he shared their common sense views on immigration. He does not. He spend the week sucking up to Chicago Jewish Obama adviser David Axelrod at the University of Chicago promising the 11 million ( more like 20 million) third world illegals a path to US citizenship. Then Rand tries to reassure us that he doesn’t favor allowing all 700 million people in the world who want to come here to actually come, though crazy Liberatrian loon Rand Paul has said that in the past (State of the Union response).

    Right now are Southerners in Kentucky burning the phone lines demanding traitor Rand Paul’s head? Doubt it, few outside of the OD, Vdare alternative right world are aware of Rand Paul’s insane, treasonous immigration views. They think Rand Paul is one of them.

    That is why have been a leading voice exposing the treason of Rand Paul and Ron Paul, treason on the Right.

  9. Countenance: that welfare-freedom philosophy was emblematic of Eisenhower and John Diefenbaker of Canada in the 50s (Red Toryism). It would have remained the governing philosophy of North America if not for two things:

    1) The Jews brought here in the 40s children were in their late teens and 20s. Those children had been raised as mindweapons against the Aryan elite.
    2) Korea and Vietnam

    Empires always brown out, I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t in thousands of years.

  10. countenance says:
    June 2, 2014 at 7:58 pm
    “The Cliven Bundy issue has nothing substantially to do with immigration, or race for that matter. Bundy definitely has the wrong idea about Hispanics, but he has no power to implement those wrong ideas.”

    Jack responds:

    Disagree. Burdy has been doing unsustainable ranching, agribusiness exploiting sub minimum wage, illegal/non White labor it’s a form of Neo slavery, voluntary servitude where the Hispanic non Whites agree to be low wage slaves for a short time, before they and their large numbers of ugly, low IQ children give up being happy slaves and then they flood in to our cities and small towns, destroy our public schools, bankrupt our medical system and just turn formerly safe, White American areas in to third world latrines.

    I for one refuse to listen to traitors, old fools like Cliven Burdy tell us how mass 3rd world immigration is good for our country and these invading 3rd world immigrants have better family values than we do.

    We all have old fools in our families. Just tell the ones round you to not mouth off immigration treason. We’re at war and mostly loosing. Those who take the enemy side will be outed. And punished.

  11. Afterthought

    To the extent that I grok what you’re trying to say, I don’t necessarily agree. Are you trying to tell me that welfare states only happen because of wars and Jews? Okay, then, which wars and which Jews started the welfare states in England and Germany well before World War I.

    The modern welfare state has really nothing to do with wars and Jews. It’s what happens when a country that’s at least a soft ethnostate harvests the value added nature of a growing industrial economy or some kind of high value added economy. As soon as it can afford a welfare state, it will have one, because of the tribal nature of the people therein.

    If the industrial revolution would have happened in the empire built by Alexander the Great, and all the conditions were ripe, then the Alexandrian Empire would have had something of a welfare state. That reminds me, there was one city state in ancient Greece during their golden age that had a form of Medicare.

  12. Jack Ryan

    Third time I’m saying this, and I don’t want to say it a fourth time. From all that I can credibly glean, Bundy doesn’t hire illegals or much of anyone else, because he doesn’t have the money to do so.

    I, too, am in no mood to listen to immigration treachery. The difference is that immigration treachery out of the mouths of people have serious power of some sort (Senators, Presidential candidates, CEOs, etc.) is way more dangerous than the ephemeral observations of people with no power and people who don’t see many Hispanics, and people that are central to political questions that have nothing to do with immigration.

    Let’s say for the sake of discussion that Cliven Bundy did illegally hire half of Guatemala on his ranch. That still means I would oppose what the BLM is doing to him, and that would not change the nature of that question. It does mean that whatever ICE and CBP wanted to do to him, (to the extent that Federal immigration law enforcement agencies ever enforce immigration law anymore, and they don’t), would be fine by me.

  13. How much welfare was there in Depression era Germany and England?!

    JR, hispanics are encouraged by corporations and La Raza leader types to sign onto welfare the minute they walk in the door. They collect welfare, able-bodied young men with young wives who do nothing but squeeze out babies, the minute they step inside US borders. Some even have money and properties at home and just come to work the system. I’m sure Bundy is in on this exploitation of the middle class somehow.

  14. But countenance, Bundy’s remarks, besides promoting totally false anti-white myths, also make it seem like whites can’t stand up for their rights without somehow paying homage to some ‘hardworking’ benighted ‘minority.’ Bundy’s comments also make it seem like his posture towards the grazing land wasn’t as righteous as many of us would have liked to think.

  15. NYYankees

    If you want to be mad at white people who think they somehow need permission from some non-white to think what they think, you can be, and in fact, you should be. But realize that you’re going to be mad at most white people, not just Cliven Bundy. About the only kind of white people you won’t be mad at are regular OD posters. ‘Tis the power of cultural Marxism and our cultural Taliban.

    As far as your other point, I am well aware of human nature, and well aware of the gravity of the immigration question, and therefore Bundy deflated some sympathy among ODers that he would have had if he had not said it. But that should not be the case. One more time, they’re two separate issues that by all logical rights should not cross wires. Let’s say that you thought Bundy’s cause was wrong when it first started, but in that interview, he said that the borders should be sealed tight, non-white illegals should be deported and not let back in, and the people that exploit their labor should be impaled, and that Chicano Hispanics were the scum of the Earth, and that we should be a whites-only ethnostate. That does not mean that that, by itself, however agreeable you would find those statements, (and they happen to be correct, IMHO), should change your mind about the ethics of the Bundy-BLM-land use question.

  16. “Let’s say for the sake of discussion that Cliven Bundy did illegally hire half of Guatemala on his ranch…”

    Judas – the personification of traitor treason in the Christian New Testement – revered by our Southern kinsmen.

    What happens to Judas – after all, he was just maximizing his personal utility , offering his services to the highest bidder, embracing free market economics… Blah, blah, blah.

    Are there worse, more powerful traitors than Cliven Burdy?

    Yes of course.

    Are Rand Paul and Ron Paul those most, evil, hateful anti White pols in America?

    No of course not.

    But on the live or die issue of mass non White immigration they are…

    On the other side. They are very dangerous because they are traitors, most regular Southerners in Kentuckynthink Rand Paul,is on their side. On the immigration issue, he is not. He’s a traitor, joining other traitors – minor league traitors like Cliven Burdy to mayor, major league traitors like Tyson CEO Donnie Smith or former Arkansas Governor Mike the Huckster Huckabee.

    Traitors are traitors. Please don’t support, enable traitors.

  17. Rand Paul: Sitting U.S. Senator, thinks he can be the next President. (Insert laugh tracks here)

    Mike Huckabee: Former Governor, still dreaming of the White House. (Insert louder laugh tracks here)

    Donnie Smith: CEO of an agribusiness firm. (Nobody’s laughing now.)

    Judas: Sold privileged information about his friend and mentor to people who he knew wanted to execute the individual in question.

    Cliven Bundy: Someone who has the very wrong impression about Hispanics due to his limited experience with them, however, there is no evidence that he has actually hired any, legal or illegal, and he doesn’t have or want any kind of power to impress his wrong ideas on the public policy making process, and someone who in a few years won’t have even the power to consume oxygen.

    Yeah, big difference.

    Remember, I, too, and many of the people reading these words and submitting words of their own here, once had the wrong idea about Hispanics due to limited experience.

  18. I stand completely behind this article. With Hunter Wallace’s great editing, this is one of my best.

    My point is a simple, important point.

    Our enemies are not always in the Liberal – Left side. We have terrible enemies on the Conservative/Libertarian and pro military Right.

    Southerners generally oppose, hate Liberals, Leftists, people who attack the South, Southern culture from a northeast/Hollywood Liberal, Left world view.

    But, way too many Southerners don’t see enemies, adversaries, traitors on the Conservative Right.

    Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mike the Huckster Huckabee and now Rand Paul all came to power by the votes and general support of Southerners who hold Conservative political and social views. These regular Southerners thought these guys were on their side, shared their values, shared their common sense views on things like crime, race relations and immigration. These regular Southerners were deceived. They failed to see traitors, enemies on the conservative Right. Our enemies, especially the tribe that dominates the media, Presidential campaign financing, the tribe understands Southerners are suckers who will be blind to traitors on the a conservative Right.

    We at OD are not suckers, we see most all things that matter.

  19. I’ve been writing to VDARE, Sam Francis, anybody that would listen for eleven years, that we need third parties, the Republicans aren’t cutting it, and are not likely to do so. They seem to me to be errand boys for Wall Street and the cheap labor crowd. The Republicans also seem to be quite fond of sending other people’s kid’s off to get shot at in countries most of us don’t care about. The name I had for the third party was the Jefferson Party. They would represent European American interests, traditional and working class values.

  20. Any South Carolinians in here, please vote for Lee Bright, to oust Lindsey Graham out of the Senate. He’s not my first choice, that being Cash, but he’s got the best shot and most support. He’s a good traditional Christian, and has stated that he’ll do what the people of South Carolina want (sounds like Ted Cruz). Please, vote for Lee Bright, and don’t split the vote by voting for Cash or another fellow. We need to get Graham out of office more than anything.

  21. @ Carl Grimes

    Why not American Freedom Party? They seem pretty cool to me, as close as there is to a party that stands for white americans.

  22. Countenance,

    I don’t think we really differ on anything here or really anything anywhere. You are my favorite commenter at Amren and I deeply respect your real world , practical successful political activism.

    If you want to overlook Cliven Burdy’s insane, treasonous comments on immigration, and support him as the Fed Beast persecutes one rancher, hey that’s fine. God bless you and maybe if you get the ear of this old guy,you can get him to walk back a lot of these terrible comments. Lot’s of people walk back after they gphear from us, Even John McCain gave in to our pressure:

    “OK, we’ll build that god damned border wall”

    Of course he didn’t actually build the wall.

  23. We’re getting some spirited, intelligent comments here and ai live for that.

    Please post this article far and wide, on Facebook and other places. Submit the article to other “conservative”, immigration restriction blogs. Ask people to read and then critique my main point:

    We can’t ignore traitors, enemies or just fools on the Conservative/Libertarian Right.

    All of our enemies are not Liberal Leftists.

  24. Jack Ryan

    Olive branch gladly accepted.

    Here’s what we have in common on this matter:

    * Cliven Bundy’s comments on Hispanics are substantively wrong.

    * Open borders people with actual power or seeking it should be resisted and politically punished.

    * And, I get the feeling that if we get down to the bare metal of your hard drive, you don’t even approve of what the BLM/Obama/Reid is trying to do re Bundy.

    Here’s where we “differ,” though these differences aren’t really significant:

    * You interpret Bundy’s comments re Hispanics as treason, I’m saying that they’re the half-baked musings of a powerless old man who doesn’t know any better on the subject. I just happen to think that treason requires some combination of power and action.

    * You’re shaping your opinion of the Bundy BLM land use question based on Bundy’s less that correct (me: “dumb” Jack: “treasonous”) comments about Hispanics, I think they’re two separate issues that really have no commonality and rational people have the ability to have tunnel vision between the two.

    We already have too few people who really get the immigration and race question. We don’t need to be bashing each other over the head over this relative triviality.

    That said, hurry up and get that Rand Paul article up. 🙂

  25. Thanks Countenance for accepting my olive branch.

    You’re the best!

    I’m just a bit upset at myself for missing Rand Paul’s visit to my Chicago where he was sucking up, agreeing with Obama adviser David Axelrod. I could have been there and reduced Rand Paul to tears.

  26. I think the Bundy standoff was a test that the Feds ran to see what whites are willing to do, or not. They have astutely realized that whites will never give up their Constitutionally-guaranteed (Bill of) Rights in any direct challenge to them, so their focus is now going to be completely directed towards subverting them indirectly, though holes in our jurisprudence like the one posed by ‘mental health’ issues.

  27. Left and Right are constructions of political statecraft / stagecraft.

    The true enemies of America and the Southrons (who held to the founding American charter) are those who own America as a corporation and who have constructed the left / right political dialectic and party system.

    Left and Right are simply two crossed blades – the Unseen Hand cuts the social fabric to its specifications.

    This Unseen Hand has many echelons as we go up the pyramid of power that is the covert / real governement operating through all American institutions and exercises total domination in the political, cultural, economic, intelligence, judicial and educational spheres.

    All the institutions that operate these spheres of action and influence are on the pyramid of a psychopathic control grid. And it all integrates at the apex – the CIA, MI5, Mossad are all Rothschild operations.

    Allow me to repeat: both left and right ideologies (and parties) are political constructions that serve a covert government.

    Both are fundamentally hostile to the Church of the Western Patriarchate and its Christendomn and the Magna Charta (and the parliamentary system of laws that devolved from it). The founding charter of America is only a whittled down version of some of the rights of the Magna Charta that were guaranteed by the foundations of the state itself.

  28. NYYankees

    I don’t necessarily think it was a test run for anything, other than hurrying up and making Harry Reid even more rich than he is already, instead of waiting around for Cliven Bundy to die. Hell, Harry Reid might croak before Cliven Bundy does.

    I do think that compared to previous go-arounds of these kinds of issues, the resistance was better in that it focused a lot more on PR, using the tools available now that were not available during, say, Waco in 1993, to push a PR angle.

    That and the crowd that we sometimes deride as race-denying Constitutionalists, asked the wise question about why the BLM built walls and had this show of force in regards to a rancher, but the Feds don’t want walls or or a show of force at the border. It’s a big step forward and a big show of progress that “race-denying Constitutionalists” think that there should be this kind of force at the border, even if Cliven Bundy’s understanding of the immigration issue and of the kinds of recent immigrants we’ve been getting is (me: “stupid/wrong,” Jack: “treasonous.”), and even if Ron and Rand Paul are still clueless and always will be. The next evolutionary step they can make is for them to start saying that we can have both Social Security and the BLM not abusing ranchers at the same time. Then we’ll really be getting somewhere.

    Jack Ryan

    If that would have happened, I would have given an arm or a leg to see the video. I’m sure you could have made Rand cry; I don’t think Axelrod has enough of a conscience in order to cry.

  29. Regardless of Bundy’s stupid comments, he is standing up to the feds. Because
    of his bravery against government goons, I am willing to overlook some stupid com-
    ments about immigration.
    Just because we nationalists have the nerve to tell the truth and the guts to
    abjure the realm….doesn’t mean we should get so angry at folk like Bundy. He
    has been working so hard on his ranch that he obviously hasn’t educated himself
    on some strategic facts of history that we nationalists embrace.
    Ryan, you seem to demand perfection; but we all are going to fall short of your
    high standards I’ll bet. Somebody (coming from whatever political spectrum) is
    going to call us names no matter what. I was called “mean” by a local newspaper
    editor for defending old Dixie. From his viewpoint, I was a mean person.
    Now you are trying to paint Bundy as a villain when he is just ignorant. Now,
    you seem mean to me for doing that. Why not give him credit for defending
    property rights?
    I fought like hell in my little piece of babylonian America for several years
    to defend property rights. Trickle-down Agenda 21 won and I walked away
    in defeat. Bundy’s words may support globalism. But his efforts support
    property rights (such as his cattle! ). His blood, sweat and tears should count
    as something good. Anyone who fights Agenda 21’s takeover of land and
    property should cut him some slack on some of the idiotic stuff he has said.

  30. Jean Allen writes:

    ” He has been working so hard on his ranch that he obviously hasn’t educated himself
    on some strategic facts of history that we nationalists embrace.
    Ryan, you seem to demand perfection; ”

    Or maybe he worked so hard on his ranch that he fell off his horse, got kicked in the head and suffered 85% brain damage, to the point he thinks nasty Mestizo, Central American Amer Indians are “Spanish” and the invasion of tens of millions of these barbaric, filthy aliens is “good for Mericuh.

    Yeah, I shouldn’t be mean to senior Whites who’ve suffered brain damage, to the point that they make insane comments a our live or die racial realities.

    But, we have lots of problems with Old completely out of it White guys doing and saying insane, treasonous things. Ronald Reagan was basically out of it in his 2nd term, senile. We can’t let the fate of our people be placed in the hands of very old White men who simply can’t think, can’t recognize live or die racial realities.

  31. Jean Allen – again, I understand this Cliven is an old White guy, who’s kind of confused and out of it. I don’t want to kill the guy, ai just note that nationalists in Japan would most certainly kill any Japanese agribusiness owner who said or did similar racial treasonous things like welcoming the mass invasion of Japan by millions of Mexican and Central American Amer-Indians.

    No, don’t kill guys like Cliven Burdy, but also don’t enable them. Treat them like misbehaving children – give them a “time out”. Make them sit in the corner. Maybe tackle them, rub their noses in dog poo.

    But be firm. White people in any position of influence can not support the mass invasion of third world non Whites.

    No. Don ‘t do this.

    Cliven likes Guatemalan Amer Indian low wage slaves – he can enjoy being locked up with 20 of em in a studio apartment, one toilet, no TP.

  32. Bundy should be applauded for standing against the feds. And I DO think we
    might consider cutting people some slack for old age. Life gets much harder for
    most of us as we face the “setting” rather than the “rising” sun. We have more
    health problems, dread interstate driving …and are helping raise grandkids.
    And, dammit, it’s not easy to find two Southrons who agree on everything.
    For example, a few are Israel-Firsters. But, because of the way their preachers
    interpret the Bible, they will not budge on this issue.
    All kinds of things divide us, unfortunately. Some of our most radical
    nationalists are in love with heritage events; and will travel to see them rather
    than travel for a demo (even though they believe in the nationalist agenda).
    Unlike SPLC, I DO believe in tolerance whenever possible. It’s interesting
    that half the stupid things Bundy said angered the progressives; and the other
    half has angered the nationalists. I admire him for the first half; and feel sorry
    for him about the second half.
    There are lots of people I’d rather be angry with than old Cliven. I’ve got
    righteous anger against lots of folk…going way way back to the murderers of
    William Wallace…..onto W.T. Sherman……and today….Mark Potok and Moe
    Sleeze. There are so many dead and living villains to despise; I think I’ll
    overlook Clivin’s stupid statements.

  33. Jean Allen – it’s understandable to sympathize with an old White guy who has a hard time getting by in these rough days.

    But, that’s another reason we can’t have leaders, spokesmen that are confused, dysfunctional old men. Our enemies exploit this weakness.

    One example was another very old man former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson who came out for homosexual marriage equality.

    No fool like an old fool.

    Cliven Burdy is too old and out of it to be making statements about immigration and the joys of Negro slavery, make insane statements to the press.

    He’s also to old to be doing huge level ranching on…

    100,000 acres!

    That’s not sustainable agriculture, so of course he’s going to have to use lots and lots of low wage, 3rd world immigrant workers (slaves).

    Our people and our culture are dying because we allow, enable lots of White people to do insane, destructive things.

    Life isn’t really that complicated. Most issues like immigration, crime, welfare, culture are pretty straight forward.

    What kind of White people welcome the mass invasion of low IQ, unskilled, unhealthy, racial and cultural alien immigrants?

    1 traitors
    2 fools

    We can’t enable either traitors or fools.

    Cliven Burdy shouldn’t be doing lots of things – he’s too old, his brain doesn’t work very well – he thinks the tens of millions of nasty Mestizo Amer- Indians are “Spanish”!

    Does Cliven think the whole brutal Island of Haiti is full of French people?

    You and I will probably be old and maybe confused and out of it like Ol Cliven. I hope sane, healthy younger people will step in to see that we don’t say or do insane stupid things.

  34. Okay….. And, I agree with you that he’s an old fool. And…yes..I have said some
    stupid things in my life…..lots I wish I could call back. And, I probably will say
    some again that I will later regret.
    I would have made a bad general in the “War” against our people. I make a
    better foot soldier…….. I’m so glad to have the leadership we southern
    nationalists have…..such as Hill and the men who serve on the Board of the
    L.S. And, I’m thankful for you too.

  35. “Now let me talk about the Spanish people. Now I understand that they come over here against our Constitution and cross our borders. But they’re here, and they’re people. And I’ve worked beside a lot of them. Don’t tell me they don’t work, and don’t tell me they don’t pay taxes. And don’t tell me they don’t have better family structures than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they’re together, they picnic together, they’re spending their time together. And I’ll tell you, in my way of thinking, they’re awful nice people. And we need to have those people going to be with us.”

    Cliven contradicting himself. Mexican gov and the upper strata elites share his point of view.

  36. I have to include a follow up “I told you so” story to this old fool, immigration traitor, fake patriot story.

    It seems the “revolutionaries” that ambushed, muderous the White police officers in Las Vegas were once part of the Cliven Burdy patriots, camp out supporters. They got kicked out for Meth use and other erratic behavior.

    These race denying American “patriot”, anti government causes are notorious for attracting dysfunctional, mentally unstable violent kooks who can generally be counted on to do counterproductive acts of extreme violence like murdering White police officers, invading Holocaust museums, Jewish medical centers where the misguided patriots end up murdering White Catholic grandparents and grandchildren.

    Vdare has the sorry facts on these meth patriot revolutionary supporters of this old fool rancher that LOVES mass Amer-Indian illegal immigration.

  37. JR, I’m not sure you’re right about the Las Vegas shooters, but, what else is new.

    As for immigration, here’s a great way to get the truth out:

    Michael Dennis Lynch is a New York State native who makes documentaries for our side, and goes around the country doing speaking engagements. I think he’s making some new flick now in Texas.

    The ‘movement’ desperately needs visual media. Too much internet chatter goes nowhere. These movies look very well done and make a great event to host at a local library, theater if you can find one to rent, church, or personal home theater. Lynch has not allowed the zionist-controlled film industry to hold him down, and we shouldn’t either. Organizing locally is the key. Getting people to come out and gather to discuss and network will actually ‘move’ things.

    Cantor lost but Brat is sort of like Edward Blum, who spearheaded the challenge in SCOTUS of AA in the Fisher case and regarding voter registration. Blum is secretive about his donors and staff to the point where he won’t even allow an intern in his office. I smell Zion.

    The head honcho jews want to always keep a balance between the goy. Too many coloreds could make a solid majority (and the hispanics hate the jews whether or not anyone realizes this) that might rise up against the jewish plutocrats. Now that the white majority has been so decimated the kingpins want to come back fighting for whites once again.

    This relates to my point about the rise of industrialization and the democratization of the education, all dating back to some initial sparks like the invention of the printing press. There is NOTHING ‘smart’ about the jews compared to the europeans when it comes to intellectual acumen. Cunning, OTOH, is another matter altogether…

    As long as the goy are all divided into fairly balanced bickering factions they can be controlled, dominated, sucked off of.

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