Ain’t That America: Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion

District of Corruption

Bowe Bergdahl sounds to me like another drama queen in the mold of Elliot Rodger or Chelsea Manning … six other US soldiers died trying to locate this deserter and the Taliban’s top terrorist POWs were freed in exchange for his release from captivity.

Meanwhile, the US military pays for Chelsea Manning’s hormone therapy, Chuck Hagel thinks it is time for transsexuals to serve in the armed forces, and wounded veterans rot in VA hospitals.

Such is the world we live in. It must be maddening for veterans to see how much America has declined in their lifetimes. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have seen your friends die … for this.

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  1. Bergdahl reminds me more of John Walker Lindh. The big difference is that Lindh was dumb enough openly to run with the Toweliebahn and fight us. Bergdahl and the Toweliebahn were smart enough and sly enough to play a game of kabuki theater wherein they passed themselves off as his captors and passed him off as a POW. Knowing that one day this “POW” would be used as a bargaining chip.

    But both Lindh and Bergdahl are left wing extremist lunatics who feel the same sort of sense of do-gooder pathological altruism for the Toweliebahn and the whole Jihadist crowd that some of our favorite politicians display toward our domestic black undertow.

  2. There’s a theory going around that Bergdahl pretended to defect to the Toweliebahn because he was being a stool pidgeon for us. That theory is easy to blow out of the water — We tried to rescue him, and six American soldiers died in the various efforts to save him. If he was a secret stool pidgeon for us, then why did we try to rescue him?

    Another Bergdahl-Lindh similarity is their equally if not even more left-wing do-gooder pathologically altruistic parents.

  3. We no longer have any reason to be in Afghanistan and we haven’t had a good reason to be their since we chased out Al Qaeda within months of invading. The Taliban are just Pashtun bandits/militias. We have no business being their eleven years later. Once Bergdahl realized this he just said “fuck it” and lit off. I say more power to him and that the US should GTFO of Afghanistan.

  4. “and adopted liberal views in awake of son’s capture”

    The fundamentalist Islamic Pashtun tribesmen with their Haqqani bandits and Taliban militias are hardly known for being “liberal!” LOL

  5. Obama acted unilaterally again without Congress … just like the DREAM Act and Cap-and-Trade:

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said Tuesday that the White House told her that it was on “oversight” that Congress didn’t receive the required notification about the prisoner exchange deal that secured the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

  6. Hunter, you are not seeing the big picture. This is all part of the ongoing negotiations for the scheduled 100% pull out of American troops by the end of the year. Obama is trying to negotiate a settlement with the Taliban in order to keep 10,000 troops stationed in Afghan after the first of the year.

    My take on this is that the United States wants to keep the Bagram airbase so that we have a jumping off point for our troops to secure the Pakistani nuclear arsenal if it is threatened with a takeover by Muslim fundamentalists.

  7. I’ve also heard the theory that Obama did this to distract from VA.

    If that’s what happened, then it was dumb, because the VA as a scandal involves Obama but not just Obama. This thing is Obama’s own unilateral action and nobody else’s.

  8. Aren’t we supposed to be anti-foreign wars? Why should we care if one of the empire’s men is a loon?

  9. “This thing is Obama’s own unilateral action and nobody else’s.”

    The United States government has been in active negotiations of one sort or another with the Taliban for at least the last three or four years.

  10. Actually, I’m extremely happy with how things are proceeding. Certainly veterans and current soldiers are unhappy, but that’s not at all bad. Just read the other day that Kenyan boy issued a plan for US Military Forces to be brought in to quell any insurrection or uprising. Somehow, I wonder if that would be in his best interest. Certainly, I never question the loyalty of our troops to America, but somehow I have to wonder if they consider this regime to be part of America anymore. Every time they shit on the military, another division joins the Rebellion is how I see it. Its always darkest just before the dawn.

  11. I have to wonder if they consider this regime to be part of America anymore

    Many of them do not, and that number is growing. No wonder the current regime is worried…

  12. I wonder how many of the militarized policemen will actually follow orders. I know most of the military will be on our side, but what about riot police?

  13. We are against foreign wars.

    Honestly, I started this dicusssion for two reasons: it was the only thing anyone was talking about today and it alienates people from Washington, and I am going to have my son early in the morning, so I wanted y’all to have something to talk about.

  14. Congrats Hunter and Renee.

    This soon? Tempus fugit I guess. Seems like just two days ago you announced then yesterday you announced that you and Renee were told that he’s a boy.

  15. This might have been done to soften up the public opinion for the military action to #SaveOurGirls in Africa. (Russia’s experts consider the current USA leadership, the State Department in particular, as super-incompetent.)

  16. A lot of men don’t fight “for this”, they fight to get the hell away from it.

  17. I just listened to Obama’s speech in Poland.

    He appeared to be saying

    “I gotta fever, what this country needs as a cure is MORE niggers!”

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  18. What concerns me about this as a visual is that a black guy is negotiating the release of a white man from some brown men. The father has total Stockholm Symdrome, the mother has a sort of winsome MILF ambience. She resembles Edie Brickelle or Katherine Keener.

    I find the entire spectacle disgusting. The dad’s beard: vomit inducing. White Americans are now hostages.

  19. Psychopathic traitors and lunatics are running USSA.

    Best wishes from a “Yankee” for your successful secession.

  20. The father is like a Zelig.

    He speaks whatever language his son’s captors might like to hear. The beard is just the tip of the iceberg with this reunited family.

  21. Before last night, I would have panned that theory that Obama did the Bergdahl deal to distract from VA, simply because it was a silly thing to try to make me believe that Obama would try to create a controlled burn to distract from a scandal that, compared to all his other scandals, is the least his fault, by creating one that’s entirely his doing.

    I now realize that the Obama White House is such a bubble so averse to the reality outside of itself that it might as well exist inside the event horizon of a black hole. Obama probably thinks that turning traitor and defecting to the Toweliebahn is a virtue, and thinks that everyone else thinks that simply because everyone he sees within his event horizon bubble thinks it. He probably had no clue how badly this would play in the plain ole regular universe where Newton’s and Kepler’s laws are good enough.

  22. This story made the news in Oz and headlined the JewMSM wakey-wakey on the 6 am feed.

    We saw the Bergdahl yenta talking to her bobeleh Bowe. And the bearded dad speaking Arabic. The whole schtick. … Excuse me, must go

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