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  1. Enjoy your fun in the sun while you can, brad. Their won’t be two many brakes from now on.

  2. the sound of waves on the shore…. utterly calming.

    The only thing better is a gentle rainstorm. (Minus the thunder and lightning, of course!)

    Congrats on the birth of your child.

  3. Thanks Hunter. I also wrote a draft commenting on the outstanding upset of Eric Cantor in Virginia, but noted Lindsey Graham made it through again in South Carolina.

    I was a bit worried that you had shoved me aside now that you have a family, maybe you were forced to disassociate yourself from bachelors from Chicago.


  4. Hey there!

    How be yer bones? Can the little fella do the Rebel Yell yet? Woo HOO!

    Give the sweetie a little brother or sister as fast as you can. Have fun! Use lots of sun screen!!!

  5. Daltons right, they’re knot going too be two many breaks from now on. Enjoy your fun in the son.

  6. I’ve noticed that there are very few reports coming through on CofCC about black on white violence against women and girls; far fewer reports appear now than were posted around this time last year and all of last summer and fall. The jews find the undeniable pattern of black on blonde and redhead female violence very hard to defend against, as it clearly proves that jews are not the slightest bit equal victims in this epidemic. So since the jews and CofCC have failed to convince anyone with half a brain that the black on jewish female crime reports coming out of Jew York are authentic, the CofCC is now downplaying black on WHITE female crime, imo.

    The link I posted above proves black on white female, especially blonde and redhead, violence continues but that Kyle isn’t interested in posting it.

  7. He’s a really cute baby.

    NYYankees, I haven’t seen any downplaying of black-on-white crime from the CofCC. The site itself seems to have slowed down in posting updates. We WNs need our constant news fix!

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