The Cost of the Union: Obama Promises Executive Amnesty

It appears that we are about to get amnesty for illegal aliens just as I always expected we would … in this scenario, White Southern conservatives would spend years working within the system, perpetually on defense, and would succeed in blocking “comprehensive immigration reform” every time it is brought up in Congress, and then one day Obama would just issue an executive order and we would get comprehensive amnesty in the same way that we got the DREAM Act in 2012 and most recently Cap-and-Trade.

Note: I’ve explained many times here that reforming the American system is impossible because of 1.) federal judges who are the final authority on the law, 2.) the oligarchy can bribe the winners of elections to “evolve” while in office, and 3.) executives like Obama can pick and choose which laws to enforce.

After the defeat of Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, Erick Erickson of Red State wrote an unusually insightful article which explains how the system works:

“The problem for those who call themselves Republicans is that it is harder and harder to say exactly what a Republican is these days. The great lesson from Mississippi is that Republican means, more or less, that if elected the party will reward its major donors, who are just different than the Democrats’ major donors. Policy differences are about different donors, not an actual agenda to shift the country in a different direction.

The Republicans have become the party of lobbyists, most of whom were on twitter celebrating their purchase.

Mississippi is a crystalizing election in that sense. Cochran is, for all intents and purposes, a marionette. His strings are pulled by staffers and lobbyists. They drop him onto the stage of the Senate and pull up a string to raise his hand. These puppeteers are so invested in keeping their gravy train going that they will, while claiming to be Republicans, flood a Republican primary with Obama voters to ensure their gravy train continues.”

A GOP victory in the 2014 midterm elections is no victory for people like us. It is just a victory for billionaire Republican donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. Policy differences are about which faction of the oligarchy controls the system and their preferences. In spite of the forms of democratic governance, the citizen has no real input or “voice” in the ultimate outcome.

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  1. The Koch brothers aren’t Republicans, they’re Left Libertarians.

    They’re pro abortion, same-sex “marriage”, and open borders. The only reason the Liberals don’t like them, is because they don’t support Obamacare. Which, doesn’t mean they don’t support free/socialized healthcare, it just means they don’t like some of the wording in Obama’s bill.

    I don’t understand why Liberals try to call them “evil conservatives”, when they really aren’t.

    On that note, I agree full heartedly with the overall point of this article.

  2. The pen and the phone are here to stay.

    Elections from here on out should be only about who gets to use the pen and phone and on whose behalf.

    Instead, what will we hear from almost all the Republicans running for President in 2016? A lot of (mostly disingenuous) talk about “restoring the Constitution,” as if a dying and terminally ill document could or should even be “saved.”

    If I was up on that stage, I’d promise to use the pen and phone to benefit white people.

  3. 1. Whatever Obama decrees with his pen and phone, it will make very little difference compared to the way immigration policy has (not) been enforced on the ground for a long time anyway. Obama decrees, “I’m not going to deport anyone.” Well duh, hardly anyone is ever deported anyway.

    2. But he is politically semi-compelled to do this at least for public consumption, because he himself constructed this meme, this fiction, that he deported a lot of people, just to get himself re-elected. And when you lie often enough, some people start believing you. In Obama’s case, Hispanic race lobbies actually believed that he was the “deporter-in-chief,” and that’s why they’re demanding he “do something” to stop all these “deportations.”

    3. I never thought Obama would announce in public that he is doing anything like this. I just thought he would quietly continue not enforcing immigration law, and leave it at that. Doing something (“–“) in public only provokes public anger at Democrats.

    4. And this is why the very group of people who most want Obama to take some executive action (as long as Obama can weasel his way into granting work permits to the illegals somehow) are the RINOs, the Stupid Party, and the billionaire donors behind them. It gives them what they most want, what their own party won’t give them, and it creates the political jujitsu where Obama and the Democrats get 100% of the public anger and blame for having done it, and because most people don’t pay close attention, they’ll react in November by empowering Mitch McConnell, open borders all the way. Actual legislation would have RINO fingerprints on it.

    5. Which also means Obama, by doing this, is trading short term political losses for long term gain for his own party, by slightly hastening the “electing a new people” process.

    6. I don’t know where Obama is getting this whole “the Republicans won’t stand up to the tea party and give me my amnesty” business. The TPM, at least the national groups, while they’re aware of the immigration issue, by and large aren’t using it to the degree they could or should, and one national TPM org is on the wrong side. “Dave Brat” — Yeah, but he only got help from local TPM orgs in Richmond and Virginia. The forces that resisted amnesty and scared enough Republicans to keep some legislation from happening (though, again, what good did it do because of the pen and phone) were forces that had crossover with the TPM but were not perfectly congruous with it.

  4. This is why I’ve always said that the Mainstream vs Vanguard argument is a complete waste of time. Neither is truly an independent voice with actual solutions and practical applications. Mainstream is an illusion. Working within a system that stifles your voice and constantly tries to mold you into an unquestioning, mindless subservient cog of that system is only beneficial to a pro-White standpoint when you control the messages, tones, and day-to-day operations of that system.

    What does a pro-White person get when Democrats are elected? He/She gets screwed forwards then backwards.

    What does a pro-White person get when Republicans are elected? He/She gets screwed backwards then forwards.

    Now, I don’t want to seem like one of those conspiracy theorist cranks, but your “enemies” sure do act an awful lot like your “friends.”

  5. We still have to participate in elections.

    OK, the RINO, cheap labor, slave labor GOP stole an election in Mississippi. We have to learn dirty tricks to win elections.

    This was basically a Reconstuction election where the occupying federal power used Left Black votes to steal a White election. That’s what they did.

    So, our side has to find ways to defeat this (3rd) Reconstruction occupying power.

    • The DREAM Act and Cap-and-Trade, and soon “comprehensive immigration reform,” are proof that voting solves nothing. Instead, all voting accomplishes is absorbing the time, energy, and money of people for decades which is squandered on “winning” in a meaningless hamster wheel that has no bearing on the ultimate fate public policy.

      The state bans on gay marriage and state crackdowns on illegal immigration are further evidence that reforming the system is impossible. Even if you win, you lose because federal judges have the final say and can unilaterally throw out the verdict of elections.

      • It doesn’t “solve” everything. It’s just participation, activism.

        Any new system that does work will have to come out, away from the current system that doesn’t work. Voting, elections they are going to be some part of our activism. We need to participate, get better at winning some things, maybe Presidential elections and many US Senate races can’t be won any time soon. There are still sherif races, county board races that can be won. County Board is where real power is at the local level.

        • Jack Ryan is right, in that we have to get what (little) we can get for ourselves out of the current (dying) system while it’s still alive.

          BTW don’t be so quick to say that the black voters made the difference in Mississippi. I happen to think what really made the difference is because of Mississippi’s incumbent-happy political culture (even worse than usual), and because of the Deep South’s lingering elder-deferential culture, not enough older white voters had it in them to throw out the incumbent and to take something away from the old man with silver hair and give it to a young man. I bet a lot of older white voters were resentful of Chris McDaniel not waiting his turn and trying to take something away from the old man.

        • Why participate in voting?

          If I am going to spend my leisure time doing something, why not spend it on something I enjoy doing like historical research? It doesn’t matter who wins elections because federal judges, oligarchs, and executives will always get their desired result.

          We need to stop deceiving ourselves that elections determine anything that matters. State and local officials are powerless because all the important decisions are made at the top of the system. The local officials only implement policies handed down by their superiors.

          • That’s way too defeatist and sounds pretty much like giving up.

            The Russians never gave up, now they have their country back, any feminists , Marxists , Zionists try to cause trouble, Cossacks whip them, mace them, then the trouble makers are tried and sentenced to hard labor in Siberia.

            So we have arrogant, unelected Fed judges dictating queer things. They ain’t taking away Southerners guns.

            Plus, we ‘ve just been lazy in many areas. We’ve giving these Fed judges a free pass.

            Who are they? Where do they live?

            The EDL English Defense League does a great job of taking to the streets. Whenever that nasty Muslim cleric shows his face in public, the EDL confronts him shouts “scum”. Who’s streets? Our streets!

            Why do I hear defeatist talk here on OD.

            league of the South is coming off it’s best year ever.

            Sure lots of things look bad. So etchings look better. Neo Cons lost most of their power, their pro wars for Israel policies are pretty much a thing of the past.

            Ok, so the Fed judges are now the worst problem – let’s deal with this problem. We can’t address this problem until we identify who? What?where?

          • I don’t look at it as being defeatist. I look at it as being an evolutionary step toward real activism, and being much more attuned to the reality of a closed and circular system being detrimental to White America no matter who wins. Even when you win, you lose. What has Red America gained in the past 50 years that hasn’t been taken away w/interest, or put on a path that will lead to an eventual loss of whatever fractional gains have been made?

            If you can teach people to take care of each other at a basic tribal/local level, then you can teach them to bypass a system that only exists to limit their progress. All you can manage to do within this system is to “win” enough so that when you lose twice as much it doesn’t look as bad. That’s not winning, it’s just slowly losing. Not much different than that hamster running its little heart out in the hamster wheel and getting absolutely nowhere but closer to death.

            How about a sports analogy? It always seems to be a rebuilding year for pro-White America, doesn’t it? It’s always “the next election cycle” or “the next depression” that is supposed to awaken this sleeping giant who just hasn’t yet learned to use the system properly. America is nothing like Russia or any other country. We have far too many non-Whites who are allowed to be far too racially aware. You have absolutely nothing to gain in a closed system that stifles any and all pro-White views, while it simultaneously props up and pushes a non-White and anti-White agenda. It’s sheer madness and goes against all reason and logic to believe otherwise.

          • Federal judges won’t matter when we get our hands on the pen and the phone. Hell, the Federal courts rule against Obama quite a bit, and he just blows them off. Obama controls Federal law enforcement and the military. Judges only have a gavel. Last I looked, a gun will take a piece of wood any day.

            This is why I’m happy Obama is doing his best to murder the Constitution. It means that when we get power, just as Obama can do what he wants, we can do what we want.

          • Hunter, you seem a little “tired of it all”, kind of burnt out.

            Why not just take a complete break from any activism for awhile to recharge your batteries .

            You’ve done am awful lot this last year.

            Others can step in while you take a well deserved break.

            Also, you phone message box is full, can’t accept any more messages.

          • Why not? It doesn’t take very long, and is only held a couple times out of the year. You might as well do it, even if it may not completely turn out the way you want.

            At the very least, it shows that there are still people out there who are traditionalists.

          • …and very few local officials ever disobey their masters/orders. That would prevent their climb to the higher levels of the scam.

        • I
          stopped voting in 2004 and haven’t looked back. It is called a protest vote. By
          not voting you are proclaiming that you are no longer going along with this scam
          of what is called representative government in America. Staying home and
          refusing to be a part of this is the only power we have left.

          you vote and pretend that any of this is real you are giving credence to this
          scam. Imagine if they could only get out something like 10 million voters to
          come out for national elections or all the White people (especially in the
          South) stayed home in protest. It would totally discredit them.

          get credibility and are able to claim that they represent us when 100 million
          + people come out and vote for Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

      • That’s actually a good analogy. I don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or sorry for those that believe the hamster wheel is actually getting them somewhere. Hours and hours of repetitive nonsense and patting themselves on the back for believing they are positioning themselves for the big day of progress or advancement, only to have nothing to show for it other than to be older, a lot more tired, less relevant and certainly no closer to realizing any kind of progress.

        Voting only works to enhance our lives if the system was truly using votes to gauge what we actually want and what betters our lives and protects our progeny. It should be apparent to anyone with a pulse that the current system will do just about anything if it pushes forward an anti-White agenda. If it has the potential to harm White America, our politicians will vote for it or serve their own selfish interests when push comes to shove.

        Think about it for a second: What does Mainstream even mean? Does it mean what a majority of people believe and what they vote for, or does it mean what the majority is being forced to do, while kicking and screaming along the way? It seems to me that Mainstream is the latter—a bunch of passive-aggressive complainers talking about what they want, while voluntarily walking down their own path to destruction. Extinction is only a few steps away from these people and this kind of thinking.

    • We still have to participate in elections.

      Why do we have to participate in a rigged system that offers us zero chance for victory?


      The Republicans were founded as an anti-Southern party, so a ‘RINO’ would be a Republican who supports the South, not one who opposes the South.

      • Sigh.

        Too many of our people simply can’t live in the present, can’t accept obvious changes, obvious racial realities in the here and now.

        Yes, the Republican Party was the anti White anti Southern Party in the 1870s and White Southerners viewed the Democrat Party as the White Southern Party, this division, this mind set lasted pretty much up until the Southern Strategy Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater and the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

        Even as the national Democrat Party was taken over by the likes if Jacob Javitz, Jessie Jackson, Colemon Young and Marion Bary, too many die hard White Southerners went with the idea that:

        “Mah Daddy was a a Democrat, my grand daddy was a Democrat, by golly I’m a Democrat”!

        We see the same terrible inability to acknowledge obvious changes in time, obvious racial realities as Old Conservative Americans still see the Russians as the main enemy up through the 1980s or even now, all because the brutal (Jewish) Communists were doing terrible things in Russia in the 1930s.

        Things change guys, sometimes they change for the better.

        New York Cityis a much, much safer, Whiter

  6. This will be the end of the South as we know it. Mexicans will flood in and determine our future.

  7. Obama’s Nasty Amnesty

    Don’t worry about amnesty. Obama only wants to replace the Declaration’s “unalienable rights” with a Proclamation of “ALIENable rights” !

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