More Traitors on the Wealthy Conservative Right

Jp Morgan CEO

I’ve written extensively about traitors here on OD, influential people who look like us, who should in all likelihood be sympathetic to our people, but who support our genocide.

I have tried to expose traitors on the conservative, libertarian pro-business American Right. Far too many of our people have fallen for the lie that all our problems are caused by liberals, leftists, socialists, homosexuals, and other anti-Americans on the Left who don’t appreciate our free enterprise system as led by the great captains of industry and intelligent leaders of high finance.

Not true.

We have many, terrible enemies on the conservative, pro-business wing of the American Right.Today we expose the immigration traitor and general anti-White panderer, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

Jamie Dimon spent last week testifying before Congress on the urgent need for “immigration reform” – mass amnesty for 11-20 million illegal aliens and the expansion of legal immigration from pretty much the entire world.

Jamie Dimon likes to talk a lot about … the world:

“Dimon warned the country needs to improve in a number of areas, unless it wants to get left behind compared to the rest of the world.

“The rest of the world has gotten much better,” said Dimon. “But it’s going to be competitive.”

Which countries in “the world” are we falling behind? El Salvador? Honduras? Guatemala? Young children from those diseased, violent gang terrorized Latin American nations are invading us by the hundreds of thousands.

No, we’re falling behind homogeneous European countries like Finland who have had virtually no Third World immigration Jamie Dimon talks just like spoiled, clueless rock stars like Sting and Bono who mouth off that they are working to end poverty in “the whole world.”If you want to puke listen to the Sting song, “One World is Enough For All of Us.”

I doubt that Jamie Dimon could even name half the countries in the world, but when you’re the CEO of JPMorgan Chase bank and a former Federal Reserve Bank board member, well you really don’t have to worry too much about learning basic world geography.

Jamie Dimon also likes to pander with Blacks as he announced in an “interview with CBS News. The firm announced an expansion of The Fellowship Initiative to Chicago and Los Angeles to help young men of color rise to their potential.”

Jamie Dimon isn’t doing anything similar to help poor White boys in Kentucky and West Virginia. Oh, and Jamie Dimon was proud to announce a special $100 million investment to black controlled and bankrupt Detroit. He may look like a very stereotypical leftwing New York Jewish banker and he certainly has that look, but he’s ethnically Greek


  1. Though I don’t know how “conservative right” someone whose political party is listed as “Democratic” can really be.

    But there’s a happy ending to this saga.

    Dimon is suffering from throat cancer (again), and there’s more and more medical literature that suggests that a lot of throat cancer in men is caused by HPV, contracted from getting a lot of fellatio from HPV-infected women. Not Jamie Dimon, but B.J. Dimon.

    While we’re on this subject, I know you saw the AR thread posted on Friday about the 30th anniversary of the WSJ calling for an open borders constitutional amendment. Of course most of the AR commentariat got it right, but there’s a few people there that I’m disappointed in, I won’t name them by name. Lauding the WSJ for everything else it does.

    One day, maybe one of these days, we’ll quit rewarding our avowed sworn enemies.

    One day, maybe one day, we’ll have enough common sense to ask ourselves the obvious question: If the WSJ is so abhorrent on immigration, and has been for more than a generation, then maybe other elements of the WSJ political agenda are bad for us. Or, if the broken clock is right twice a day and every once in a while they get something right, it’s on an issue nowhere near as important as immigration and race replacement. Just because the WSJ might get the occasional relatively trivial issue right is no reason to give them our money.

    • Lauding the WSJ for everything else it does.

      One day, maybe one of these days, we’ll quit rewarding our avowed sworn enemies.

      You should realize that this is a tactic more than it is just faulty logic and bad decision making skills. Some do it without malice or without actually realizing that they are part of a step-by-step plan to keep racialism in limbo. Others do it intentionally as part of a larger piece of the puzzle or do it for nothing more than extreme malice and self-serving goals.

      There is no “conservative” or “liberal” when it comes to birthing an entirely new concept of race and nation. This is most definitely true when it is trying to be done in a hostile world where resistance can come from the Right just as easily as it does from the Left. Democrats screw you and Republicans screw you. They just do it in different ways. Liberals try to break into your home and take your possessions and harm your family; and for 30 pieces of silver, Conservatives will unlock your doors for them and offer no help or resistance when you are being attacked. But they’ll sure talk about it and act outraged and feign a little empathy, all from the comforts of their gated communities. Boy oh boy, will they ever talk… and talk… and talk… and talk… and talk…

      AmRen is simply a lead anchor tied around the neck of modern racial nationalism. It’s no different than VNN or Stormfront. I’ve seen many, many astute and dedicated people pass through Stormfront. They had potential to be much more than internet personalities who dump their frustrations on comment sections. Unfortunately, they never matured or evolved too much while they were there, because they were too busy trying to conform to “standards” that always kept them hogtied to failed tactics of the past, or within arms reach of those who were trying to, intentionally or unintentionally, destroy them. If you look closely, you can see most “pro-White” sites doing this is some form or fashion.

      What we hope for is something like Bayesian conditioning. We hope that when our people see what gets to stay up and what gets taken down, that it sinks in and only write the kind of comments that wouldn’t be taken down. However, civility, like liberty, requires eternal vigilance.

      That’s AmRen! No different than the politically correct bullshit that the Leftists try and pass off as being all about facts and a quest for truth or some perverted concept of civility. I say fuck civility if it needs my unquestioning obedience and requires me to hand over the keys to my castle and forego basic natural laws like protecting my family and their future.

      Just enough “right” to give you a glimmer of hope and keep you believing that they/them/it could one day see the light. But never enough that would allow you to get too far away from their control or influence. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the reason why many people still believe they are controlling their destiny when they vote. It’s the illusion of choice by injecting a false dichotomy of us vs them. Who the hell is us? Who the hell is them? At a core, foundational level, the only us vs them are Racial Nationalists vs anti-Racists/anti-Whites.

      • From what I can tell, the reason AR moderates is to keep from becoming Stormfront and VNN, especially VNN. That’s why HW now uses comment moderation after applying Disqus here to OD. Without moderation, even the smartest of our people will wind up dragging the conversation down to where it’s unreadable and abhorrent. I also tend to think that the purpose of moderation, both at AR and here at OD, is to instill something among our people that heretofore has been badly missing to the point of having politically fatal consequences: Discipline.

        Disciplined people and groups that focus and stay on point and on topic tend to win a whole lot more than those that do not. NRA wins more than it loses because its people and even much of the 2A community outside the NRA are focused and disciplined when they have to be, while on 2A issues, the left acts as undisciplined and wild as we often do.

        Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor, toppled a House Majority Leader in his own party’s primary, with this disciplined and focused message: “His immigration policies he does at the behest of his rich donors hurt you and your job and your prosperity and your ability to make a living your safety and your domestic tranquility. I believe the complete opposite on those issues.” Dave Brat has other issues other than immigration, but he was smart enough to leave those to his website for interested people to ponder, and smart enough to know what to make his keynote flagship public issue, how to use his limited resources.

        The long and the short of it is that Jared Taylor and Hunter Wallace are trying to teach us how to win.

        • “The long and the short of it is that Jared Taylor and Hunter Wallace are trying to teach us how to win.”

          How about including me on this short list?

      • I walked out of the AmRen 2013 Conference in disgust. When AmRen began bloviating about its 2014 Conference, I posted that I had attended its 2013 Conference. “Never again,” I concluded. When asked, in the AmRen comment section, why I felt this way, I offered to explain if the AmRen moderator would offer me the space to do so. AmRen responded by taking down my post.

        • If I remember correctly, they deleted one of my comments asking for further explanation. I’m always curious as to why someone who makes an effort in the real world would be turned off to participating further and going to another event. I’m not saying that I completely agree with a lot of the focus on Jews or whatever reason other people find themselves at odds with Taylor or places like AmRen. But I’m not so full of self-important bullshit that I run and hide from sincere criticism and questions. If it’s my event and someone had a problem with some aspect, I not only want to hear about it, I want to at least put forward some kind of fix or amicable compromise. It takes a real slimy POS to try and sanitize individual perspectives and keep others from seeing them.

          Maybe you should have rambled on incessantly about your lustful visions of superior Jews and Asians replacing White people. I’d be willing to be your comment would have stayed up.

          • Like this….Oddball1776 posted alot of comments on a particular Amren thread…i pasted the link below but it has gone into moderation….posting links are not allowed? Anyway the only comment of Oddball’s that the mod left up was this…



            2 months ago

            Jews are our superiors.

            Asians are our superiors.

            Africans are our superiors.

            The White man is weak, full of hate and resentment towards his betters.

            White genocide is good.

            Diversity is a strength.

            This comment was not deleted.<<——mods snarky comment.

      • Could we please at least for a little while not try to link every bad person doing bad things for us back to Jews and Judaism? The moral of this tread is simple enough. B.J. Dimon is doing wrong by us, so we shouldn’t help him, and within reasonable and civil bounds, try to find a way to be a lot of trouble to him. I tried to look up his country club, but the story article in the issue of Fortune whose cover you see above indicates that he doesn’t belong to any CC nor does he play golf. So it’s back to the drawing board.

        • No, we can’t. Could you please at least for a little while not try to link every bad person doing bad things for us to black DNA?

          It’s comments like yours on this thread, QD, which cause me to want nothing to do with the race realists, Amren and CofCC and whoever else represses the truth about which ethnic group most orchestrates anti-white.

          • Boo hoo. I’m sure AR really is hurting for the lack of Jew-obsessed cranks and crackpots. Unless it isn’t.

            VNN is that way. Though you might want to resist the urge to go shoot up Jewish community centers, not the best idea.

          • You might want to resist the urge to refer to labor as ‘used farm equipment.’ Seriously, do you think Golden Dawn has risen to power through class snobbery?

            The fact is, Amren has gotten zero accomplished in all it’s years of existence. Zero. The nationalist movements that are effective harness the outrage of the dispossessed white middle class. Taylor announced on Phil Donahue years ago that he wanted to live around ‘rich people.’

            Amren is for classist snobs who want to circle jerk on the internet endlessly. Your ‘dumb negro’-obsessed crankiness only repels the very elements of the white population who want revolution. You won’t catch an Amren crank at a Bundy standoff, or a Marietta one.

          • I think you nailed it. Real men(and women) are motivated to action by those whom they view as having a greater level of ambition, diligence, focus, intelligence, strength, bravery, or just outright tenacity and determination. As a leader or someone in a position of authority, you have to be able to relate to your audience at a basic, primal level.

            Who suffers the most under this anti-White society? By a wide margin, it is the White working class that suffers the most. Does Jared Taylor even understand the concept of labor or know what it’s like to have to make a living sweating your ass off while being on the front lines of the war being waged against White America? No, I know he doesn’t. Under that little veneer of outrage and scant pro-White views being espoused, there lies just another flock of self-serving harlots of the Intelligentsia Extraordinaire. Many of them nothing more than classists who are afraid that they might be finally getting a taste of some of the ruin and filth that they helped create or ignored while it was mainly feeding on the working class. Kind of like White America being vilified and physically attacked by blacks for years and years, but it only becomes a serious matter the second a Jewish name is one of the victims. Oh, I see. It’s serious now, right? Yeah, fuck you and whatever horse you rode in on, buddy!

          • …but it only becomes a serious matter the second a Jewish name is one of the victims.

            Then it is no longer called a “knock-out game.”

          • So what you are trying to insinuate is that anyone that has a problem with Taylor and his circle-jerk impotence of cuckolding to the “superior Jew and Asian” meme must be a Jew-obsessed crackpot? I’m certainly not obsessed with Jews. I’ve criticized more than my fair share of people for focusing on Jews and not focusing on what White people can do for White people in the here and now.

            I have to say, honestly, that it kind of makes sense when you do a little lateral thinking when looking at what AmRen has become. AmRen used to be a lot Whiter, but now has turned several shades more Yellow and Kosher White. Much of AmRen isn’t actually pro-White, it’s just anti-black. Even pet Engelman is given a long leash to walk around and talk about the depravity of blacks, but how he is a multiculturalist and against Racism(specifically White Racism). Jew obsession is fine on planet AmRen, just as long as you are pushing the “superior” Jew meme. Although, I can’t precisely figure out why superior beings always have to attach themselves to inferior beings and inferior platforms. I mean, you sure don’t see anyone on AmRen talking about getting more White people in the NAACP.

            So, QD, I don’t think most people are offended or pissed that Taylor’s AmRen is a haven for Asiaphiles and pro-Jew-obsessed cranks and crackpots. No, I think most people just resent the fact that Taylor tries to pass off himself and his platform as being pro-White. Taylor, while more polished and professional in appearance and presentation than many others in this sphere, is simply not pro-White. Sure, the atmosphere at AmRen is more sane and presentable than VNN, but so is MSNBC or CNN or a White House Correspondents Dinner. That doesn’t mean a damn thing as far as being a platform for helping White people and advancing White interests.

            Asian does NOT equal White, and Jews who habitually push their Jewishness(usually wielding it like a weapon) onto a White population are NOT White. Anyone giving any kind of resistance to this view is anti-White. Period.

          • I can vouch for that…you have accused me in the past for obsessing on Jews and my reply was “when the Jews stop obsessing on me and my White race i will stop obsessing on Jews.”…………You cannot deny that most every policy that has been passed to the detriment of the White race is the result of Jewish activism and lobbying. Case in point is Jamie Dimon.Whom do you think it is whose interest he represents concerning immigration policy?

          • A perfect characterization: “…focusing on what White people can do for White people in the here and now..”

            One of the great mysteries is how the ethnically diverse white American people seem to think that white authenticity is about the Other. Focusing on ourselves, our health, our marriages, and our children is what we need.

            When you hear the word “ally,” realize that your time, energy, and resources will be stolen and you will be insulted, stereotyped, mocked, bullied, and dissed.

            Let’s be our own allies so that our children can have the right to live a life with a decent sense of self-respect.

        • Question Diversity Sam • 4 days ago
          ‘Could we please at least for a little while not try to link every bad person doing bad things for us back to Jews and Judaism?’
          Not TRYING to link. His wife and children are jews. His wedding was officiated by a rabbi which means Dimon is jew by birth or conversion as rabbis do not marry gentiles to jews.
          Also, he is not by any stretch a conservative. He is a frequent guest at the White House and has been said to be a favorite of Obama.

          The title of this thread is misleading.

          Dimon is a typical, liberal anti-White, big money, banking system Shylock parasite.

          • Agreed. But, way too many American patriot conservatives types say all our enemies are liberals, socialist, anti free enterprise. They instinctly defend wealthy people , defend the American free enterprise system.

      • The Federal Reserve Bank, Hollywood – very Jewish, just like the Mafia is very Sicilian Italian. Not everyone in the Federal Reserve/Hollywood Mafia is Jewish, but those that aren’t tend to do and act like…

        The tribe.

  2. JR, there’s an old saying ,that money is a coward. Dimon is a very good example of this. He could use his dough to help strengthen the people who built this country, the offspring our British, Scottish, English, French, and Scandinavian ancestors, instead, like many big money men and corporations today, he chooses to go along with the PC crowd, because he would be ostracized if he didn’t.

  3. QD you always get things right.

    This hideous Fed Reserve Bank board member, now CEO of JP Morgan Chase might as well have been sent out of Central Casting as the hated International Jew banker, only he’s Greek instead of Jewish and he champions new anti White American genocide through mass third world immigration, whereas the old Jew bankers like Jacob Schiff funded Jew Bolshevism.

    As for the “liberal” vs “Conservativism”, it’s increasingly irrelevant same as Athiest vs the top of the Catholic Church, as both groups have the same agenda.

    • The online encyclopedia of questionable credibility states that while most of his political donations goes to Democrats, (which is probably a matter of political expedience, as he lives in a blue city in a blue state), that his attachment to the Democrat Party is not strong. He’d start writing checks to Republicans the moment he thought it would be in his interests to do so, but rest assured they would be to Republicans like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and the no borders RINOs and libertarians, not to Republicans like Dave Brat and Joe Arpaio and Lou Barletta and Steve King and Jeff Sessions.

  4. I agree with you QD that this former Fed Reserve Bank board member, now JP Morgan Chase CEO can’t be described as “Conservative” in his politics. But, his position and the institutional systems is generally defended by American Conservatives – “the private enterprise system”.

    His type has always been thought of as stereotypical of international Jewish bankers, this guy is Greek.

  5. “Dimon was born in New York City to Theodore and Themis (née Kalos) Dimon, one of three sons. He is of Greek descent and attended Browning School. His paternal grandfather was a Greek immigrant and was a banker in Athens. He has an older brother, Peter, and a fraternal twin brother, Ted. Dimon’s father and grandfather were both stockbrokers at Shearson.

    He majored in psychology and economics at Tufts University.
    During one summer’s break from Tufts, he worked at Shearson. After
    graduating, he worked in management consulting for two years before
    enrolling at Harvard Business School, along with classmates Jeffrey Immelt, Steve Burke, Stephen Mandel and Seth Klarman. During the summer at Harvard, he worked at Goldman Sachs.”

    Immigrant family. New Yorker. Worked at Goldman Sachs. Went to school with Jeffrey Immelt. Man, this guy would never have become a normal American.

    • This world , his life is stereotypical Jewish Northeastern. His politics, particularly immigration are the same, very Jewish, hostile or indifferent to working class Whites.

      These places, cultures like a Tufts University, Harvard Business School, Goldman Sachs are very Jewish, but not everybody is Jewish, same with Hollywood. Non Jews there have to pretty much go with the flow, I was in this world for a bit and I did not go with the flow particularly on 3rd World Immigration. Needless to say, I’m not making $11 million compensation like this Greek crypto Jew.

      Greece had brutal Communists right after World War II, many of them were actually Greeks.

      Not all Neo Conservatives are Jews. The Jews always manage to get White Goyim to …

      Go with the flow.

      • Any “White man” married to a Jewess surrenders his testes, for her earrings, on his wedding night. ALWAYS. A man married to a Jewess is a Jew. Period.

  6. On behalf of all Greeks wherever we are in the world, I (and we) reject Jamie Dimon. I was actually hoping that fact of his Greekness would go unmentioned, but there it was in the end. Alas, it is true and that’s what matters. He has great company among his treasonous brethren in actual Greece.

  7. This traitor is Greek. But by Jewish law his children are Jewish.

    From Wilipedia:

    “In 1983, Dimon married Judith Kent, whom he met at Harvard Business School. They were married by a rabbi, as Kent is Jewish.[48] They have three daughters: Julia, Laura, and Kara Leigh.[49] Dimon was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014.[50]”

    • Is this kindergarten? I’m a big boy, I can take it. Why not just show me what it is I don’t get? You could at least give me a hint.

      Is AmRen not a den of Asiaphiles much, much, much more so than any other “pro-White” part of the Internet? Are some of AmRen’s top commenters and contributors not admitted Asiaphiles and/or married to Asians? Does AmRen not go to great lengths to scrub and sanitize most criticism of Jews, Israel or Zionists in America, but give much more leeway and carte blanche to certain anti-Whites/Asiaphiles? Even with a quote at the top of their website that says “There is not a truth existing that I fear or wish unknown to the world,” did an AmRen moderator not specifically say that they were deleting comments in an effort to “condition” commenters to not write certain things? Nothing about truth, eh? Just write the kind of things we want you to write and everything will be okey dokey.

      Here’s an interesting riddle:

      In AmRen’s model of “winning” through perfect conformity and quasi-toe-touching, why does tomorrow always look like today? What happened yesterday?

      • Supposedly Greg Johnson of counter-currents is going to have a talk with Jared about Engelman to have him banned…LOL…Both the Daily Stormer and now the Alternate right has banned Engelman. We could of used your input on the matter…very lively discussions at alt right this past week.

          • I mentioned to Razor that I thought you should have been there. Unfortunately, the “Swimming” thread has been purged of Engelman’s and NeaderthalDNA’s lame comments.

            Engelman’s article: http //www alternative-right blogspot co uk/2014/06/what-will-future-be-like html

            It’s not too late to join in.

            The article created a firestorm in the comment section. I, personally, was called “brittle,” by Colin in the “Swimming” article along with other insults – in fact, at first, the systems admins were siding WITH Engelman and against the commenters who stated they were leaving and never coming back.

            They finally purged Engelman from the comments section and his lapdog Neaderthal DNA. The speculation is both are mods at AmRen.

            Guess AltRight realized that Engelman drives off its readers and donors.

          • I can’t fathom why someone with Yellow John’s track record would be given a voice on a website that is supposed to be pro-White. I saw Mr. Liddell’s snarky commentary, and it seemed to be a “knee jerk” response to protect his own ego. I saw nothing in his response that would explain or intelligently rationalize why pro-Whites need anti-Whites enough to give them a platform. There was certainly nothing to rationalize why someone would then spend their time and energy defending those same anti-Whites from the criticism that was sure to come—and he was defending Yellow John, not just his decision to publicize material from that rat.

          • ….to his credit Colin did give juggernaut3000 an up-vote for his/her well thought out and written response. Colin can be reasoned with,unlike other so-called pro-White elites on the blogosphere.He did ban Engelman!

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