SECEDE Billboard Returns In Tuscaloosa


I’m told the SECEDE billboard has gone back up … this time it has been moved to downtown Tuscaloosa near the University of Alabama’s football stadium just in time for football season.

#RollTide #Secede … surely, that will attract comment.

Note: We’ve been joking around that it was moved to Alabama’s true capitol, Bryant-Denny Stadium.

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  1. Is Tuscaloosa a more conservative Southern city? I know all the ‘Bama fans I’ve known were proud Southrons.

    • My wife is, too. Logan ; though, there is a small rift between us ; reason being that I am a ‘blasphemous’ Auburn Tiger fan.

  2. A much better sign, as well.

    Did anyone ever find out if the original sign was taken down by “take back America” types?

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