Anthony Cumia Appears on The Political Cesspool


Anthony Cumia, who was fired last month by Sirius XM for violating The Standard, appeared on The Political Cesspool with James Edwards this weekend and let it all hang out:

“A lot of liberals talk about, ‘let’s have an open, honest dialogue on race,'” he said. “That’s what’s gonna be able to solve these problems we have in the communities and what not. But they do not want that. They do not want open and honest dialogue. They want you to agree with them. They want the continued victimization and excuses that go out. The second you literally bring up the real problems that are happening in this country as far as certain communities go, you’re chastised, you’re given the scarlet letter which is now R – “racist”. And there’s no way to discuss this as a white, especially male American without being called a racist.”

“White males are just the abomination of the United States right now,” he said. “They’re looked at as jokes, as horrible people that are so against diversity and everything, and when you look back at the history of this country, the achievements that white males have made in this country is astounding. And regardless of what diversity might bring to this country, you can’t discount what white men have done for this country.

“When you watch any of the footage of any of the Apollo programs over the years and you look at the control room of mission control, what do you see?” he asked. “Do you see diversity there? Honestly! Let’s be honest. You’re seeing white males smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee at the console and putting people on the moon. How is this a horrible thing? How is this something to look at and say, ‘We need to change this by injecting people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the culture, do not work and contribute to this nation’? Why is this a good thing to then add these people into the formula to make this a great country? Diversity for the sense of just diversity is not a good thing.”

Note: Check out Anthony Cumia’s new UNCENSORED website and show.

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  1. At least there’s somebody out there, especially with a huge fan base, who isn’t apologizing.

  2. I’ve followed him on Twitter for a few years. In a basic, meat and potatoes kind of way, he really does get it when it comes to much of the racial BS White people have to put up with in this country nowadays. I have no doubt that if we were living in a society that valued truth and honesty, this guy would be a pretty vociferous proponent of racial autonomy and, for lack of a better term, White Nationalism.

  3. The Political Cesspool is a great show. We have to do a better job of marketing our best shows besides just doing Internet podcasts. How to listeners acces this anew York guy’s show? Laura Ingram?

  4. “White males are just the abomination of the United States right now,”

    He should have said “North America” border with Mexico.

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