Apopka Immigration Hurts Florida Workers Demonstration

Editor’s Note: I counted 20 people on our side in Apopka. More had planned to come but were deterred by the bad weather which didn’t clear up until around noon. It looked for a while like we were finally going to get rained out.

Three things stand out about Apopka: first, the R.A.S.H. anti-fa affiliated with One People’s Project didn’t even bother to show up; second, even in an Orlando suburb in metropolitan Central Florida, an area which has been culturally transformed by millions of Northern transplants, anti-fa range from weak to non-existent on the ground; third, and most significantly, our message was more warmly received in Apopka than in most other places we have been.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. For over a year now, we’ve seen no evidence that “anti-fa” are anything but a paper tiger in the South. Even in Philadelphia, “anti-fa” are getting outnumbered in the streets by active White Nationalists these days. All of this makes me wonder what the White Nationalist movement would be like today if it was just marginally more active and organized in the real world.

For twenty years, a wildly unreasonable estimate of the strength of the opposition has kept White Nationalism bottled up on the internet. If something like this can be done in Orlando, I don’t see why similar demonstrations could not be organized in the Northern and Western states.

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Today, the Florida League of the South hosted a demonstration against immigration in Apopka, Florida. The hardcore of the hardcore came out despite bad weather conditions. The event was well attended with Southern Nationalist activists from all over Dixie including veteran activists from Alabama, Georgia, and especially Florida.

The purpose of the event was to highlight and protest the massive wave of third world aliens being transported to the Central Florida area by the federal government. The illegal alien population in Florida is now estimated at around 950,000 or around 5% of Florida’s population. The latter places Florida as the fourth highest concentration of illegal aliens. What is being done to the Southern people in Florida is nothing short of premeditated ethnic replacement.

Recently, the Hope Community Center has even processed illegal alien children from Central America that have been bused to the Central Florida area by the federal government.

With unemployment hovering at around 9.7% in the Central Florida area, the incursion of foreigners is not only burdensome to the State and local governments, but they also weaken local economies. Foreigners steal the jobs that should rightly go to the hard working Southern people of Florida. Around a million people in Florida are seeking a job; interestingly enough this number equals the amount of illegal aliens present.

League of the South members took a stand for their people today in spite of the pouring rain. The locals of Apopka were very warm and receptive to League members and their message. The positive sentiment is congruent with a new Zogby poll stating that 83% of Floridians believe that illegal aliens have a negative impact on their State. There were many enthusiastic responses from the passing traffic. Of interesting note was one black truck driver who made a point to stop in the road and wave a Confederate Battle Flag out the window in support of League members.


Conspicuously missing was the confused members of R.A.S.H. After numerous threats from R.A.S.H earlier in the week, a group affiliated with Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ One People’s Project, indicating that they were going to field a counter-demonstration, it appears that they were scared off by the rain. Perhaps they were afraid of melting.

This event was the latest demonstration by the League coming on the heels of the Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally recently held in Arkansas. The positive message of Southern Nationalism – the message of Independence and Identity – is certainly picking up tempo all over the Dixie.

Note: Now that I have some time off the road, OD will be exposing the real world identity of a well known anti-racist activist soon.

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  1. If I were going to bet on a college football game, I would bet on the team with the least number of Negroes on the roster. Not that I intend to bet on college football, but, that’s a percentage that looks pretty good to me. Or so say many…research it.

  2. Well done, folks! Despite the elements, you assembled a goodly host, it appears! You represented us well. I look forward to hearing more about how it went!

  3. Doesn’t it give a conflicting message to include immigrants in an anti-immigration rally? I’m speaking of the two guys in the back row of the group picture.

  4. I don’t think so.

    Renee spoke to them. They are Cubans from Miami who have been repeatedly victimized by Haitian immigrants in their area. From what I have read, I have no doubt that Haitians are turning Miami into a violent shithole, and there are Cubans there who resent the influx of Haitians into South Florida.

    Generally speaking, the contradictions of the multicultural paradise always play out at our rallies. For instance, there are always blacks who are receptive to our gay marriage message and our immigration message.

  5. I just noticed that. I don’t think it is a good idea to have Mexicans holding signs at our rallies. It sends the wrong message. Mexicans have a nation of their own that is not multicultural, it’s Mexican. Mexicans need to go back to Mexico; they have no right to be in Dixie.

  6. As a staunch admirer and firm supporter of Hunter Wallace, I am quite frankly taken aback by the stunning beauty and racially pure subliminity of his loving wife with baby in arms. What a handsome man and wonderful couple, you deserve each other. I can only envy the wife, and if I were the child, it would be my wildest dream, to have such a great father. Enviable, to say the least — to have such a happy, blooming, ever-glorious family. I think I can speak on behalf of all of our white racial brethren — thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your immortal contributions, genetic and cultural-literary, to the (inevitably victorious, by the grace of god!) white race!

  7. Hunter, thousands of people are going to see the picture. A few dozen will read your explanation of it. The good thing is that they’re in the back row, so maybe most won’t notice them.

    Many in our target audience are Southerners who went to white nationalism years ago when the League was still in its Rainbow days. We need these people to give us a second chance and understand that we have changed. A picture like this is a setback because without any explanation, the League looks like it has Mestizo members. Even with the explanation, I don’t see any reason to allow Mestizos to serve as flag bearers for us. The explanation sounds like we’re picking sides in a conflict between immigrants – neither of whom should be here in the first place.

    • That’s fine with me. Allow me to explain:

      1.) I was involved with White Nationalism for around 10 years. I know the movement inside and out. I’m still involved to some extent due to family connections. The movement is plagued by fear, apathy, negativity, extreme individualism, disorganization, scapegoating, infighting, etc. Those are the real problems that hold back the White Nationalist movement. The National Alliance, for example, now lies in ruins, and it has nothing to do with any mestizo problem, or the Jews who William Pierce was always obsessed with, but rather White people and their own self destructive tendencies.

      2.) Where are all the people in Florida who weren’t there in the photo? That’s the real problem. They weren’t there holding any flag. They had better things to do last weekend than stand there in the rain, as they always seem to do, which is why we are in the situation we are in today.

      3.) Finally, there’s a difference between Rainbowism, which holds that it is morally illegitimate for White people to act in their own interests unless supported by non-Whites, and what we are doing.

      Speaking for myself, I am comfortable with my sense of identity. I am a White Southerner. I stand up for the interests of White Southerners. Beyond that, I consider myself a European and a Westerner and share broader concerns about what’s happening to our civilization as a whole.

      If people who are not White Southerners want to support our cause, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t change my sense of identity. It doesn’t change anything I am doing or going to do.

  8. The Third Worlders are overflowing and spìlling out of latge Metro Cities añd going into all small towns in USA. Take for example Wallchula, Florida–it use to be mostly White. Large numbers of central american Thord Worlders now have a large settlemnet their. The same thing is going on in Homestead, Florida as well as countless other small rural towns. Its all over USA now. There is more Third Worlders in public schools now in Florida than Whites!!! The Sheeple or Whiggers just wont wake up. Really sad–but its the way it is. Julie Mitchell who now mostly banned and blocked on net is right…The Elite has plans to bring in more Third Worders from all over world…maybe over a 100 million. But jusy think how many Non Whites have come to USA since the 65 Immgration Act..Maybe 165 million and they breed like rabbnits and rats…

  9. Good reply Hunter. Martin Lindstedt says there can be no Unity Now.He stresses Tribulation and Civil War 2 and the fall and implosion of Zog Babylon is necessary- Its true Hunter–Whites just dont stick together like Jews and Blacks and Beaners…The DOJ Agents are heavily infiltrated into WN Movements…If they see a Movement that poses a threst to them or a dynamic leader with orgnaization skills …they get neutralized in some way fast. War of the Flea is interesting book. The Dog cant scratch the fleas away no matter how much he tries and if to many the dog will die….Long Live The Cause Hunter!!! Amazing–its the One Percent Against the One Percent like Bill Rhyes says. Amazing how the Elite One Percent controls. We are the other One Percent….Never give up…Keep on a Keepin on….Our day will come….

  10. I agree, Hunter. If you want secession to become mainstream, you’ll have to give a little leeway here and there. Letting Cubans hold anti-immigration signs will throw SPLC types into a frenzy, not knowing what to say. Having blacks honk their horns and wave (even while Confederate flags are being flown by the protesters) is a good sign, to me.

    These are interesting times.

  11. I’m focused on tackling the real problems that hold back our movement:

    1.) I show through my actions that I personally believe we can build an active and organized resistance movement in the South.

    2.) I show through my actions that I am not afraid of the opposition and that I am willing to stand up for what I believe in.

    3.) I show through my actions that I try to defuse infighting within our movement.

    4.) I show through my actions, week after week, that we can get better organized than we have been in the past.

    5.) I show through my actions that faith, family, and folk are more important to me than glutting my life with material goods and avoiding controversy.

    6.) I show through my actions that I believe we are primarily responsible for holding ourselves back.

    7.) I show through my actions that I try to set a positive example for others to follow rather than just venting about all that is wrong with the world.

  12. All I can say, Hunter, is that I am looking forward to what the League has in store for 2015. Thank you, and the rest of the League’s leaders, for all the you are doing.

  13. Another business that needs to get protested.


    On Monday, Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis said all of the country’s illegal immigrants should be legalized.
    In an interview on Fox Business, Travis said that comprehensive amnesty legislation “would bring about 11 million more people into the economy.” He claimed it “would be a stimulus” because “there’s a lot of people who want to work but can’t work legally.”
    Travis also stated that it was “totally appropriate” that there is “a lot of pressure” to make sure “people who work are legal.”
    “So let’s legalize those people,” he concluded. “And I think it will stimulate the economy because they’ll have the opportunity to earn great wages.”

    The Congressional Budget Office, however, determined that comprehensive amnesty legislation would lower the wages of American workers by increasing the labor supply at a time when a record number of Americans are outside of the workforce. Critics of Obama’s potential executive amnesty, which may grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, have made the same argument. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has said Obama’s executive amnesty would enable illegal workers to “take precious jobs”–like those at Dunkin’ Donuts–“directly from struggling Americans in every occupation in America.”

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