Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Found Murdered In New Orleans



In case you are wondering, there’s probably a reason Domino’s doesn’t deliver pizza to your black neighborhood:

“It was Wednesday, they all said, and Chris should have been there.

On any other Wednesday, Richard Yeager – known as “Chris” by virtually everyone who knew him – would have been seated at the table by the small stage in the back of GrandPre’s on North Rampart Street for the bar’s popular karaoke night, which he co-hosted for the last few years. …”

Is it racist?

“White privilege” is an invisible knapsack that should include the privilege of living in a relatively safe neighborhood where the pizza delivery guy doesn’t have to fear getting shot or stabbed to death whenever he steps onto your porch.


Note: See also St. Louis, Pensacola and Wildwood, FL, Boston, Detroit, MemphisNew York City, and Houston.

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  1. “This was random. It was a carjacking, armed robbery, gone bad.”

    –Don’t you hate when that happens?

  2. There’s an app for avoiding “sketchy” neighborhoods now that everyone’s heard of, but there’s also an app or website for avoiding renting to “sketchy” tenants. I think the latter app is only in the UK though.

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