Memphis Is Going To Burn

The “youths” have struck again … “Memphis is going to burn,” unless the Lord of the Flies-style existence of the Black Undertow is reigned in:

Note: Judging by what I saw a few weeks ago, the Black Undertow has already done a heckuva job blighting and destroying much of the city. The black crime out there is so bad that the Memphis Police Association put up billboards that read, “Danger: Enter At Your Own Risk – This City Does NOT Support PUBLIC SAFETY.”


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  1. Tomorrow will look like today, and today usually looks a little worse than yesterday.

    Evolutionary bias and genetics always eventually trump media distortions and lies, because it takes a lot of money and a perpetually consistent attitude to keep the narrative from running off the tracks. The money eventually runs out and people become exhausted from working overtime to cover up the truth. If you are black, honest, have a decent IQ and analytical skills, and have a good work ethic, then you generally don’t want to live around a lot of other black people. You know are going to quickly hit(more like violently crash into) a ceiling in terms of safety, serenity and a prosperous existence when you are exposed to more and more black people.

    The excuses from Memphians have never stopped, and people have been talking about curbing this kind of behavior for decades now. I lived there most of my life, so I know it’s only gotten worse — much, much worse. The telling part is that Memphis isn’t all that unique. The same kind of decay and violence can be observed whether you are looking at Detroit, Oakland, New Orleans, Seattle, Birmingham, Boston, Denver, Orlando, DC, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Portland, *insert major city here*, or even any Small Town USA city with even a moderately-sized black population. Hell, anyone who isn’t convinced by looking at statistics and examples on this particular continent can look to other parts of the world and see how violence percentages, as it relates to the black population, usually tracks perfectly parallel with the USA when it comes to violent crimes and destruction. This is just what black people do to communities.

    Honestly, I’m less inclined to blame them for their proclivities and the evolutionary hiccup they represent than I am the sleazy, manipulative rats who force them onto a civilized society. Most black people should be separated from civilized society and free to live the lives they are best capable of living; but those that forcefully pushed them on us with lies and deceit deserve the most wicked kind of retribution I can imagine. And believe me, I have an amazingly vivid and creative imagination.

  2. This is what you noted, Afterthought: — ‘The former U.S. congressman from Texas wrote that any supporters of freedom should cheer secessionism (…) he thinks there will be a groundswell of these movements. It’s something that I think is going to grow because the failure of the federal government is going to get much worse, he said. When the bankruptcy evolves, and maybe some of these pension funds are confiscated, and the wars never end, and bankruptcy comes forth (…) I think it’s inevitable people will be wanting to leave and the numbers will grow, Paul told National Journal (…) Americans who embrace secession are acting in a grand American tradition. It is no coincidence that the transformation of America from a limited republic to a monolithic welfare-warfare state coincided with the discrediting of secession as an appropriate response to excessive government’.

    But the son Rand Paul distances himself from talk of secession: — ‘Rand Paul has all the political savvy that his father lacked. He built his own political career on his father’s name recognition—and the ardent band of libertarian fanboys who came with it (…) Making matters worse for his son, Ron Paul refuses to stop espousing crackpot theories (…) In July, Ron Paul cast doubt on the idea that pro-Russian rebels shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, writing that “Western politicians and media joined together to gain the maximum propaganda value from the disaster.” And on Monday, he drew parallels between Scotland’s secession vote and Americans who have called for secession’.

  3. Very eloquent post by Celestial Time. Whether it’s any large city in America, or even Brixton in London, Kingston Jamaica , or anywhere else with a sizable black population , it’s the same violence and tribal warfare. It’s all in the African DNA. The police cannot stop the black mob violence and the “youths” know it. The South understood the savage ways of the negro and knew they needed to be segregated from whites. The hook nosed “manipulative rats” unleashed the negroes with the black power movement carefully disguised as the “civil rights” movement. The anti white mob violence seems to be far worse across Dixie than the north. The bigger problem than black mob violence across America is the kosher liars and deceivers that own the media and cover all the shit up and manipulate white youth with their PC crap they use on television and in schools. Racial differences are real and whites better start realizing it before it’s too late.

  4. Same old story: the USA has had sixty years of integrationist Supreme Court decisions, civil rights legislation, war on poverty, public housing, “diversity” agitprop, MLK worship, and even a black man (sorta) in the White House. And the result: cities like Memphis are progressively trashed.

    Modern liberalism is clearly a failure, but the illusion is propped up by the “positive role models” of blacks which bombard the telescreens.

    Something that mainstream conservatives ought to consider is that while, yes, liberalism has failed, so has conservatism. Enterprise zones and wars on crime have not defeated the forces trashing American cities.

    All this indicates that the way is open for a new activist movement.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Mosin Nagant

    I saw that myself. Follow the bouncing ball, and don’t take your eyes off of it.

    Ron Paul advocates secessionist movements because he thinks it’s good for libertarian ideology, an abstract way of thinking. I advocate secessionist movements (sometimes) because they are (sometimes) good for a particular loosely related group of people, e.g. ethnonationalism, aka blood and soil nationalism.

    The problem with the big countries we have is too much propostionalism and too little ethnonationalism. Five times than what we have now as many proposition nations full of ideological cultists? That gets us nowhere fast.

  6. @Question Diversity: I do understand why he advocates the right to secede. Ron Paul seems to lack firm Christian and ethnic roots, hence susceptible to ‘strong delusion’ by the likes of Ludwig Mises and Alice Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand) indicated by naming his son.

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