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  1. Best comment on youtube

    If they really care about black lives, let’s see these white assholes go to the slums and help. Because all it is is SAFE to go to a symphony concert and “protest”. Bunch of pathetic white assholes.?

    I’m glad this poster pointed out the obvious.

  2. These faggy white turds richly deserve to be raped, robbed and murdered by their pets..they are even more contemptible than the blacks.

  3. Marxist scum. Probably all tenured public teachers and professors, trust fund liberals, and a few non profit/grant scammers and left wing preachers. I always laugh when these liberals talk about a so called “right wing” in this country. If there was a “right wing” these clowns would have been forcibly removed, roughed up a bit, and then sent to jail for disorderly conduct.

    Mike Brown, that menacing, violent, thug rapper got his justice. A thug lying there for hours with his undergarments exposed, face down on the hot concrete, bleeding out all over the road. He choked his last store clerk and smoked his last stolen cigarette.

  4. The St Louis Symphony Hall is on North Grand the undertow surrounds that area, bet the patrons will think twice about coming there again

  5. The next great step of multiculturalism will be that all symphonies be written to include the vuvuzela. All orchestras will have to include a vuvuzela section.

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