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  1. Whites must STOP giving money to Walmart, and not even visit to add to their traffic count. Be active in your local government to protest and delay their establishment of new stores, if you don’t have one yet in your area. In this locality we held up their first incursion and also their super size expansion both for several years. Their current strategy is to cease building any ‘super’ Walmarts, for the time being, and concentrate on fully saturating the remainder of unspoiled country with the smaller, ‘beginner’ Walmarts. Note that Obama praises Walmart frequently, and future Amerikan President Hillary sat on the board in Arkansas.

  2. First law of Walmartisation: When Walmart moves in, traditional White small businesses that cemented White communities are abandoned by the pre-conditioned (to believe they ‘sell for less’) majority of Whites. It is WE who must stop occupying Walmart and similar global corporate big box stores.

  3. Remember that back on the worst night of looting, August 10, the W-M in Ferguson was looted of more than half of its shelf merchandise.

    This Immoral Monday rabble also showed off at the W-M in Maplewood, which is close to Maplewood’s Bell Curve City.

  4. The rabble also wanted to hit two W-Ms in St. Charles County, one in O’Fallon and one in Wentzville, but the advance “organizers” couldn’t get their because their car hit a deer.

  5. While we’re at it, we might want to try and stop real-estate developers who are destroying white habitat and breathing-space with eyesore cookie cutter “subdivisions” and sub-urbs for neo-Americans.

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