Cartersville & Calhoun, GA Demonstrations

SNN has coverage of the League of the South’s demonstrations in Cartersville and Calhoun, GA. This included a hostile confrontation with several MS-13 gang members who were told to go back to Central America.

Note: I’m told there were about 35 League members in Northwest Georgia. Add that to the 90 we had in Memphis this weekend and about 125 people were doing something in the South.


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  1. That sounds like what happened at the Greenville protest, except worst. At least at Greenville they had the common courtesy to stay in their vehicles. I hope y’all were carrying, because that sounds dangerous.

  2. MS13 gang members, eh? That group is known to hack people up with machetes. They need to go back to where they come from, pronto. Until our immigration policies are scrapped, they wiil continue to come here and suck up resources through entitlement hand outs that we pay for via taxes. Sweet deal for them, not for us.

  3. In a different but similar vein:
    3 Black Men Attack, Rob and Assault White Woman in Crown Heights


    She’s probably a lesbian feminist vegetarian liberal who refuses to “stereotype” Black men; how else to explain walking alone in Crown Heights at 2 am? Not long ago a Florida White man got a life sentence plus 90 years (only the US has these ridiculous sentences) for shooting Blacks at a gas station who threatened him.

  4. PP is right, some silly beefs are hogging all of the glory when this just happened.

    If this is how we gauge effectiveness, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board. In a years time, you’d think there’d be some growth if there was any real movement brewing. This coffee looks really, really weak.

    Sure, I’m opposition, but I do raise a valid point.

  5. Spelunker: As you leftists keep tightening the screws of oppression, more and more people will become receptive to our message. We appreciate your help.

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