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  1. Washington Times has picked up on this.

    I looked up that address on GSV and NYT Census Explorer. The address itself is someone run down frame shack, the census tract is 75% black.

    Then there’s the matter of: What’s the point? Jeff Sessions is unopposed, Gov. Robert Bentley is going to win re-election easily. There’s nothing going on in Alabama to make me think the undertow would try these tactics.

  2. Thanks for posting. I knew they were “voting” based on bribes. I am sending an email to that address asking them to come on my Radio Show to discuss the premise of that Flier. All of that is why I don’t vote. Republicans compete with Democrats to climb into bed with the mexicans, blacks and the assorted low life.

  3. Holy shit! That has to be one of the most ignorant pieces of propaganda I’ve ever seen. So black people think they are going to do away with things like sales tax on food and clothes, raise minimum wage, and then turn around and load up on freebies like food stamps, grants and loans, health insurance, Section 8 housing, etc.? And they are the alternative to the supposed extremists? Do humanity a favor and VOTE FOR THE EXTREMISTS!!!

    I feel at least a few IQ points dumber for having read all 18 points.

  4. Holy shit! That has to be one of the most ignorant pieces of propaganda I’ve ever seen.

    I disagree completely that it’s ignorant propaganda. It seems very well targeted towards its audience. It’s highly likely the average nignog voter already agrees with every one of those points (at least in embryonic form), so the note only reminds him of his existing convictions and urges political action on their basis. Of course, it makes a farce of democratic ideals, but that’s rather beside the point. This is the sad reality of sharing a polity with black ‘fellow citizens.’

  5. They were putting them on all the cars. We live out in the country, so no we don’t live in a black neighborhood. All of South Alabama is pretty black though.

  6. Fifty years of “racial equality”, with trillions spent to enforce it, distilled into 18 reasons to vote.

  7. I’m with you there, hunter. Voting is the sham the provides legitimacy to the system that should be a republic, claims to be a democracy, but is actually an oligarchy/plutocracy. You’ve noticed that hardly anything that matters is put up to vote, and the small portion that does is overruled by feds.

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