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  1. This incident with Ferguson with Barry Soetero’s support and encouragement, along with this racist AG, Eric Holder, Barry even went there are told the rioters to “stay on course”, is just a prelude to Barry’s seizing absolute power in this country and setting himself up as dictator. Who’s going to stop him? This country is set to become the next Haiti.

  2. I’m in beautiful, extremely expensive Manhattan New York City representing OD at a fancy Up Town Christmas Party hosted by Vdare royalty.

    Amtrak train was on time, 19 hours but very enjoyable.

  3. Great video. Shows the truth about Ferguson, Missouri while the American media continues to ignore reality. If I could paint a picture of the end result of Diversity and Multiculturalism in America….Ferguson would be the picture. Diversity and Multiculturalism is nothing more than a false reality. You can’t mix ethnic groups together and expect everyone to get along. God invented racial nationalism for a reason because he expects people to be separate as the only way of preserving their Tribe.

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