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  1. It’s amazing to me that Criminal anthropologists, in doing these ‘suspect’ drawings, cannot correctly draw the differing (and different) racial characteristics of a Negroid at it’s most easily verifiable- like a Negroid vs. Caucasoid EYE socket!

    If you KNOW the perp is black, then don’t draw Caucasoid skeletal features!
    Unless PC has infected even this element of our criminal ‘justice’ network.

    (But at least we know the perp had dreads…. sigh.)

  2. We’re winning. Slowly, but surely.

    The mental disease of anti-racism has been exposed for what it is: white genocide.

  3. We all know what kind of depravity we can expect to see out of black and brown society, and we know that anti-White entities like the SPLC will spin everything in order to find the right angle to keep up their charade. I expect it, so I’m never really surprised.

    What I would like to see is some critical analysis regarding AmRen’s cuckolding of anti-White, anti-Nationalist multiculturalists like “Yellow” JohnEngelman. Considering that a very vocal proponent of multiracial societies(as well as him being one to espouse the notion that only inferior Whites want a White nation) is given a podium, while many other real pro-Whites have comments scrubbed, deleted and sanitized, can we finally put to rest the bullshit notion that AmRen is an actual pro-White website, and Taylor a genuine activist for White people?

  4. Finally a use for the SPLC White Priviledge Educator [WhiPE]. Human shields. Blacks apparently don’t distinguish between Whites and Jews. Here was a WhiPE murdered by a Black who took exception to him as a White and obited by Heidi. Could not make this up.

  5. Flahertys right and every day more and more people come to the same conclusion. What liberals won’t admit is Blacks like violence. If they’re on the giving and not receiving side. When you see tapes of them attacking people they’re laughing and having a grand time. Some Whites are like this too but I believe it’s a much smaller amount. I’ve been in some fairly decent fights and this has never been my feeling. I’ve became red angry furious berserk while fighting but never enjoyed it. Afterwards any feeling of satisfaction were just that I didn’t get stomped and the other guy found that he made a mistake on picking me to fuck with.

  6. Was going to leave a snarky comment @ the Government’s official anti-White hate site SPLC to say that Mr. Ruenzel must have died very happy to finally achieve his “white privilege”.
    To be murdered by non-white criminals is the pinnacle achievement of his professional career.
    Bet the thugs stole his gold watch too 🙂

  7. What a tragedy: this incident should be a wake-up call for anyone who supports the SPLC. Blinded by false ideology unto death. Amy Biehl also springs to mind. So sad that folk can be so deluded and deceived…but how many of us weren’t in a similar state at one stage?

  8. FR. John

    How could you stand to even look at the ugly things.? I always have to look away when the pictures of the creatures appear on websites. I’m up in the area for a while. Think I’ll go over and dance on his grave. Maybe put a huge parka with a hood and scarf on so the CCTV can’t identify me and spray some anti White slogans around. Bet neither the ADL, AJC or SPLC will say a word. But if I sprayed something that could be interpreted as anti semitic it would be in the papers for months.

  9. Celestial Time

    After a couple thousand dollars donations, reading and posting at least 4 times a week and sending them thousands of articles amren banned me for harassing Englemann and endlessly pointing out that the average IQ in China is only 100, not 105 as Taylor endlessly claims and that only 4 asian nations, Japan, Mongolia, S. Korea and Taiwan
    have average IQs over 100 and Hong Kong and Singapore are not nations but semi independent cities.

    What really riles me is that about 30 percent of all the articles posted were sent to the news stories box by me.

    I think Taylor is blinded by his upbringing in Japan and the fact that he lives in Virginia. If he lived in California like I do he would realize how bad the Asian takeover of California is for Whites. People endlessly complain about the hispanics, but the Asians are worse in that they get all the STEM jobs and have the cash to buy the real estate.

    Pacific coast Americans are severely severely restricted from abalone fishing. But S. Korean, Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese commercial fishing vessels violate the 3 mile border between international and American waters and come right up into the little bays and inlets within 100 yards of the beach to steal American abalone.

    Abalone is a tiny tiny example. Bigger example is that in San Francisco, San Mateo County and the entire 100 mile long San Gabriel Valley in S. California Chinese have bought up so much real estate and will not sell to anyone but a Chinese.

    America got rid of restrictive covenants decades ago but the Chinese immigrants brought them back. Once a property is bought by a Chinese, it never goes on the market again. Instead it is sold privately to another Chinese.

    I’m old. I remember when National Review was totally pro White. I remember when National Review published affirmative action horror stories every month. I remember when National Review published black thugs in the schools stories every month.

    Then all of a sudden National Review stopped publishing articles about affirmative action and black behavior and crime.

    From then on it was nothing but Israeli government press releases and old fuddy duddy fussing and fuming about porn, sex outside marriage and the vulgarity of popular culture.

    Methinks Jared Taylor has been bought, blackmailed or extorted by Jews to act as a
    controlled opposition

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