Sometimes The Police Are Not On Our Side

thin-blue-lineMost Southerners and American conservatives have supported the police in the recent unrest in Ferguson, MO and New York City.

Eric Garner, a morbidly obese black criminal, died after a violent confrontation with the police. All the evidence indicates the police acted properly. The grand jury exonerated the police officer who subdued Garner because his death was due to his poor health, not “racism” or police brutality. Unless 300 pound black men are highly paid professional sports stars, with teams of trainers and managers, these giants tend to lead very unhealthy, dangerous lives. When 300 pound black criminals with diabetes, heart disease, and severe asthma are resisting arrest, well, accidents happen.

It is tempting to fall in to the conservative trap of always supporting the police or accept the argument that only bad people have problems with the police or that anyone protesting police brutality or police misconduct must be a gang member, a permanently aggrieved minority activist, a communist, or a card carrying ACLU liberal.

The reality is that regular people like us also have problems with the police and problems with other parts of the government. With the Obama Justice Department headed by the likes of Eric “My People” Holder and the IRS persecuting “icky” Tea Party groups, they are targeting conservatives, Southern Nationalists, race realists or anyone who dares to say, write, or think anything politically incorrect.

Most policemen are good people and especially so in highly disciplined police forces like the NYPD. Unfortunately, there are many bad apples, bullies who become police officers because they enjoy bossing others around, and those who will take advantage of the rise in criminal anarchy to harass our people and violate our civil rights.

What to do? I highly recommend the instructional books and videos at: Flex Your Rights. The organization seems to be an offshoot of the ACLU, but seems to have mostly avoided the extreme leftwing, anti-White, anti-Christian programs of the ACLU. Instead, Flex Your Rights provides practical information on what to do (and not do) to survive hostile encounters with the police.

Here’s an excellent instructional video of three White college students with some marijuana in their car as they are stopped and abused by a police officer:


  1. May I posit another suggestion?

    Wherever you live, try to get to know as many cops on your city P.D. or your county’s P.D. and/or sheriff’s office as you can. A lot of things which would ordinarily be problems wind up never being problems because the cops know the people and vice versa.

  2. In my late teens I experienced the “joy” of dealing with a thug with a badge. Nothing major other than an abusive traffic stop. Others in the town received far worse. This guy was a piece of work: Traffic laws didn’t apply to him, he would park on peoples lawns during calls, abusive behavior towards ordinary citizens, etc. The locals eventually had enough and the sociopath lost his job.

    A couple weeks ago I had a discussion with a local Sheriffs deputy in regards to the police force. One thing we both noticed is that a number of officers are basically illiterate (and rather unsavory to boot). Report writing has gotten so bad it has allowed some criminals to escape prosecution. Back when my Sheriff friend took the police exam, it was a comprehensive test: Everything from basic math, writing, and there was even a typing portion on the test (back in the days of typing reports). The test was designed to weed out the dim witted. Of course the test was ruled to be ‘discriminatory’ under the concept of disparate impact, as not enough non-Asian minorities passed. Today’s test is nothing more than a rudimentary psych exam. The intelligence portion is so basic that a child of nominal intelligence could pass it.

  3. One example of a police thug was the goon taking pictures of law-abiding LOS demonstrators during the demonstration in Tennessee.

    I agree with Question Diversity that it’s wise to get to know local law enforcement.

  4. By all means get to know your county sheriff, and county prosecutor.

    Generally, the sheriff candidates give out business cards or courtesy cards when running for election. Make sure you get some.

    It never hurts to know police chiefs, and other high ranking police officers. You are interested politics, and helping people just like they are…even cops from other counties and other parts of your State, or even surrounding States. It never hurts.

    Most times you can get an unresponsive cop or cops moving by just mentioning in a nice way that you know their boss.

  5. Yes, Southron , I was there with you and other great LotS activists protesting Tyson Foods in middle TN. The police were professional in Murfreesboro, hostile and photo taking intimidating in Shelbyville.

    Does anyone know if there are new , League of the South planned protests in Middle TN in 2015?

  6. Great post. Awesome to see critical thinking in fashion here, rather than blind obedience. We have a for profit prison and policing system in the US. Which often means police demanding unreasonable searches in order to confiscate money which they assume from the start is drug money or other black market funds. This has made state news regularly here in Tennessee.

    It also means jailing people for decades for minor offenses and forcing otherwise poor of means into paying into the system via years of probation, classes, and other fees. This has an added benefit of keeping minor black thugs in prison, but it costs us a fortune to maintain and it’s the wrong solution.

    Another great book:

    Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

  7. Selling loosies, the offense that Garner was allegedly guilty of is a non-arrestable offense.
    The thug attacked him and killed him.

  8. Bill Jones,

    Garner was loitering in front of legitimate businesses. They are the ones who called in the police.

    Selling contraband on the street without any peddler’s license is one of those “quality” of life issues that when these laws, customs are broken by large numbers of oeople turns a White first world area in to a non White, third world area.

    The sidewalks and streets of a White nation are meant as places to walk, drive, go places, not somewhere to be haggled, harassed.

    White men get harassed to buy junk they don ‘t want. Women get sexually harassed. When this happens, some of the victims of the harassment call law authorities and the perps insist “they weren’t doing nuthin” . If they are respectful to police and agree to move on, then they don’t get arrested. If they mouth off, they can get arrested, resist arrest, have a heart attack an hour later.

  9. Wrong on the admission to the traffic violation. The best thing to say is you committed the traffic violation as the police observed your violation and playing cute doesn’t endear you to the officer. If you admit to the violation you psychology disarm the officer and you portray cooperation which means you are less likely to present a reason for further investigation. Same with only rolling down the window partly. That makes officers suspicious. This video is directed at drug users and dealers. Patriots have no need of this when dealing with the local police. Patriots stay away from drugs. Our issue is with politically motivated crimes like guns and speech crimes investigated by the FBI and ATFE. They will come to your home. The best response is to ask them to leave and say you are represented by an attorney. If represented by an attorney, they cannot approach you again on the issue they’re investigating. It’s a civil rights violation and they and the assigned Assistant US Attorney are liable. It’s good advice though to keep your guns and patriotic flyers in the trunk where it can’t be seen. Be friendly when encountering your local police but if you have something to fear from the Feds, tell them you have an attorney. If it’s the border patrol say freely that you are a US citizen by birth and add the State you were born in. Remember most of what you might be stopped for are either traffic violations or drugs. Admit to the traffic violation and you might get a warning. If you have nothing to hide, let them search for drugs, a patriot stays away from that. That’s how things work with the local police. But if you have something to hide, follow the advice on the video, except for the window thing. Cracking the the window won’t make it more difficult to smell drugs or alcohol.

  10. Many of the police are not our friends. They’re not anybodies friends but other police. Garner may have been a nuisance but he didn’t deserve to be placed in a choke hold designed to knock you out. You can see this on the video. You think this only happens to Black people. Here’s guy near Hunter that got shot for little to no reason.

    Now I admit the guy was an idiot and was probably smoking baths salts or something. Did they need to kill a naked guy? It was right in front of the police station couldn’t he have called a few guys and controlled him? We only have the cops word maybe he was just trying to get some help and was freaking out. They’re just blowing people away for flimsy reasons.

    Hell_Is_Like_Newark talked about the test they have now. Probably due to affirmative action. The psych test is probably for aggression. They need to turn down some of the more aggressive types.

    I had a boss for many years who used to be a cop. He and I both agreed on a theory I had. I believe there’s three kinds of cops mostly. There’s the kind that are powerful Men who see themselves in a protector role, there’s the kind that are just looking for a job and pension and there’s the kind who are just bullies. They love power over other people and enjoy harassing people. I think we’re getting more of the third type, the bully, for some reason and we as a nation ought to find out why.

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