The Battle of Algiers: The French Get Down and Dirty With Muslim Terrorists

An OD classic – rest assured there are so many of our kinsmen in France tonight ready to get down and dirty.

paul-aWhile we are on the subject of Muslim terrorists, The Battle of the Casbah is the memoir of the French General Paul Aussaresses. Yes, he proudly used torture against FLN terrorists in French Algeria in the 1950s and he would do it again.

Note: The Battle of Algiers is a classic Italian film about the Algerian War.


  1. There is a great book by a Brit historian about these wars of decolonization.

    Savage War of Peace.

    Really good. It details the Parachute Regiment’s near coup of the socialist government of the time.

  2. It shows what a waste the direct rule of colored people is, liberalism is finding out the same thing.

  3. On French TV, I’ve heard White people who used to live in Algeria and who said they felt betrayed at the time of the war. They had been living around Arabs who were friendly, seemed satisfied with the French system, and were treated like friends. And then when the war broke out, they took sides with the Arab terrorists.

    I don’t know anything about Algeria, but I guess most of the Arabs were probably friendly before the war, without any ulterior motives. But they changed their minds when conflict broke out.

    This can be compared to Jewish behavior. Most Jews in the Jewish lobby are not openly anti-White. They seem friendly enough, and well-intentioned. And they are great believers in social justice. The only problem with them is that every single policy they support tends to promote white dispossession and replacement. They are deliberately killing us, but in a very friendly way. For a normal White person, that is something very disturbing.

  4. Yes Armor.

    It was the same in places like the Belgium Congo, Rhodesia, South Africa, pre 1965 US South.

    Once the racial wars get incited and the mass movement, revolution to tear the whole system down, make everyone equal, there is no stopping it.

    At least Whites in Algeria, Kenya and Rhodesia fought, never understood why Whites in. South Africa simply gave up without a fight.

  5. Battle of Algiers is worth watching for two contradictory if valid reasons:

    * There is some good information on how to organize an insurgent movement. The Algerians had to fight against a French army which had military superiority. The movie shows the need for a reaffirmation of national values, underground cellular organization, and unconventional tactics.

    * The French (whites) are shown somewhat sympathetically. There are some graphic depictions of Algerian insurgents using terrorism against civilians, a dismissal of the liberal government back in Paris as hopeless, and a good discussion about the reason for the French army’s extreme tactics.

    Bear in mind that the French army defeated the Muslim insurgents in Algeria. They did it through a combination of counterintelligence and counter-guerrilla actions. But the army lost it when their own government sold them out. In the end, that government was led by Charles deGaulle, a mainstream conservative.

    It’s similar to the situation with the Portuguese in Angola, the Belgians in the Congo, the US in Vietnam, and perhaps the Southern States during the civil rights era.

    A point which can be drawn from Battle of Algiers is that both sides believed in their cause, and fought for it using the tactics needed. In the end, French politics decided the issue. Which is why white nationalists today have to establish a solid political foundation for the struggle.

  6. interesting how no one mentioned jewish manipulation in the french algerian wars. Jews played both side waiting for the winners so they can kiss up to them. Algerians won and kicked out the jews too. I wish every country follow the algerian example and sent jews packing to hell.

  7. Sam says:

    “. I wish every country follow the algerian example and sent jews packing to hell.”

    Jack responds:

    When Jews move around these days (Post World War II ), of are expelled pushed out as they were in Algeria after Arab Muslim independence/takeover, expulsions from Middle East Arab states after the creation of Israel, the expelled Jews do not as you say “go to hell” some go to Israel, most do not – they choose to go in to traditionally White countries, our countries and proceed to do what they always do.

    During the 1980s, when Reagan Conservative savior were supposedly leading the way, there was a huge propaganda campaign to help Jews in Russia, the Soviet Union escape the persecution, anti semitism of Russia, the Soviets “Refusniks” I think they were called. The propaganda line in American Conservative circles was that the situation was like in the Old Testament Book of Exodus where evil Egyptians were keeping the Jews in captivity – you know the whole thing about Moses shouting “let my people go!” Ostensibly to Israel, the God given “homeland of the Jews”. New Jersey Jewish Senator, champion of all things Israel made the captivity of Russian Jews a religious crusade, American Religious Right , Christian Zionists of the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell got on board this religious crusade to free Soviet/Russian Jews from captivity.

    The reality is that the overwhelming majority of Jews fleeing Soviet Russia came to the United States not Israel. Same thing happened during the mass exodus of South African Jews fleeing ANC Black rule in New South Africa.

    Lots of talk, talk, talk about French Jews fleeing Muslim anti semitism to return to Israel. The numbers are very small, if the situation gets worse – I strongly bet that most “French Jews” will choose to move to Sweden, England or our USA, where they will proceed to become cultural Marxists, PC Leftists even to the point of demanding mass Muslim immigration to remaining White countries.

    It’s just one thing this tribe of eternally wandering people do.

    Not everything this tribe does is bad, but….

    If the shoe fits.

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