US Supreme Court To Decide “Gay Marriage” In 2015

It sure is a great thing that we are so blessed to live in a “republic” with a Supreme Court that has a 5-4 “conservative majority.” Striking down this “gay marriage” nonsense ought to be a snap, right?

“The swing vote remains Kennedy, who has authored the last three major rulings advancing the cause of gay rights. On one hand, he has defended voter-approved constitutional amendments, most recently in a Michigan case last year that upheld the state’s ban against racial preferences in university admissions. But he struck down the federal same-sex marriage ban as an affront to the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians.”

Note: Conservatism has thrived for centuries under American-style “constitutional conservatism,” hasn’t it?

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  1. The problem with America is that there is no “there” there. Functionally it’s a set of vague propositions whose meanings depend upon whom you ask and when you ask them. It is the ultimate attempt to square the circle in order to be all things to all people.

  2. One need not be Abrahamic in religion to discern that so-called “gay marriage” is an oxymoron. However, it is a fashionable oxymoron.

  3. If SCOTUS winds up ruling for gay “marriage,” then this should indicate to even the most clueless and oblivious “constitutionalists” that the Constitution is dead, has been dying for a long time, and what we really have is the rule of man. The only political question is this: Who wields the pen and the phone and on behalf of whom?

  4. You have to accept the inevitability that the homo will regain his place as the natural elite that he once had in Ancient Rome and Greece. Homosexuals are creators of culture. They don’t need to get married like the heteros they just need to demonstrate their superiority.

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