League of the South Attends Anti-Gay Marriage Rally In Montgomery, AL


Yesterday, a group called “Sanctity of Marriage Alabama” held another anti-gay marriage rally in Montgomery on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol. The previous rally reportedly attracted about 100 activists. This rally seems to have been much larger and attracted somewhere between 300 and 500 participants.

Note: I’ve spotted some familiar faces this time. If there is a fight going on anywhere on the ground in the South, you can bet that we will be a part of it.

Obviously, we don’t agree with these people on every issue, but we share common ground with them on federal judges imposing “gay marriage” on Alabama. It’s much the same with the Southern heritage groups and other anti-illegal immigration groups. We share their concerns on some issues, but disagree on others.

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  1. Nice work. Marriage is for the children. Children naturally have a mother and a father who are heterosexual. Children should be with their natural parent or parents, but adoption shouldn’t be permitted for unnatural families.

    It’s all for the children. Foster and adopted children have enough trouble with bad families as is.

  2. Nope.

    The protests have been about a number of issues which are fairly mainstream in the South: immigration, gay marriage, Southern heritage, coal mining, and jobs. The League’s stance on all of these issues have broad popular support here.

  3. The low hanging fruit that the black hole that is the Dark Enlightenment will consume next. Can’t happen soon enough.

    Now that I’m darkly enlightened, that is the frustrating thing about people like this. The people who most vociferously defend republicanism and an inordinate worship of written law and given political systems are the last people that should.

  4. LOS are just a bunch of racists. Go ahead and try the civil war thing again, you will be tromped much much faster than the last time. You can keep your bigoted form of christianity to yourselves too, no one wants a theocracy of any sort, much less one you lot lead.

  5. I love the photo of the black person holding up a sign that was provided by the League of the South, a well known racist hate-group. Oh, the delicious irony.

    As for what it says, “Support Christian Marriage”. The message is based on the lie that marriage is solely a Christian institution. Obviously, you don’t have to be Christian in order to get married in our country. You don’t even have to be religious to get married. Have these hate-mongers never heard of people getting married at city hall? Marriage equality has to do with secular civil marriage; not a non-legal religious sacrament. Of course that’s not even taking into account churches that actually support same-sex marriage. Don’t they have the right to practice their religious beliefs, or does the freedom of religion only apply to anti-gay churches?

    Just out of curiosity, when the U.S. Supreme Court forced interracial marriage on Alabama in 1967, did that impose “race mixing” on white couples? Because that’s basically what you’re saying same-sex marriage is doing to straight couples. That if gay couples are permitted to get civilly married, straight people are somehow being forced to celebrate the marriages of strangers. Laughable.

    To Weaver above: Marriage is not for the children. You don’t have to get married in order to have children. (Just ask my niece and nephew.) Infertile couples, elderly couples, and those that don’t want children, would all be banned from being able to marry. Or perhaps there is some unknown reason why our society tolerates serial marriages from the likes of Rush Limbaugh? How exactly does our society benefit from FOUR non-procreative marriages?

    • Re: David in the O.C.

      1.) Why does that surprise you? We’ve held three of these rallies ourselves in Alabama, Virginia, and Arkansas. Every time we have done so black people have stopped by to tell us they agree with us on the gay marriage issue. Lots of black people find “gay marriage” just as ridiculous as we do. Good for them.

      2.) We subscribe to the Christian definition of marriage: marriage is a union between one man and one woman. In our view, there’s no such thing as a “gay marriage.” Just as a woman may get married to a bridge in France or a straight man might marry his best friend in New Zealand for tax purposes or three lesbians might want to get married in Massachusetts, that’s not a marriage. Those so-called “marriages” are not equal to or the equivalent of Christian marriage and shouldn’t be legally recognized. As for the present state of this “country,” if you know anything about our group, you would know that we are known for being secessionists who want to break away from the United States.

      3.) Absolutely, the Loving decision DID lead to interracial marriage and the normalization of miscegenation, which is precisely what its critics predicted would happen at the time. We don’t even have to wait for the persecution of straight couples begin. We’ve already crossed that Rubicon. It is no longer permissible just to tolerate the existence of gay marriage as a live and let live issue. Now it has to be loudly affirmed as a positive good or you will end up like Brendan Eich or those couples out West who have been found guilty of violating the “civil rights” of homosexuals for refusing to participate in “gay marriages.”

      4.) So what?

      As an institution, marriage is about providing the ideal context for procreation and raising the next generation, the family. The existence of infertile couples in no way invalidates the usefulness of marriage in grounding the family and serving a social purpose. We have laws against, say, homicide. The police don’t catch every murderer, but that doesn’t mean those laws are failing to serve a valuable social purpose.

      5.) Finally, I doubt anyone here listens to Rush Limbaugh.

  6. Dear Sam: You’re absolutely right. We white Southerners are evil sub-humans. Only a racist would disagree. That’s why you should allow us to separate from you, so we will no longer contaminate your Yankee goodness and purity.

  7. This will get exponential ……everyone contact your churches here. In fact if anyone needs help contacting churches, Hunter just FB me and I can manage a lot of it, I have a lot of their info. This could and likely will get the churches involved fairly easily and a person good at PR can put it together quickly.

  8. Mr. Griffin
    The comments from fuow on JoeMyGod do not represent our community. The comments are despicable, wrong and a good example of hate speech. The comments are left on the site for educational purposes only.

  9. Just an addition,

    monogamous marriage is also part of pagan Roman heritage. Jewish polygamy clashed with Roman monogamy early on. I believe polygamy is still Christian, though some claim monogamy is New Testament. So, it’s muddled, at least so far as I’m aware.

    Regardless, homo relations are of course not Christian. I don’t wish to meddle in others’ affairs, but their adopting children puts the children at risk. Homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles, and this is a statistical fact. Additionally, they tend to be extremely promiscuous. Anyone here who actually knows homosexuals will know this. Justin Raimondo, everyone’s favourite homo, mocked gay marriage for this reason: promiscuity.

    Declaring all parents the same is untrue, and that, for me, is the debate. Whether the state recognises a marriage or not: meaningless to me personally. The state can recognise a man and horse for all I care. But adoption results, and that has real consequence for the children.

  10. Lesbian couples might be less promiscuous, but homosexual male couples are usually highly promiscuous. Sure, of course, there will be exceptions. I expect there is some percentage of homo male couples who would make excellent fathers, but there is no way to determine this.

    On the whole, society (the children) is better off with traditional standards.

    The debate is over whether or not we can face the reality that all individuals are not exactly identical. There are statistical trends, and they are relevant to homosexual adoption.

  11. The comments from fuow on JoeMyGod do not represent our community. The comments are despicable, wrong and a good example of hate speech.

    I would really love to know the percentage of those in that community that have as much of a problem with the racialist aspect of groups like LOS than those that just simply have a problem with their anti-homosexual attitudes. I’m not religious, so I can most definitely understand the animosity that arises when you have proselytizing, self-righteous zealots pushing their set of morals in your face every single day — just like how I can understand the animosity coming from non-homosexuals who get sick of seeing belligerent, flaming homosexuals pushed to the forefront and paraded out like they are superstars just for being homosexual.

    One of the benefits of being neither religious(I was one of those borderline militant atheists at one point) nor homosexual(although, I have had more than a few gay friends and acquaintances) is that I see ignorance and selfishness for what it is. I don’t hold back from calling it out when I see it.

    Frankly, antagonists and zealots from both camps are seriously fucking up a natural balance in the world that is supposed to exist when people understand and accept certain societal roles. To do otherwise causes nothing but grief, strife, animosity and violence until you return to that balancing point. Neither camp accepts a balance. They push to a point, get some kind of advantage over the other, then proceed to push and push until their view is the only acceptable one.

    I think what we have are two outlying groups who like to think of themselves as wolves, not realizing they are really nothing but sheep who are scared to death of the other sheep. The religious folks believe that they have it all figured out, and the balance comes from never questioning a damn book written by man. Their superstitious belief system trumps reason and logic. The belligerent homosexuals believe they have it all figured out, and roles and limits only exist when it doesn’t inhibit their own brand of “normal.” They believe they are free to change society and move foundations put in place by a majority whenever it suits them. You dumb ass sheep are fighting, bickering and drawing blood, and you don’t even notice that you are being encircled by the wolves.

    To those zealots on both sides who accept no compromise on non-racial issues, I mean this from the bottom of my heart… Fuck You! To those who don’t believe in racialism or allowing White people to organize along racial lines, whether you be religious, homosexual or whatever… Fuck you even more!

    “The constant realization of dominance results in fear.”

  12. Gay marriage is here to stay. I hoped the controversy would have gone on longer to keep the liberal lunatics busy. Who knows what their next cause will be? It might be far more dangerous for Whites than gay marriage. One cause coming up is equal school discipline for all races which means the black Yute will be free to behave even worse than they do now. Another is a DOJ civil rights division commissar in every police precinct to ensure that only Whites are arrested.

  13. Survivor,

    worse can be better. That obviously doesn’t apply to something like immigration, but blacks going wild in schools is very positive for us.

    Growing up the first thing I noticed about race was blacks smell differently. The second I noticed was they fight like animals at public school. It was when I got to public school that I first began to realise blacks are different from us. I would have become racial regardless, I like the sense of identity; but I think that exposure to race helps. They act like out-of-control children, and it’s hilarious, as well as dangerous. They make teaching impossible, and parents won’t tolerate such.

    It doesn’t really matter if gay marriage is here to stay. I will never acknowledge it. It’s just a good wake-up call that this society has gone mad. I’m a white Southerner; real Southerners don’t recognise gay marriage and never will. At some point polygamy will be legalised and so forth. The society goes to Hell, but Southerners should remain Southerners.

  14. Sorry for the previous grammar mistakes. I was tired. I’m now depressed after reading of the archaeological destruction continuing in the Middle East.

    In the global struggle between Cosmopolitanism vs. Tradition, Tradition is being crushed.

    Bolshevik Muslim = Bolshevik secular humanist. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between. And I suppose I should apologise for going off topic here, but I’m very much in shock at this news. To paraphrase Old Rebel: Know Despair. All that we value will be reduced to ash.

  15. I may be a little confused here, especially on the following:

    Obviously, we don’t agree with these people on every issue, but we share common ground with them on federal judges imposing “gay marriage” on Alabama.

    So…are federal judges trying force heterosexual people to gay-marry? That would be unfair. Heterosexuals should be allowed to marry heterosexuals if they want. Leave the gay marriage to gay people. That’s my two cents anyway.

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