Vidalia Demonstrations



The League of the South returned to Vidalia, Georgia this weekend to voice opposition to the continued influx of Third World aliens into the heart of “onion country”. Many farmers would rather hire foreign laborers instead of paying Georgians a decent wage to pick crops in the fields. With around 300,000 people unemployed and well over 500,000 illegals in the state this is outrageous & not something the League will ignore.

On Saturday morning folks from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, & South Carolina rallied on the busy main road across from the Walmart shopping center. Thirty-five brave men and women spread out a quarter mile along the street so that passing cars could read the message on our signs ‘Immigration Hurts Southern Workers’. For two hours we stood out in the warm sun . Cool, gusty winds kept the Black Cross flags flying proudly. The local police came to check on our permits, but soon after the Mayor of Vidalia came over to the demonstration and told police that the League was good to go. Around noon, after handing out many Free Magnolias and receiving horn honks & thumbs up from passing cars, we took a dinner break at a local restaurant.

At 2pm we returned to the same location and spread out once more. The street was even busier this time. We received support and heckles from drivers. One memorable negative reaction was when a fella ripped up a Free Magnolia and threw the pieces back at us. Two League members quickly picked up the litter because we believe Dixie should remain beautiful. Unlike this driver who cared nothing about the South or her people. After another two hours we started wrapping things up. As we did this a very enthusiastic driver stopped and shouted support for us & denounced illegal immigration. It was a very nice end to another successful demonstration.

Where will the League of the South turn up next? Time will tell.

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  1. Good to see people out in the streets.

    Question: does your organization conduct events elsewhere in the country?

  2. The concept of a ‘victory garden’ takes on new meaning, when one realizes that every thing we can do, that weakens the giant Agribiz monster, even to the point of not buying Vidalias, merely to protest their hiring illegals, is ALSO a patriotic act.

    Just sayin’……

  3. The League of the South, no.

    There’s no reason why other groups can’t do stuff like this in the North and out West. They just don’t want to be confrontational. It is due to lack of initiative.

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