Women and Americanism

What do you think?

My guess is that virtually all of my readers after seeing this degenerate image of Miley Cyrus, formerly the child star Hannah Montana, gyrating on an inflatable penis would place themselves on the opposite side of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s:


There’s much worse out there: all niches of pornography, graphic images of abortion, men like Bruce Jenner who is going through a “transition” into becoming a woman, but the important point here is that we all stand on the opposite side of that fence.

It’s not a fence that pits men vs. women. The fence divides those who believe in Americanism against those who oppose its spread.

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  1. Pornography has no place on a White, Christian, Civilized site such as this.

    Billy Ray Cyrus will answer to God for his overt perversion of his daughter at the hands of the Jews that ran Disney, etc.

    She is no better than Madonna. (Which is pretty bad) Miley is just way tackier.
    Ugh. remove it.

  2. I think it is important to show at times the work of the Devil, those who have been corrupted by Michael Isner’s Disney.

    But, let’s also include, lots and lots of positive music, positive images, photos, paintings that do show the positive, beautiful side of our people and this can include modest sexuality.

    We can not rely on some stork to deliver Southern babies.

    Tarzan and Jane went for each other and Tarzan really didn’t care that much about Jane’s high IQ or her knowledge of “international law”.

    (Why does anyone want to send a woman to law school to teach them how to argue? Most women know how to argue just fine on their own!)

  3. Pornography has no place on a White, Christian, Civilized site such as this.

    The second someone like you gets to dictate what defines the definition of “pornography” and the boundaries of society is the day I jump back on the path of curb stomping every self-righteous, religious fruitcake I come across. I’m sure had you been born a few generations earlier you would be bitching and moaning that society is about to implode because Betty Grable or Ava Gardner showed a little too much ankle.

    The world has always been full of people who use “freedom” to hide their self-absorbed depravities and mental illnesses, just as it has always been full of people who use their religion and specific moral codes to beat down everyone not toeing the line. Today is really not that much different. Mental illness is just more readily put on display because of the speed that information travels.

    To be honest, I would put the Phelps hausfraus in the same mentally unbalanced, self-absorbed, attention-whoring category as the Miley Cyruses of the world — they are just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  4. That isn’t Americanism and you are doing to Americanism what the Jews did to the Walt Disney company and thier vision.

  5. yeah, celestial time, not really. but it’s your website and your world now and you are winning so rejoice and enjoy. You are not dissenting in the least. You are perpetuating and entrenching. You are not counter culture nor revolutionary at all. you are in fact, common as dirt.

  6. I am dissenting the dissenters. Not only is that not Americanism, I would say it is Euroeanism. It is in Europe not America that females run around naked on the beach. It is in Europe- not America that brothels are legal in Red Light Districts and run by the governments. It is in Eruope that dirty book stores are out in the open front windows. It is in Europe that invented the French post card. It was Europe – NOT America. That runs blue movies after 10 pm on regular TV. and naked ladies in newspapers. It is Europe not America that started all this decline into Babylon.

  7. It was the foreign “art’ film that promoted Hedonism. And it is a European ‘value’ to laugh at adultery and cheating and glorify it as per La Dolce Vita.- NOT American. This crap snuck into Ellis Island and gave us Eruo-Kooties.

  8. It used to be purely European type stuff that was shown on TV like this, and Americans would lose their minds over anything close to this even a decade or so ago. It’s gotten exponentially worse here and although I know by experience that European people are far, far less uptight about many things – maybe it was because their jewish element has been corrrupting for far longer than here.

    The media industry is the perfect example of how the Jews were freely let in, and even encouraged to set up and control Hollywood (why not it’s their life right?) and bit by bit they began to tear down and degrade everything we hold sacred, especially Christianity and now white women/men. Young boys are also put through that Disney machine and come out the worse for it usually. Tragically enough Walt Disney was very aware of the Jewish influence and it was one of his greatest wishes that they never get control of his company after his death.

    Well we all know who and what owns and runs it now, and look it’s a mockery of true life. So this could be just the playing out of the American idea that everyone is equal – especially jews – and should be able to ‘pursue happiness’ and all the other garbage that gets thrown around.

  9. Our Founders had classical educations. The ‘Pursuit of Happiness” was meant as per Socrates.

  10. The “Pursuit of Happiness” as per Socrates and our Founders had to do with the cultivation of and protection of and state of one’s Soul as being the purpose of Life. The happiest people chose Virtue according to Socrates. Our Founders understood the “Pursuit of Happiness” to be the pursuit of Virtues. It was a classical understanding.

  11. I agree that feminism must be dismantled and more traditional gender roles should be implemented. The reason I’ve stayed away from so-called “pro-white” sites is these MRA, MGTOW views about women. These guys are either JDIF, non-whites or just garden-variety whack-jobs.

    Calling white women whores and cunts, saying they are ‘old hags’ after age 25, admiring Moslems in their treatment of women, which is barbaric at best and psychopathic at worst, these are the guys being lauded over at Daily Stormer? Seriously?

    I read the article linked and this Anglin guy puts up photos of Nazi soldiers. Does he really believe these men were spending their time bitching about women constantly?

    The subject is how to ‘reclaim masculinity’ and ‘reject female influence’ and he does this by writing several articles about women and sexual frustration.

  12. Are any OD readers, commenters going to the Amren Conference in Middle Tennessee in April?

    It looks like both Hunter and I will have family obligations that will prevent us from attending.

    We do have some excellent OD magazines, posters which we would like to share/sell.

    Plus we just need to show the OD flag.



  13. “Americanism” is Judaism is Cultural Marxism, the trifecta that infects and kills our people. This is what Libertarianntards, Ron Paulshoviks, Kosher Conservatives , and sadly many Christian Conservatives simply refuse to see. As long as they make lots of $$, are in good standing at the Chamber of Commerce, and they “look good” they will rejoice in the destruction of their own Race.

  14. “Americanism’ is not “Cultural Marxism” nor Judaism. Cultural Marxism is another Euro- kootie.

  15. The subject is how to ‘reclaim masculinity’ and ‘reject female influence’ and he does this by writing several articles about women and sexual frustration.

    If it looks like shit, it’s shit.

    If it looks diseased, it’s diseased.

    If it looks odd, contradicting and counterproductive, then that’s what it is.

    What you are looking at when trying to analyze those types are people that are rebelling against their own insignificance. They are doing this in the only way they know how. Real men don’t have to whine about women not respecting traditional boundaries. When done right, it’s almost like a symbiotic ballet where everyone knows their roles and wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Simply put, they suffer from Beta Male Syndrome. Some guys can function very well in this role, while others tend to try and bulldoze everything in their path in a juvenile attempt to assert themselves and prove how “masculine” they really are. I think those personality types account for a large percentage of the serial killers and murder-suicides on record. Give them a wide berth and you’ll be fine.

  16. Humanity cannot exist in a state of absolute immorality. Whenever this is pointed out we can expect the Judeo-liberal coalition to bring out the old canard that one cannot legislate morality to which I reply that that might be true but a healthy state may not legislate morality but has a duty to prosecute immorality! Unchecked immorality destroys nations.

    Also I should note in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson wrote life, liberty, and property and property was changed by committee to pursuit of happiness. That meant economic well being in their time but in modern day America it means hedonism.

    PS: you do realize the Republican governor of Arkansas, the same one what caved to the Gay lobby and Chamber of Commence types, is the same individual in the eighties who arrested a whole slew of white racialists in an attempt to charge them with sedition in a Fort Smith court. He lost big time in that endeavor but brought up the fact during election time on how he stood fast against white supremacists and tried to jail them.

  17. Speaking of just the general attitudes and personality types that are attracted, what’s the difference between Daily Stormer and VNN?

    Perennial losers, Nazi fetishes, a steady stream of Hilterites, and woman bashing has kinda been done before.

  18. I’ve been observing Linder for 12 to 13 years now. I wouldn’t put Anglin in the same category.

    There are some superficial similarities, but Anglin lacks the coldblooded, ideological edge of VNN Forum. I remember having to ask Linder if he could personally shoot a 7-year-old Jewish child in the face. This was before Glenn Miller went on the shooting spree in Kansas.

    The Stormer is flippant, unserious in tone. Linder, however, exhibits all the symptoms of sociopathy.

  19. “Property” and Economic Well being is not an unalienable Right- but the “pursuit of happiness” as per Socrates is and is available equally to all. No matter his station or portion in life.

  20. Aristotle and Socrates and Plato etc.- The Soul. and the Pursuit of Happiness is the cultivation of Virtue. Our Founders had all been educated in this classic philosophies and they melded seamlessly with their Protestant Christian belief system and world view or ( cultural Christian sense of things)

  21. Hunter, Linder made the decision and went about rehabilitating Traitor Glen Miller. Others, called Miller a “Great Leader”, pardon me while I puke. This speaks volumes about Linder and those who followed suit.
    BTW, for the White Woman Haters at Daily Stoner and Anglin who said just 2 days ago, ” I don’t encourage men and women to get married and have kids”
    Don’t be a bachelor: Why married men work harder, smarter and make more money

  22. People are creatures of habit. Habit comes with order and hierarchy. Equality and immorality go counter to natures laws. The more one is surrounded by or has to deal with filth the more one is likely to turn to filth. If one does not live as they believe they will be/can be swayed by others. The military structure supports order, hierarchy, and justice. The forming of a family is the forming of a new tribe/clan.

  23. Anglin has posted yet another screed trying to justify or rationalize, impose some supposed schema, on what is obviously his male inferiority complex. I skimmed it, as I can’t really see wasting more brain cells on his endless babbling. He really can’t let this go. A truly confident man would have simply moved on and let the ‘inherent natural truth’ prove itself, yet Anglin continues milking this like the spoiled narcissistic child that he is.

    As for inherent nature, folks might remember the primate societies. While they’re all different in certain ways when it comes to dynamics among and between the sexes, the fact is all are ruled by an alpha male. The irony about Anglin’s meltdown is that he keeps claiming it’s ‘natural’ for ‘men’ to bond in groups without women. The truth is, that’s only true for the non-alphas. The alpha in any primate society sees his competition as purely male, not female. Read a book on anthropology and you’ll see that the alpha is defensive – against other males – towards all females, young, old, ugly, etc. It’s in his essential nature. It is the lesser males who conceive of their struggle as against females, and who gang together for support to interact sexually with them. The closer in size the sexes are, the more monogamous they are, and the less violent. We could set our sights on the bottom or choose to be humans.

    Anglin purports to somehow represent a voice for vanquished whites all over. How does such a weenie legitimately speak for the thousands of english girls suffering rape and the like at the hands of pakistani men? How could rape and assault even be determined without input from women and even teen girls (many to maybe most victims of muslims are not even)? If Crimson Tide’s input is an affront to ‘men’ then how will such ‘men’ ever determine what is non-consenting (when it comes to of age girls or women)?

    Further, Anglin’s repurposing of National Socialism for his own demented agenda is really an egregious attack against the german people. I have a friend whose grandmother survived german occupation in Europe; she said the german soldiers were absolutely impeccable in their behavior towards the women and that not one woman feared them. Anglin reinforces and even cultivates the worst slurs against the germans that his alleged enemies created. His newsfeed would be useful, albeit flawed in presentation, but the offenses he commits against germans by appropriating their history and culture is pure pornography and disinformation. And I’m not a National Socialist either, just a believer in truth.

  24. To add, I’d like to know what this ‘feminism’ really is. The F word has become the WN equivalent of ‘Idindunuffins.’ It’s bandied about as an excuse for character failure, and I’m tired of it. Any male who has the spine to do what evolution programmed him to – defend his woman or women from male predation – is a ‘feminist.’ That’s the default definition. By refusing to very concretely define ‘feminism’ all pro-whites continue to provide an bottomless pit of rationalizations and projections to the character defectives which people the movement.

  25. The red pill thing is just a bit of marketing.

    I’ve quite enjoyed my trip over there.

    Was Sven Longshanks just feeling hot for CT? That’s all I heard in that podcast.

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